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A part of the AdultForce network Huff Puff And Blow
(click to enlarge) Huff Puff And Blow (2019)

Starring: Michele James
Co-starring: Robby Echo

Reviewed by PL

(9.25 / 10)

Where to get it
42 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: I'm back with another Michele review! She's looking hotter than ever and I was diggin' the vaping thing, and that's considering I don't like (cigarette) smoke. In fact, I can't stand it. Although, I'm not nearly as repulsed by the smell of these vape pens that have taken hold now. Regardless though, this was about the sex and it was GOOD here! Michele and Robbie seemed to really click. There was lots of eye contact and kissing, and just generally the scene felt fun and sexy. As with all the Michele scenes I've seen so far... It's a no brainer to recommend! I can't wait to see the next scene Michele is in!
Cast: Michele James (with Robby Echo)
Rating: 9.25/10
Positions: Cowgirl, Doggy, Reverse Cowgirl, Spoon, Missionary
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After a long day at work, Michele who was decked out in a leather jacket, leather pants and sunglasses, Michele took a seat on a couch. Spotting a vaping device, she unzipped her jacket to relax, exposing her lingerie. Leaning back, she deeply inhaled and exhaled, letting the thick vapors release. Sexily looking into the camera, she continued vaping, stripping out of her cloaths until she's naked. Finally, the tease ended and Robbie entered to find her naked, playing with her clit. She pushed Robbie down, kissing him and feeding him her luscious tits. All worked up, she then scrambled to his belt undone so she could get the cock out to suck it. Of course, she vaped while doing it, which was pretty hot visually, but she also got some good deep throat action going! Robbie broke out some oil, a given with Michele's fantastic tits, and oiled them up, along with the rest of her gorgeous body. I really liked the way Michele stroked his cock as Robbie rubbed her pussy on her side. Having Michele lay back, Robbie took a taste of her pussy before he took a seat on the couch as she guided his prick into her slick pussy. Damn, she looked fantastic with her ass all oiled up, bouncing up and down, she was creaming on the cock too! Transitioning to doggy, Michele continued to vape as Robby thrust away. He had to take a couple breaks too, I'm betting Michele's pussy was just too good Back on her knees, Robbie had Michele put her bra back on so he could fuck her tits. Honestly, I wasn't sure where it was going when he had her put the top back on, but it turned out really sexy! Especially the eye contact, smiles, and kissing! Michele then went up to reverse, starting with the top on and then losing it. She vaped along the way, of course, and continued to do so as she got fucked in spoon and mish. They really showed off some chemistry here too. I really liked the smiles and kissing and talking. In the end, Michele ended up back on her knees as Robbie jerked his load out onto her big beautiful tits. She took a little taste and rubbed it in as the scene closed out with some music while she blew one last puff across her tits.