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A part of the network Escort To A Virgin
(click to enlarge) Escort To A Virgin (2018)

Starring: Brooke Paige
Co-starring: Alex Jett

Reviewed by PL

(7.00 / 10)

Where to get it
30 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: Overall, I enjoyed this scene, but it certainly had some ups and downs. First, I think Matt played his part at the start really well, he nailed the nervousness you would expect from a first timer, Brooke did OK with her part too. She seemed a lot more "canned" in how she delivered her lines though, throughout the scene too. However, there were a lot of things Brooke did that I thought was hot. Her eye contact was great and the way she would use her nails to lightly scratch his arm or leg - loved it! The scene lacked chemistry, which would be in line with the premise of the scene, but Brooke gave some decent energy making it fun to watch. Anyway, this was the first time I've seen or even heard of Brooke. I want to see more, I really liked her! I think you will too, I'd recommend checking it out!
Cast: Brooke Paige (with Alex Jett)
Rating: 7.00/10
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Brooke show's up at Matt's place (really it's his dad's) and it was obvious, Matt was really nervous. He let her know this was his first time, which she was accepting of, then lead Matt over to the couch. Matt told her he was nervous and just wanted her to take the lead. She got naked slowly, teasing him, letting her suck on her nipples before she finally took his cock in her mouth. She did a nice job, using good eye contact, we also got some POV shots. Teaching him right, she had him eat her pussy. Her slightly raspy voice instructing him what to do was hot! Finally, it was time, so Brooke instructed him to slip inside her. Brooke then had an idea, since this was Matt's first time, she was willing to let him stick it in her ass! And with her still, on her back, he switched from her pussy to her ass. We got some nice shots of the action, as well as some nice gapes. Over in doggy, Matt continued to rail her ass and checked out her gapes, then the anal and gaping continued in cowgirl. Keeping the cock in, Brooke then spun around to reverse. Up and down she went until it was time to close it out. On her knees, she asked for his cum as he jerked off (which took a while to get out), finally cumming in her mouth. She pushed it out and as she sucked the dick some more, telling him the next time he gets a discount!