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(click to enlarge) Testing My Relationship Too (2019)

Starring: Adriana Chechik
Co-starring: Charles Dera

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(8.00 / 10)

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40 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: This scene titled "Testing My Relationship Too", from REALITY KINGS tells a story about just that. In this scene we have a reality based Internet show called "Cheaters Busters". It's a show in which Lizzy, a lesbian has come to test out her relationship. She is convinced that her girlfriend Adriana Chechik, is a lesbian through and through. In order to test this, she has come to "Cheaters Busters for them to set up a scenario, in which Adriana is seduced by a well hung man. Here the scene takes place in a library, as Lizzy and the host both watch on a monitor which is connected to hidden cameras in the library itself. At the library, Adriana is all by her lonesome, when she's approached by Charles Dera, the hired cock, who has been asked to attempt to pick her up. Charles approaches Adriana as she is reading a book of poetry. The subject somehow comes to her girlfriend, which of course, then causes Charles to question Adriana's lesbian status. Much to Lizzy's surprise Adriana admits to being bisexual. The subject then turns to Adriana's liking hard cock. And as history would have it yes, one thing leads to another and Adriana has Charles's hard cock in her mouth, as they have a sexual encounter right in the middle of the library. It is a situation in which Adriana in-story goes on to prove that she is definitely no lesbian. The sex scene here, between Adriana Chechik and Charles Dera, is in my opinion, a really solid performance by both participants. Here we have one of the greatest porn stars of her generation in Adriana Chechik, as she is paired with one of the coolest guys in porn. The results are somewhat explosive. Here, these two fuck and just about every position imaginable, and during each of them Adriana begs for it deep and hard, and that is exactly how Charles give it to her. The action here, is fluid and enthusiastic from beginning to end, I really like how the two of them basically went from one position to the other without missing a beat, and of course in the way, Adriana wanted Charles to take her in every direction possible. Even going as far as to bend, and contort herself into crazy positions, in order to get the job done. Yes, it's true that there is none of Adriana's trademark squirting, or also anal, and it is still a solid pussy fuck. Adriana is a girl who craves sex, and that comes across vividly on-screen no matter the scene and no matter the setting. She is sexy indeed. And here she is even wearing a pair of glasses to match up with her nerdy, bespectacled and braces wearing girlfriend whom we meet at the beginning of the scene. They are glasses that just make her that much hotter. I really enjoyed the look. So yes, overall we have a great scene here. However, there was something that I did not like, and that is the whole reality show thing. That's because both the guy playing the host of the show, as well as the girl playing Adriana's girlfriend, Lizzy were just really awful in their acting performances. I mean cringe-worthy. I was happy to find that once we get deep into the scene, we never hear from them again. And besides, there is no way that this girl is believable as Adriana's girlfriend - lesbian or not. So, with that said, cut out cheesy reality show premise and just focus on the sex scene. What you have here is a very solid showing from both Chechik and Dera. I enjoyed this scene, and definitely, find myself wanting more of Adriana. She is definitely one of the best performers working right now. On that note, I would definitely recommend this scene for the overall chemistry between the performers alone.
Cast: Adriana Chechik (with Charles Dera)
Rating: 8.00/10
Positions: Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Side Fuck, Piledriver, Doggy, Missionary, Spoon, Upright Missionary
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For this scene, we are welcomed to the latest episode of "Cheater Busters", a reality show designed to catch cheaters in the act. For this episode,the host welcomes Lizzy, who happens to be a bona fide lesbian. She is in a lesbian relationship with Adriana Chechik, and says that she has come to "Cheater Busters", to prove to guys that not all girls want a big cock, that some girls are more than happy with just pussy. Lizzy is extremely confident in her relationship with Adriana, this as the host takes us to the hidden cameras which they have positioned and placed at the local library. There, they have enlisted Charles Dera as the decoy cock, hoping to seduce her. Charles, a burly man with a mustache, half-mullet and a light pink shirt, approaches Adriana, who is sitting on a couch reading her book of Sappho poetry. (Lizzy chimes in and says that it is a book that she gifted to Adriana.). Adriana says that she happens to be waiting for Lizzy, and that her girlfriend is a real "carpet muncher". This prompts Charles to remark that Adriana doesn't look like a lesbian. Adriana says that she is bisexual - actually bi- curious. This is when Charles asks if that means that she likes girls, but also likes it when men watch? She says that she likes men to watch, and she likes to make their cocks hard. Charles then asks, wouldn't she rather like a dildo, as they are bigger than a cock, and they don't go limp? This is when Adriana says that she likes the real thing, and likes them in her hand. Adriana of course saying this, as Lizzy looks in astonishment. It is then that all of the talk between the two gets Adriana hot and bothered, as she asks Charles if she can see his cock. This is then followed by Adriana taking Charles into her mouth to suck. - This despite Lizzy's pleads from behind the monitor. Adriana handles the cock with skill much like a lesbian probably would not. This, as she goes on to stroke Charles with both hands, and take him deep into her mouth. This as Charles also, fucks her face hard, as she is on her knees. Adriana goes on to reveal that she is not wearing any panties under her denim skirt, as she goes on to touch herself. Charles also then takes to the couch to straddle her face to fuck it some more, following this, we see Charles rub on Adriana's clit while she tug on his cock. This lasts for a time, but Adriana wants to get back to sucking, as she eventually ends up on her knees, as the camera takes an overhead POV. It is here that we see more slobbering on the cock, as well as Charles face fucking deep and hard. Following this Adriana stands as Charles finger bangs her pussy hard. This is prior to her being on her back on the couch, as she spread her legs for Charles to go down on her. She says that she wants him to rub his mustache on her pussy. This as she eventually wraps her legs around his neck to pull him in tight. Next up, things go to cowgirl as Adriana climbs on. It is here that we see her grind on the cock prior to bouncing on it, having Charles slam her down, this as she also plants her feet to do the same. She then goes on to briefly suck Charles begin, prior to the action reversing to reverse cowgirl next.It's here that Adriana once again bounces on the cock at a steady pace, prior to leaning back, to allow Charles pound deep inside of her. Next, we see Adriana contort herself into a side fuck position, where Charles briefly fucks from there as well. This, prior to things going to piledriver, Charles the repositions Adriana, in order to plunge his cock in nice and steady, as he goes deep. This would also be a position where he briefly fingers at Adriana's asshole as well. Next up is doggy, where we see Charles keep up a steady pace before toying with the pussy, pulling his cock in and out. However, eventually he half straddles Adriana to pound the pussy deep and hard. Following this, things go to missionary, as Charles soon half straddle Adriana to keep up his pace. However, he soon continues things by sitting upright as things go to upright missionary next. It's after this, that Charles lies back to allow Adriana to suck his cock. However, it isn't long before things return to missionary with Charles having the mind to want to cum. Things continue here as Charles pins Adriana's legs back and fucks her pussy at an increasing pace, until he must climax. The scene being comes to an end with Charles going on to jerk his cock, soon distributing his load onto Adriana's awaiting mouth. The scene ends with Adriana saying that Charles' spunk tastes much better than her girlfriends pussy.