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Pornographer, The
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Pornographer, The (1999)

Co-starring: Earl Slate, Michael Stefano, Regan Senter, Tom Byron, Van Damage

Directed by Rob Black

Reviewed by PL

(5.50 / 10)

Where to get it
129 Min ( 2 hr 9 min )
Condoms: None
Overview: I'll give this one a 5.5. There was nothing real special about this movie, the sex in all the scenes was not really that hot nor that interesting, BUT was a good one to watch 1 time. I'd say 90% of the women (in my opinion) were NOT attractive, Tiffany and Jasmin are the 10% that were worth anything as far as I'm concerned. Rob was funny and played the movie well, I also hope NO ONE takes this film as a true documentary ( "fuckumentory" as its put on the cover). I recommend this one looking for a good time while watching sex, BUT someone who can either put up with mediocre sex, or use the fast forward button well.... ..There are also parts (non-sex) that are interesting, hell I'll go so far to say the NON-SEX parts are better than 80% of the movie
Scene 1: Lizzy Borden (with Tom Byron)
Lizzy and Tom. This was a interesting scene, more or less a behind the scenes look at how they do sex on location if you will. The sex wasn't hot nor inspiring, but I'm not sure if it was intended to be. The best part of this scene was the flies on Tom's dick....LOL
Scene 2: Lizzy Borden (with Michael Stefano)
Lizzy and Michael. Lizzy sucks off Michael here. Yet another bland scene with only oral in it, I must say after seeing this I'm NOT a fan of Lizzy at all.
Scene 3: Summer,T.J. Hart (with Michael Stefano)
Michael. This is where Michael fucks (literally) a gang of girls. None of the girls particularly stood out, either sex or beauty wise. I will say the reason the sex wasn't so good was the amount of girls that had to be serviced left Michael with a very limited time with each girl.
Scene 4: Eden (with Michael Stefano)
Eden and Michael. Another no real heat scene, I'm not sure what the rope around his dick was for but it was distracting. Neither chick here was hot which left the scene empty.
Scene 5: Tiffany Mynx (with Van Damage)
Tiffany and Van. This is my favorite scene, and at this point in the movie you would see why. Tiffany provides a nice fresh breath to the "unattractive" scheme set up so far, she also provides MORE HEAT than the first four scenes combined. She is crazed with Van's cock and she plays it off well here. Although the sex is pretty standard, it was good.
Scene 6: Jasmin St Claire (with Tom Byron)
Tom and Jasmin. Well as a fan of Jasmin I liked this scene almost as much as Tiffany’s. Jasmin takes control of the scene to start by asking Tom some questions and then fingers his asshole, it was rather funny when Tom smarted off to her and she threatened to shove a big dildo up his ass. Sex here was all anal and was a nice change of pace so far, one part I particularly like was when they cut to Jasmin and she talked about how men think is "gay" to have their assholes played with, however it’s NOT GAY unless you're a homosexual. This was a good scene, not the best but GOOD and ended in a good "pop" shot.
Scene 7: Jasmin St Claire (with Earl Slate)
Jasmin and Earl. Jasmin goes to get her pussy molded for masturbatory purposes, well in the process Earl wants to fuck Jasmin so he gets his wish to test out the real thing. This scene was another all anal scene, not a bad scene, but nothing outstanding. Just an average scene.
Scene 8: Nina Whett (with Regan Senter)
Regan and Nina....This scene (if you would call it that) was WEIRD and disturbing. Regan is an older man with a very small penis, but has the "talent" tester, so he has to show the production companies that the talent WILL have sex on camera, poor Nina learns this the hard way. He finally gets her into bed, she wants a condom, he don't... This is the oddest thing in porn I have seen... It ends after some basic and quick sex and a quick "pop" on Nina's thigh.
Scene 9: Jasmin St Claire (with Earl Slate, Michael Stefano)
Jasmin, Earl and Michael. The best part of this scene was the beginning, and panned out to be good sex. The sex was standard for a while but ended up with a nice DP and a decent facial.