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Adam & Eve
Private Moments
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Private Moments (2002)

Co-starring: Chris Cannon, Evan Stone, Ian Daniels, Joey Ray, Lee Stone, Max Steele, Steven St. Croix

Directed by Nick Orleans

Reviewed by PL

(5.50 / 10)

Where to get it
120 Min ( 2 hr 0 min )
Condoms: None
Overview: I'll give this one a 5.5. There were some decent spots in this movie, however the lack of lighting and camerawork hurt. The sex was pretty good for those seeking couples porn. I did like some of the little things that happened in this movie with people watching or popping in during the sex, as for an overall value though, there is better couple's porn to pick up unless you're a big fan of one of the stars.
Scene 1: Dominica Leoni (with Evan Stone)
Dominica and Evan. Dominica is a pretty woman, has medium long brown hair and B cup tits (natural). The BJ was nice, these two had some good chemistry, but the lighting and the lack of close-ups hurt a good scene. Dominica seemed to cum, but was ruined by bad editing. Monica Mayhem was present during this whole scene, however she just kept to her self and masturbated as the two worked. Safe sax here and the scene ended with an average pop on Dominica's chest.
Scene 2: Jasmine Klein,Monica Mayhem (with Lee Stone)
Monica, Jasmine, and Lee. Jasmine has pretty average looks, has short blonde hair and B cup tits (natural). The BJ was short-lived and really average for two girls on one cock. The scene seemed to kind of drag along with no real heat. There were minimal positions and the anal was bland as the sex, poor lighting and the lack of camera work plagued this scene as well. During this scene Calli was outside the door listening with a vibrating egg on her clit, they only scenes of here were pretty much cut scenes. The sex was safe sex and ended with a weak pop shot on the girls' chests.
Scene 3: Calli Cox (with Joey Ray)
Calli and Joey. This scene was pretty good, but still suffers FROM the reoccurring bad lighting. The BJ was quite good and you could see the chemistry that was here right FROM the beginning. Calli all through the scene states "we're not fucking", but abandons that idea. On to the sex, which was just as good as the head with some decent close-ups. No anal in this scene unfortunately. The sex was safe sex that ended with a very good pop shot on Calli's tits and chest.
Scene 4: Nikita Denise (with Chris Cannon, Ian Daniels)
Nikita, Chris and Ian. This was the scene of the movie. As always Nikita's blowjobs are top notch (wow what a tongue), and this is no exception. Nikita handles both guys like a champ putting on a very good performance for the camera. She does it all in this scene, even taking some good DP. For a Nikita Denise fan this is a must see scene. The sex was all safe and the scene ended in two open mouth facials, a good one FROM Ian but a somewhat weak one FROM Chris.
Scene 5: Lena Ramon (with Max Steele)
Lena and Max. Lena is a pretty average looking woman with medium long brunette hair and A cup tits (natural). Lena really did a knockout job on suckin Max's dick, it was really good and enthusiastic. By the time the sex came into play the chemistry between these two were heating up the scene quit nicely. There was decent anal, but the drawback was these two were so INTO it, they made for some bad shots of the action during the scene. Again safe sex was in effect and the scene ended in a very good pop on Lena's neck and chest.
Scene 6: Angelica Sin,Calli Cox (with Steven St. Croix)
Angelica, Calli, and Steven. Angela is another average looking girl with long dark brown hair with a reddish tint and D cup tits (fake). The scene starts off with Angelica and Callie in a bathroom but after a little play, it abruptly ends, but picks up again, this time with the addition of Steven. The head these two ladies give wasn't quit what I was expecting, it was good but could have been better. Steven was simply annoying during this scene, either talking stupidly or looking more like a bump on a log, but the sex was pretty decent. The scene didn't have any anal but the sex was safe and the scene ended in a weak (possibly fake?) pop on the girls' tits and stomachs.