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Reality Kings
A part of the AdultForce network Soccer Mom Rescue
(click to enlarge) Soccer Mom Rescue (2019)

Starring: Alexis Fawx
Co-starring: Ricky Spanish

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(8.00 / 10)

Where to get it
38 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: With this scene, REALITY KINGS presents to us a really fun scenario. One which stars Alexis Fawx alongside Ricky Spanish. In the story, Alexis portrays a bumbling soccer mom who just so happens to be a single mother as well. And as it turns out, she is one who longs for companionship. More in particular, she longs for dick! Well, that is exactly what she finds on a sunny day at the soccer field, when she meets young stud Ricky Spanish, who takes an immediate interest in the attractive Alexis. One thing leads to another, as conversation, Soon leads to hanging out at Ricky's place, as Alexis' kids are occupied with their soccer game. The end result is AN energy-filled sexual encounter between young buck and MILF. First, to talk about the story. I have to admit that going into this, I felt that the story would be one that was just ok. I mean Alexis Fawx truly adds to THE things that she is in. However make no mistake about it, when it comes to this scene in particular, she brings a whole lot. In fact, it is her character alone that truly drives, not only the action, but the story itself. Here, no matter if this is just an individual scene or not, Alexis shows great dedication to the acting and the act of remaining in character, as she does just that for this entire scene. She is absolutely hilarious as the ditsy, yet sexy as hell soccer mom. As I said she remained in character the entire time, so of course we hear her utter things during the sex with Ricky that relate to her character and the storyline told. It is really funny. My favorite moment in the scene is when she yells out that "mama needs dick!". Because after all, her character is a single mother who hasn't had any in awhile. As for the sexual content of the scene, it too is very good. Ricky Spanish actually brought a lot more to the scene than I expected when it comes to sexual performance. Yes, he may be young, but somehow he still manages to hold his own, going one-on- one with the really sexy Alexis. I have to say that I'm really impressed with what he brought to the scene. I mean, he did not fuck her lightly. He gave it to her good and hard, just as she wanted. So when it comes to the sex, we have Alexis fucked and licked in a variety of ways, not only that we also have her squirting multiple times as well. Overall, this is a very good scene that is well rounded, both the story and in sexual content. It is high-spirited when it comes to the story. And the fact that they nearly break the bed during the sex, should tell you something about that. This is definitely a scene that I would recommend you check out Most definitely, if you happen to be a fan of the amazing Alexis Fawx.
Cast: Alexis Fawx (with Ricky Spanish)
Rating: 8.00/10
Positions: Doggy, Side Fuck, Reverse Cowgirl, Side Fuck, 69, Missionary
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Our scene begins at the soccer field as soccer mom, Alexis Fawx is there attending to her kids who have a game that is now ongoing. We find her as she is having difficulty wrangling soccer balls as she attempts load them into the back of her van. It is around this time that she is approached by a charming young man - Ricky Spanish, who is quick to strike up a friendly conversation with the single mother. He asks her what she is doing here. In the midst of the conversation Alexis goes on to say that she is always on "mom duty" and never has time alone to herself. That is when Ricky has the idea of the two of them hanging out as the kids participate in their game for the next 45 minutes to an hour. From there, the two decide to head Ricky's house, where he is to cook something for the two of them. However, once they arrive in the driveway, the sexual tension between the two of them mounts, as they cannot seem to keep their hands off one another. Alexis soon opens her blouse, to expose her big breasts which are covered by a very nice red bra. Ricky then discovers freshly cut orange slices in the front of the van he then takes them and squeezes the juice onto Alexis' chest, which he go on to retrieve with his mouth. This foreplay is then followed by Ricky, pulling his pants down and getting his cock out, for Alexis to stroke him. The sexual tension and then at a fever pitch as the two cannot wait to get inside to go at one another. It is then that the action continues on in a bedroom setting. Ricky is then quick to get Alexis bra off, before shoving her down on the bed, to peel off her panties. He then briefly tongues at her pussy as she is on all fours. This before taking things to doggy. It takes awhile for Ricky to get his positioning, however soon, he settles in at half straddle to hit Alexis' pussy steadily. Things then move quickly as Alexis lies flat on her stomach, as Rick steps over to put it in and pound her deep. However, soon, Ricky positions Alexis on her back, as he says he wants to see those tits. Things then go to side fuck. From here, Ricky pounds the pussy, as Alexis - remaining in character, exclaims that "Mama needs some dick!". After Ricky fucks at a steady pace, Alexis goes on to suck dick, prior to sitting on it reverse cowgirl. From this position, Ricky bangs Alexis hard, soon causing her to squirt a couple of times. She then gets off to sucking briefly before returning. Here she bounces, before Ricky once again takes over and pounds her harder is making her squirt. Following this position, it then reverses to the standard cowgirl position. Initially, Alexis squats over the cock, and bounces her firm ass up and down. Ricky, then maintains his fast pace as he fuck hard. Alexis then is off again as she goes back to sucking. However, this is brief. That's because Ricky soon throws Alexis on her back to eat her pussy, prior to things going into spoon next. Ricky maintains a steady pace here, while also rubbing Alexis' clit simultaneously. Following spoon, the action then transitions to doggy as Alexis lies face down to take a steady pounding Ricky from behind. After this, things go to 69 next, as Alexis straddles Ricky's face. This as he tongue at her pussy, while she suck his cock. Following that, it's back to reverse cowgirl. Here we see Alexis upright, leaned forward, and back again, while taking a steady fucking by Ricky. Brief cocksucking leads things back to side fuck, as the two make eye contact, while Ricky slam it in. Following this, Alexis has her mouth back on the cock for a short time, before Ricky again goes to eat her pussy. However, the action soon picks up again in spoon, and then in cowgirl as Alexis climbs on to sit on the cock. It's from here that we see Alexis bounce on it at a fast pace, as well as Ricky fucking steady. Finally, it is back to missionary. Ricky here maintains his pace, eventually increasing it as he builds himself up to climax. The scene finally comes to an end with Ricky jerking his cock to explode onto Alexis' face. Our story concludes with Alexis collecting herself, and fastly heading back to the soccer field to pick up the kids