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(click to enlarge) Enhanced Lap Dance (2019)

Starring: Joseline Kelly
Co-starring: Jmac

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(7.00 / 10)

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50 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: This scene from REALITY KINGS, titled "Enhanced Lap Dance", gets off to a rather interesting start. It is a bit voyeuristic, as we peep on Joseline Kelly, who believes that she is by her lonesome, as she practice her lapdancing skills on a chair. However, of course it is soon revealed that the cameraman has been watching the whole thing, not only him but Jmac as well, who in turn, goes on to participate in not only a live-action lapdance session, but also a full on sexual encounter with Joseline as well. Now, I have to admit that this particular scene gets off to a very great start, this being as I think that Joseline is really sexy. I felt that the whole lapdancing solo was the perfect avenue to display the undeniable sex appeal which she possess. Really, this tease segment is exactly that. It's really hot, and I was practically drooling over what I was seeing. The way in which Joseline grinds on the dildo is just magic, as we have very nice views of her perfect pussy. This of course, soon moves things on to the sexual encounter between she and Jmac, which I will say is a fairly solid scene between the two. As for Joseline, she does on Jmac's cock, exactly what she did on the dildo prior, while Jmac on the other hand fucks consistently and sometimes hard. And yes, as always he puts his own spin on some of the sexual maneuvers. Here in particular, the use of a full-nelson hold on Joseline in reverse cowgirl and a half-nelson in spoon respectively. For me, these were definitely the two key moments of the scene. Well this, and of course Joseline's dirty talk. I also loved her habit pulling at her pubic hair, as she was being pounded. Overall, this is a pretty standard scene, but for what it is, it's a nice round of action between two seemingly passionate performers. I really enjoy each and every opportunity that I get to review Joseline Kelly. And as for Jmac, I am actually a big fan of his. Prior to reviewing this scene, I took a look at the member comments on the REALITY KINGS website and it seems that a few people taken offense that Jmac has been featured in so many scenes I have no idea why this is, as he is a fantastic performer, in my opinion, and always brings seemingly something to each and every scene that he participates in. One such viewer even called him "chubby", which is just petty nitpicking and complaining. This person obviously needs a pair of glasses. Well anyway, like I said this is an enjoyable scene for what it is, and if you're a fan of Joseline Kelly, then you will probably want to check it out. Even if it is only for the lapdancing solo session at the beginning. It was indeed my favorite part of the scene.
Cast: Joseline Kelly (with Jmac)
Rating: 7.00/10
Positions: Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Standing Cowgirl, Front Standing Side Fuck, Doggy, Spoon, Missionary
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The scene opens up with Joseline Kelly, who seen practicing her lapdances. She believes that she is alone, as she is seen using a chair as a prop, she grinds and thrusts upon it. However, just as she is getting into what she is doing, a cameraman reveals that he has been watching the whole time. In fact, he says that he is testing out a new camera. The cameraman then asks Joseline just how long she been lapdancing? She says that she has been doing it foe a few months, and just loves to grind on hard cock. He says that she loves the money as well but, actually prefers the cock. It's a short time later that Joseline goes and retrieves a purple dildo from the couch. The cameraman then asks her, just how she incorporates the dildo into her routine. It is then that Joseline goes on to show off her fellatio skills just prior to suctioning the dildo to the chair. She follows this up by going on to ride, and grind on said dildo from both reverse cowgirl, also standard cowgirl. It's during the latter that the camera takes an underneath view, as we can see the penetration through the clear plastic chair. Following this is reverse cowgirl. However, in the middle of this Joseline gets a surprise in the form of Jmac, who sneaks up from behind her, tilting the chair back. Jmac makes it aware that he has seen everything - and by the look at the bulge in his sweatpants, it appears that though he has enjoyed it. He confirms, however he says that he can do a much better job than the dildo. This is followed by Jmac taking a seat in the chair, as Joseline proceeds to give him a lapdance in real time. She straddles him in cowgirl, as she rub against him, dry humping him, and feeling his balls from over his pants. She then goes on to mouth at the bulge in his pants. Jmac then gets his cock out, and Joseline is amazed by the size, saying that it is the biggest cock that she has seen in a while. This, as she wastes no time going on to slurp and suck. Jmac briefly stands to fuck her face, but soon he is once again seated, as Joseline is back to work, Following this, things go to cowgirl, as Joseline sits on the cock. From there, she bounces and grinds. Jmac however, soon scoots to the edge of the seat as he go on to hammer the pussy for a time. After, brief cocksucking leads to reverse cowgirl next, with Joseline straddling the cock. From here, Jmac hits the pussy hard and fast, but it's only briefly, because Joseline nest reverses her positioning to cowgirl. There is grinding and fucking from here, prior to Jmac lifting Joseline up to pound her in standing cowgirl for a brief time. This then naturally transitions to front standing side fuck. Next up, Jmac finds a seat on the nearby couch, as Joseline soon, and again straddle him in reverse cowgirl. Here, Jmac drives his cock in deep, as Joseline squeals in delight. This continues, as Jmac soon full-nelsons Joseline and drills the pussy hard. Joseline then retrieves the dildo and suctions it to the back of the chair, as she bend over for Jmac to take her from behind in doggy. Jmac fucks Joseline from here with an increasing pace that only gets harder. Things eventually progress however, as Joseline puts her right leg up on the chair, as she continues to be pounded steadily This continues on as Jmac opens Joseline wide for standing side fuck for a hard pounding, before it's back to doggy with Joseline up on the chair. Following some cocksucking, it's to the floor, and then to spoon. From here, Jmac proceeds steadily, before half-nelsoning Joseline's legs to drill deeper. After this, Jmac again goes behind, as Joseline is face down and ass up, as he straddle Joseline's ass to pound her pussy deep. This is followed by Joseline on her knees as she again suck cock, and work it with her hands, prior to again being face fucked by Jmac. Joseline is then positioned on her back in the chair, as Jmac tilts it back against the couch. It's from her that the action goes to missionary. Jmac from here, fucks the pussy at a steady pace, before again going hard and fast. During this, the camera occasionally takes a very nice closeup view of the penetration and of Joseline's pussy. It's following this, Jmac, jerks off to finally explode onto Joseline's mouth. This ends the action as Jmac spank Joseline's face with his cock. However Joseline herself is not finished, as she once again goes on to ride the dildo for one more last brief moment.