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Reality Kings
A part of the AdultForce network Vacation Vibes
(click to enlarge) Vacation Vibes (2019)

Starring: Nicolette Shea
Co-starring: Van Wylde

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(7.00 / 10)

Where to get it
24 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: For this review I take a look at scene from REALITY KINGS. It is a scene called "Vacation Vibes", and is centered around a vacation taken by Nicolette Shea and boyfriend Van Wylde, taking place over the course of a weekend. Our setup here is a typical one. It is from REALITY KINGS, so of course it is rooted that keyword, "reality". The scene begins with Nicolette Shea enjoying her time on the beach as her boyfriend snap pictures of her, while she poses along the water and sand, as well as a luxurious home in which they are boarded for their weekend getaway. That is basically the gist of the setup, as we go into the sex as Nicolette and Van celebrate their vacation with a dose of each other. First things first, this is my very first time reviewing Nicolette Shea, although I have seen her everywhere, and have always wanted to review her for a long time. I just want to say that it is an honor to finally do so as I am really impressed with her. For any fan that has read Playboy magazine and wished that one of their favorite models would venture to the other side - triple X, Nicolette Shea is truly that dream come true. As in reality, she is a Playboy Cyber Girl of the Month. Not only that, as someone who grew up in the 90s watching the likes of VIVID, and WICKED PICTURES, I will also say that Nicolette has the presence, of a classic porn star of that era, that I love. With the long platinum hair, and statuesque body, she has the make of a superstar performer. And if that's not enough, she's not too beautiful to know what she wants. And by that, I am meaning that during sex she takes charge, and tells her scene partner exactly what she wants from them. As for this scene her dirty talk is definitely on point. I absolutely loved it, and thought that it was such a turn on. There are times where she says things such as "pound my pussy", or "let me work that fucking cock!", it's very arousing and in turn added more fire to the flame created by the passion between she and Van Wylde in this scene. While this is a scene that I do not feel is the best that I've ever seen, it is definitely still solid. I just wish that it could have been a little bit longer as in total, it is a scene that only runs about 25 minutes in length. But with that said it was still enough time for me to be thoroughly impressed by what I saw, especially of Nicolette Shea. I am really crushing on her after this scene. I know that she just recently opened a personal website called close CLUB SHEA.COM. This is a website that I would definitely love to review content from. I hope Nicolette herself has time to read this. Ok, so overall, this is a nice scene. Altogether, I really enjoyed the premise of the scene itself as well as the location. The location which this was shot was really beautiful - a very nice house with a fire going on the side, as a beautiful woman gets her pussy pounded good, by a capable male performer. There's not a lot more to ask for than that. I enjoyed this scene, and feel that you will enjoy it as well. Especially if you're a fan of Nicolette Shea, or you have yet to discover her. So give it a shot. Check out this scene for yourself!
Cast: Nicolette Shea (with Van Wylde)
Rating: 7.00/10
Positions: Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Doggy, Missionary, 69
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At the start of "Vacation Vibes", a vacationing Nicolette Shea, unsuccessfully tries to drag her boyfriend, Van Wylde on to the beach for a little fun. As a result, she instead tries to have some fun of her own, as she has Van snap pictures of her as she frolics on the beach, suggestive or otherwise nude, as she flashes her tits and pussy in public. We also see the lavish villa in which she and Van are staying during their vacation. After shots of Nicolette at the doorway, as well as in the pool grace our eyes, we are then treated to the scene, which shows she and Van relaxing at the luxury home. It isn't long that things which are sexual get underway between the two, as Nicolette says that her man deserves a blowjob. It's from here, that we see Nicolette work the cock good, taking every inch of Van into her mouth and throat. This continues as Van stands and is once again seated. It's during this that Nicolette goes on to cradle Van's balls simultaneously as she throats his cock nice and good. Nicolette then climbs on for cowgirl. Initially, she insists that she take charge of the action as she forces Van to let her fuck him, as she bounces on the dick. However, as this goes on, Van eventually takes over, and slams her down consistently and hard. Next up, however the position reverses to reverse cowgirl. This, as Van maintains a steady pace, as he plugs Nicolette's smoothly shaven pussy. The action next takes to doggy, as Nicolette is seen on all fours to take the dick from behind. Van initially gives it to her at a steady pace, as he is in and out of her in succession. However, he soon picks up the pace driving his cock in deeper and harder. This is then followed by a round of Nicolette bouncing on the cock, as her ass slaps back against Van. Following this, Van keeps things going as he continues to fuck the pussy at a consistent rate. This is followed by a position change which sees things go to missionary next, as Van continues to plug away at Nicolette's love hole. This as the camera for a moment, gives us an overhead POV look at the action as Nicolette looks directly into the camera. This action goes on a little bit longer as Nicolette begs Van to pound her pussy. This is followed up by things going to 69 briefly, when Van attends to Nicolette's pussy, and she his cock. Following the 69, the action goes back to reverse cowgirl, for an extended period. It's here that we see Nicolette slammed on the cock, nice and hard again, this lasting until Van must cum. The scene ends with Van jerking his cock frantically until he produces a load. One that splatters across Nicolette beautiful face. This of course, brings our scene to an end.