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PureTaboo.com: Sister Trap (2018)

Starring: Elsa Jean
Co-starring: Small Hands

Directed by Craven Moorehead

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(5.50 / 10)

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43 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: This tale of taboo, titled "Sister Trap", begins with a shower. In the story, when "Paige"(Elsa Jean) discovers that her shower is still broken, she goes to the next bathroom, belonging to her older stepbrother, Chase, to ask if she may use his shower in order to get ready for school. She is met by the tattooed Chase, whom is just coming out of said shower himself, and is in towel. Chase first gives her a hard time, teasing, and even pressuring her when he exposes himself. The next day, Chase's sexual torment continues. Paige is doing her homework, as Chase storms in. He says that later, he will have a girl over and wants her to not disturb him. But it just doesn't end there. Chase snatches up Paige's homework, even putting his erect penis on it, before Paige retrieves it. Fast forward to the aforementioned time. Chase apparent has company, and they are making a lot of noise. Paige, who is reading finds herself distracted but strangely turned on, this in itself leads to a brief masturbation session that is interrupted when Paige feels that she has been found out. Her curiosity then causes her to the next bedroom where she makes a surprising find. Chase is actually alone, and watching sex tape. A tape, which for some reason makes several references to Paige herself. Yes, Chase is fantasizing about his younger stepsister. Instead of being turned off by this discovery, Paige instead takes to it, and it actually arouses her to the point where she resumes the act of masturbation. Unfortunately it doesn't take Chase long to realize that she is just outside the door. This eventually leads to a sexual encounter between step siblings as a seemingly naive Paige, feels some kind of connection with Chase in that moment. Unfortunately, what she does not know is that it was Chase's plan all along.

"Sister Trap" is one of the latest episodes from PURETABOO.com Directed by Craven Moorehead, and produced by Bree Mills, it tells the story of a brother pressuring a stepsister into getting what he wants, and what he wants is her. This is my first time reviewing PURETABOO.COM, but believe me I have waited a long time to do so. Now that I have an avenue to review web scenes you will see it more often. I start with "Sister Trap", an episode that I did have high expectations for when I went into it. The story here gets off to a good start and even has some mounting suspense, I would say. The type of suspense, that has the viewer anticipating where everything eventually will lead. Things got off on the right track, but in my opinion, once things got started, it all just came far to quickly. The formula of the story is basically this: Chase torments Paige - he torments her again - she gives into temptation, and they soon have sex. Unfortunately, there is no middle ground here. There is no pressuring or bullying Paige into the sexual situation. Thus, there is no build. The conclusion is apparently meant to be climatic, but to me, it's flat, as it has no prior event, or events to support it. It is really tough for me be honest, because I truly respect and admire Bree Mills and Craven Moorehead and all that they have done, but alas, it's what I do. Technically, the episode looks and sounds great, having a professional quality to it. The acting of Small Hands and Elsa Jean, is also great. I must say this is especially true for Small Hands, who embraces the crass nature of Chase. He truly is a bad ass - I have been a supporter of his from basically the beginning, and here he further displays why he is a unique talent in the business. Elsa Jean is also very good as the naive stepsister who does not know what she is getting herself into. Both of these performers play off each other well, and it is a benefit to the episode overall. So to sum things up, I went into this episode expecting a well-made effort and I got that. However though, the overall story kind of let me down a bit, as it is one offering very little pay off in the end for the viewer. However, the performances and all else, make it at least worth taking a look at.
Cast: Elsa Jean (with Small Hands)
Positions: Doggy, Standing Side Fuck, Missionary, Spoon, Cowgirl, Standing Cowgirl
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In this solo masturbation scene, Paige's stepbrother, Chase, supposedly has girl over, and the noises from his room are loud, so much so that is distracts Paige, and later turns her on. As a result, Paige unbuttons, unzips and slips out of her shorts. She then touches herself, before going on to hump a small pillow. This lasting until she is startled, and gets dressed. Paige the heads down the hall to chase's room, where she cracks the door to find that he is merely watching a sex tape, and surprisingly, he is fantasizing about she as he masturbate, Instead of being appalled, the curious Paige is once again aroused, and begins to again masturbate. But all is not secret, as soon Chase discovers that Paige is watching him.

After discovering Paige, Chase calls her into the room, where he soon has her on her knees and sucking his cock, and surprisingly, she is cooperative. The sex begins when Small Hands bends Elsa over, taking her from behind. This briefly goes to standing side fuck, before things go to missionary, as Elsa lies back on the table. The next position is spoon, where we see Smalls pound the pussy deep and hard for a time, until Elsa climbs on for cowgirl. It's here that she go on to bounce hard and fast on the cock. From there, Smalls, briefly transitions things to standing cowgirl, before another change is seen. That being Elsa next, bent over in a chair, as she is on her knees. It's again doggy from here, prior to Elsa on her back for missionary. After this, Smalls lifts up Elsa, again placing her on the table on her back, where missionary occurs, and then side fuck, and standing side fuck. This so lasting until Smalls must cum. He does so when Elsa is back in the chair, as he then unloads onto he face.