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A part of the AdultForce network Her Irresistible Sister
(click to enlarge) Her Irresistible Sister (2018)

Starring: Kali Roses
Co-starring: Xander Corvus

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(8.00 / 10)

Where to get it
33 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: From REALITY KINGS.COM, comes a scene which is fairly self-explanatory given its title. titled "Her Irresistible Sister", this scene features a scripted scenario which sees a boyfriend fall helplessly in the lust with his girlfriend's sister, who yes is sexually irresistible him. Here, the setup is fairly simple, a boyfriend portrayed by Xander Corvus, goes into the kitchen looking to make himself some breakfast in the morning, only to find that there is no supplies to do so. So to solve this, off to the grocery store goes his girlfriend, here portrayed by Amilia Onyx. Well, while she is off getting bagels, it affords Xander and Amilia's sister Kali Roses enough time for a sexual encounter. As for the scripted scenario, this is what it entails. As for this, the story is a lot of fun and is high-spirited the nature. In the end, the majority vibe of said story is that of comedy. Xander especially plays this fact up well. However, we then move on to the other aspect of the scene, which is the sex itself. With this in mind though, the story itself is all in fun, it is with the sex which the scene truly does shine. Whenever I alluded to the scene being thorough above, I was not exaggerating at all. As a whole the sexual aspect of the scene is solid indeed. First of all, the award-winning Xander Corvus, is one hell of a performer, in fact, he is without a doubt, one of the industry's very best male performers. His track record, basically speaks for itself. Here however, he proves himself once again to be highly effective as a sexual performer. Here, his idea of fucking Kali Roses is constant, as almost from beginning to end, his pace is both hard, and fast with no give in sight. Yes, during most positions, Xander rams his thick cock into Kali's tight pussy with no abandon. He is gives it to her good, and if you know me, then you know that it is exactly the type of action that I enjoy the most. As for Kali, it happens to be my very first time seeing her perform, and I must say - what an incredibly gorgeous girl that she is. She's a very beautiful girl, and though she may be somewhat small in stature, here we see her pussy stretched, as it takes every inch of her scene partner Xander. I enjoyed watching it. Not only because of this, the chemistry between the two performers. And I also thought that the way in which Kali moaned during sex was really hot, and such a turn on. As Xander fuck her hard, and fast, Kali could not help but yo emote distinct and trembling moans, it's so hot! As a scene the action itself is fluid, however still somewhat rough. The reason that it plays out so well is that the action is consistent overall. When it comes to the sex, this is a scene that gets the job done. It is entertaining, and dare I say it again thorough. Performance-wise, I have to say that I'm impressed with Xander Corvus however, it is not that surprising at all really. I have seen him many times, and so many times he has proven himself again and again. As for Kali Roses, if my reaction above wasn't enough, I have to admit that I really like her, and I will for sure be looking out for more scenes featuring this beauty. Overall, this is an entertaining scene, both the story, and the sex as a whole, and it works in both aspects. However, the good thing is that as a standalone the sex of the scene has a lot to work with, and additionally is both nicely performed, ans is well rounded. It's a solid one.
Cast: Kali Roses (with Xander Corvus)
Rating: 8.00/10
Positions: Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Doggy, Side Fuck, Missionary, Standing Side Fuck, Reverse Standing Side Fuck
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The scene titled "Her Irresistible Sister". begins with Xander Corvus going into the kitchen looking for breakfast. He makes himself a fresh cup of coffee from the pot, and then goes in search for other food items - but unfortunately there are none, which is something that he tells his girlfriend, Amilia Onyx as she soon comes into the kitchen herself. Also coming into the kitchen just so happens to be Amilia's sexy, and rather spunky sister Kali Roses. She is dressed clad in skimpy pink lingerie - lingerie that sure and most certainly gives Xander an eyeful to enjoy. A short time later, Xander sends Amilia to the grocery store for the much needed food. It is from then that adrenaline sets in for Xander. With which he is sent over the edge when Kali herself purposely provokes him by masturbating in her nearby bedroom, all within the view of a watchful Xander. Obviously, Xander cannot get enough of what he sees, and is quick to join her, and as quick as he does out comes his cock for Kali to suck upon. From here, it's a combination of both face fucking, along with Kali throating, and licking the shaft, along with sucking on Xander's balls. Additionally, This continues on the bed, as Xander is on his back. After a time here, Xander positions Kali on top, as she mounts the cock for cowgirl, Initially, she bounces, but soon Xander takes over to fuck the pussy hard, and fast. The fucking would seamlessly transition from here in a position that sees Kali in a side mount, before we see her spin to take up reverse cowgirl. It's from here, that Xander wear out Kali's pussy with his fast pace, going balls deep - this at one point causing Kali to squirt. It's on to 69 next, as Kali sucks cock, and Xander licks pussy and ass. Next, it's back to reverse cowgirl, as Xander full nelsons Kali's legs back to drill her pussy hard. However, after this, Kali is flat on her stomach, as Xander straddle her to pound her pussy as her legs are sprawled. This lasting for a time, before the action sees both side fuck and missionary. Next up, Kali once again deep throats cock, as well as suck and lick Xander's balls. This prior to the action moving to standing side fuck, and then after it's reverse variation of said position. It's during both that Xander continuously hammer the pussy deep. Following this, Kali is back on the bed for missionary. Here, Xander continues his steady pace, before the action returns to side fuck. It's from this position that Xander fucks deep and hard once more until he must cum. The scene finally comes to a close with Xander jerking off to splatter Kali's face with his hot load.