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POV Pervert #09
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POV Pervert #09 (2007)

Co-starring: Mike John

Directed by Mike John

Reviewed by PL

(8.68 / 10)

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In series: POV Pervert
261 Min ( 4 hr 21 min )
Condoms: None
Overview: Right in line with the other POV Perverts' Mike has put out, this one delivers some really nice POV action. What I like about Mike's stuff is he injects humor here and there and he understands this is about making us see what he sees while fucking these beauties. I don't consider him the best POV shooter period for no reason... And technically, it's another spot on production. He knows his shit. Talent wise, there was a good rounding, and I was happy to see Mike kept the swallowing thing in tact, having each girl swallow the cum, but I liked how much anal there was. 6 of the 7 scenes (not counting bonus) were anal! Sweet shit if you ask me! And to top it off we got a cream pie in the bonus, fuck am I a happy boy . Although all the girls really put on good performances, I was most elated about Rebecca's. She seemed to work the camera and cock damn near perfectly. However I was pretty impressed with Amy's performance, she didn't get what I was expecting from her. And one other thing, Audrey is a girl to keep an eye on I really hope she does a shit ton of stuff, because I don't think I'll ever get tired of seeing her face or body on screen..... So here's to the anal fans, and especially the POV fans, a movie that shouldn't be missed under any circumstances. Another hit by ol Mike here.
Scene 1: Rebecca Linares (with Mike John)
Rating: 9.50/10
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DVD 1: 2hr 30min

Rebecca is a sexy and pretty girl with long black hair and natural B cup tits. Mike hits it right off with having Rebecca show off that tiny, sexy, little body of hers, then takes a seat so she can suck and tit fuck his cock. Moving over to the bed, Mike lays the pipe missionary, and I really loved Rebecca's mannerisms. Doing sexy shit like sucking on her bicep and shit, wow...sexy! Going back to the chair, we get some really beautiful shots of her working it in reverse cowgirl, then going over to the bed, she works the cock even more.. Again, wow... Back to the bed. Rebecca lowers the boom on him, fuckin' him in cowgirl and looking like she may have cum before flipping over for Mike to slip into her ass. She stops for ass-to-mouth a couple of times, then gets back up in reverse cowgirl, but this time taking anal. In an interesting movie, the action stops as Rebecca uses her feet to foot fuck him and holds his cock as she sucks it, and eventually ends up in doggy, taking more anal of course and working it like a pro. Finally, after one more ATM, she sucks and strokes him off into her mouth. She shows off the goo, then like a good girl does, she gulped it down. Wow, really good scene here! Rebecca looked great and put on one hell of a show for us! She's definably made for POV in my humble opinion.
Scene 2: Tiffany (III) (with Mike John)
Rating: 7.00/10
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Tiffany is a very attractive girl with long blonde hair and natural D cup tits. Mike starts off the scene with a good amount of tease for those (great) big ol titties she has, then finally has her go inside where he has Tiffany suck and tit fuck him; naturally . Finally it's on to the sex, and she takes him missionary, but it doesn't last too long before we cut to her sucking him off some more before riding him cowgirl. Spinning around, she continues on in reverse a few, then it's back to missionary for some ass fuckin'! However she didn't seem comfortable with it... But, on the bright side, we did get some glimpses of some gapes. Back to tit fucking and sucking, she gets him going until he cums in her mouth, which she's swallows down with no problems. Tiffany looked great, but she could have put more into the whole scene. At no point did I ever feel she was 100% into it, especially during the anal. But like I said, goddamn did she look good !
Scene 3: Paulina James (with Mike John)
Rating: 8.00/10
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Paulina is a cute and sexy looking girl with long blonde hair and natural B cup tits. The two get started with some of the "it's been so long" kind of stuff, but soon Paulina is out of her tight little jean shorts, sucking and tit fucking Mike's pole. "How do you want me", Paulina says. And making a wise choice, he chooses doggy first! After stopping to taste her pussy, she flips on her back for some missionary, then we cut to her easing down on him cowgirl. After some nice shots, she spins around and we get some even better shots of the action! Again she spins around, but this time before letting him inside her, she teases his cock with the pussy - Jesus did I love this! Following up, there was some missionary action again, then she flips over onto her belly and lies on the bed as Mike keeps sticking her. Wow did I love this position and shots! Nice! Finally the scene wraps up with Paulina on her back while Mike fucks her tits some more before cumming in her mouth, and she eagerly slurps the jizz down. Paulina looked great, and there were some amazing shots, but at time she seemed to slightly over "act" the part. Regardless, good shit!
Scene 4: Cody Lane (with Mike John)
Rating: 8.00/10
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Cody is a cute girl with long black hair and fake D cup tits. They make quick with the pleasantries and Cody slips out of her cloths for us. Cody takes the time to suck Mike hard, then throws her titties in the mix before Mike lets out, "I gotta try some of that pussy.". So on her back, he slips inside her, and I loved how she held her legs back for him! Very sexy stuff! Stopping, she tastes herself off the sausage, taking it down her throat a good ways too, then it's over into doggy. Lying on the floor, Cody rides in cowgirl for a while , then asks if she can rides him as she takes anal; of course he says yes! So down she squats, guiding him in and impaling her ass on him. She rides it pretty nice too, stopping for some pseudo ATM along the way. Moving on, Cody continues taking it up the ass in missionary before Mike mounts her chest and fucks her tits. He stops and she takes over, sucking and stroking, then he squirts his load in her mouth, which she shows off before swallowing down. Cody put on a nice scene for us, taking a good ass thumping after getting used to the cock. But I can't help to think every time I see her, that she has that "deer lost in headlights look" at times. I guess it's those big eyes
Scene 5: Audrey Elson (with Mike John)
Rating: 8.50/10
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DVD 2: 2hr 30min

Audrey is a pretty girl with long brown hair and natural D cup tits. After Mike does a bit of "close inspection", he gets into bed with her so she can suck him hard. He then sits down so she can suck more proper, and also adds some tit fucking to the mix, then they move back over to the bed for some missionary action. Down onto the floor, she rides a good bit in cowgirl, then Mike says. "Let's try some doggy"; And boy did we get some nice shots there! "Shall we try you ass out?", Mike says, "Yeah!", Audrey responds, at which point he slips up there with Audrey on her back again. We get some nice shots of the action too, along with some small gapes, then she flips onto her side and continues taking it up the ass, but this time we get much nicer gapes! Wrapping up the anal, Audrey takes a bit more in cowgirl before mike has her lay on her back so he can fuck her boobs until he's ready to cum. At that point he unloads in her mouth, which she gracefully gulps down. Wow, this Audrey is FUCKIN' HOT! She's pretty much what I envision as a "perfect woman"... She put on a damn nice scene here and now I'm forced in to checking more of her out!
Scene 6: Bobbi Star (with Mike John)
Rating: 9.00/10
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Bobbi is a sexy looking girl with medium length brown hair and natural B cup tits. Interestingly, Bobbi starts off stretching for the scene, then gets her throat stretched around Mike's cock! Wiggling out of her panties, she takes the cock in missionary first, then after taking the cock down her throat, she gets into doggy. I really liked how she reached back and played with her asshole here! Anyway, Mike soon moves to fucking her ass, and quickly shows off some gapes. After tasting her ass a couple of times, Bobbi ends up on her back, still taking anal of course, then it's up to cowgirl where we get some really nice shots. Bobbi ends up back on her back after a good bit with Mike fucking her pussy and then ass. And again she does some sexy shit, pulling her legs way back for us. Wrapping the scene up, Bobbi's on her knees, sucking and deep throating Mike's cock until she strokes him off into her mouth, gargling the cum before downing it! Bobbi is so fuckin' sexy it isn't even funny. She knows how to work it and looks great doing it. I particularly loved how she did all the work at the end; Mike never touched his dick!
Scene 7: Amy Reid (with Mike John)
Rating: 9.00/10
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Amy is a sexy looking girl with long brown hair and natural D cup tits. Mike has her show off some nipple licking skills she posses, then has her suck him hard; shit, just her licking her nipple got me goin'! After getting hard, he takes a seat and has her suck him proper, with some tit fucking going on too. Amy also paid some nice attention to the balls, sweet! Back over to the bed, she lays on her back and takes it mish, well kind of, she works him a good bit. After some great close-ups, it's then up to cowgirl. On to doggy, Amy really shined, or maybe it was Mike's camera work, but either way she looked great and there was plenty of amazing shots! Back down to her knees, Amy blows him a bit, then Mike wants to try her ass so back up on the bed she goes, laying on her back. We got some sweet close-ups of him in her ass, then it's over into doggy. We get some nice, although small, gapes, but her ass looked so good just being all wide-open! Nice! Amy gets to finish the scene like Bobbi did, stroking and sucking Mike off (he never touched his cock) until he cums in her mouth. She shows off her fruits and then swallows it down. OK, I'll admit, I'm not the biggest fan of Amy's performances, but here, she really shined. I don't know what changed, but from the on-set, she seemed very into it and make every effort to look into the sex. Good shit!
Scene 8 (Bonus): Sable Simms (with Mike John)
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Sable is a pretty girl with long black hair. After some chit chat, Mike has her acquaint herself with is "13 year-old" cock. LMAO! After getting her out of her cute little panty and bra set, Mike fucks her missionary while we get some really nice shots of the action, I loved how she held her legs some of the time... Moving things down on the floor, Sable rides cowgirl taking Mike balls deep and looking to cum before she flips over into doggy. But Mike teases her slit with his cock before getting inside her, and boy did she look great working the cock! Wow! Over on her back again, Sable gets railed while telling Mike to cum inside her, and he does just that, leaving an OK cream pie finish. I liked this scene a lot. Sable looked great and she seemed pretty into it. In addition, I could have swore this was a re-hash from a past POV movie... Nope. Same girl, but different scene; we got a cream pie ending here!
Mike John doesn't normally skimp on extras, so getting what I got here, was on par. There was 26 minutes of behind the scenes, a 22 minute bonus scenes (see above), a cumshot recap, a photo gallery, web access info and some trailers:
Semen Sippers #6
Racial Tension #2
POV Pervert #8
Elastic Assholes #5
Sperm Overload
Plenty of real extras here to keep me happy, but they weren't as good as I was hoping. Defiantly not bad though, so a +.25.