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(click to enlarge) Spark Part Two (2019)

Starring: Haley Reed
Co-starring: James Deen

Directed by Andy Zane

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(8.00 / 10)

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46 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: This scene from PORN FIDELITY, called SPARK PART TWO, which I am assuming is part of a series of scenes in which the features starlets portray characters who are looking for a little spark in their lives. Here, our subject is Haley Reed, who is a young woman, who is fed up with the dating life, at all of its hangups. She has been let down a few times and has failed to find love. And so she has given up on that life and just going oto get what she wants, which is sexual pleasure. She is a woman that likes to be fucked hard, and so she has decided to pay a suitor who will do just that. In this particular case the lucky man is James Deen, who of course is playing the male escort called upon by Haley. That is the general setup here. Otherwise, this is a scene that begins really cinematic, yet slowly progresses into a scenario that is much more raw and gritty. So needless to say once we are set up with the story and all, it is into the straight sex between Reed and Deen. Personally, I have to say that I really enjoyed the way in which director Andy Zane seemingly just allow these two performers to go as they may, instead of aggressively directing them as to what to do. Yes, it appears as though most of the sex in this scene was improvised by the performers themselves. This in turn, creating an overall chemistry between James and Haley. I don't give a fuck what anyone has to say about Mr. James Deen. In my personal opinion, he is a good guy, and a great performer. Honestly, I think he is one of the best in the industry. He proves this here, as he always does. His work here with Haley is consistent throughout. His pacing is steady, as his fucking his hard. And this is nearly for the entire run of the scene. Throughout the scene, he pounds Haley nice and good. And to back this up, we have an eagerness by Haley, as she essentially begs for what she is getting. Haley's dirty talk throughout the scene makes it even better. There's multiple occasions here where she tells James to not remove his cock, or to put it back in. Also chants of "fuck my pussy/eat my pussy". This girl is great! Overall, this scene is chock full of passionate action between two performers. It's both rough and raw, and is pretty much captured in the same manner as it's feel. James and Haley are good together in this particular scene, I love the fact that they seem to fuck all over this single motel room. On the technical side, as I said ,the approach to the scene not only attempts to be slick, but also additionally, aims to be gritty(raw). While there are nice, crisp shots here, there are also some very brief moments of out of focus, I do have to give extra credit for some of the shots choices here by Zane. There are some shots choices seen here, which are actually very nice. I really liked the over the shoulder point of view taken, as Haley suck James cock, the multiple instances of overhead, especially the moment in which Haley bend over the tub to get fucked. Her ass during this time, looks fucking amazing(what a nice combination - a tight ass, and a fat pussy!). I also liked the side view shown, as Haley is again sucking. And then I have to make mention to the scene's finish, which is both unique, and brilliant in my opinion. How they had James on one side of the glass, and Haley on the other. It's something different at least. So to close this review, I will say that the scene was very good from beginning to end. Honestly, it is a scene driven solely by the two performers featured within. Haley Reed and James Deen, together perform well in front of the camera. I have to tell you that I really like Haley. There is just something about her that is really attractive. I love her raspy voice, as well as her sexy septum piercing(kudos to them for allowing her to keep it in during the scene - most producers, ask that the girls remove them, most of the time by tucking them in). Okay, so with all of this said, when it comes to this scene, I would definitely recommend it.
Cast: Haley Reed (with James Deen)
Rating: 8.00/10
Positions: Missionary, Side Fuck, Spoon, Reverse Cowgirl, Doggy, Upright Doggy
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In this scene we have Haley Reed, who finds herself fed up with today's dating scene. She has tried the whole online dating thing and has found the different stereotypes, all of whom she is not looking for. All she wants is good sex. Unable to find just that, Haley has since denounced dating and is now going after what she craves.

A short time later, after some scene opening narration, there is a knock at Haley's motel door. It's a male escort(James Deen). As James makes his way into the room, he can't help but be surprised. Surprised because, as he explains - Haley doesn't look like his average clientele, who are usually very average looking. He says she's beautiful. Confused by the comment, as to whether to take it as a complement, Haley agrees to blow it off, while James agree that talking his not his strong suit, yet fucking is.

As the two begin to kiss passionately, James tells Haley to let him know what she likes and doesn't. Haley says that she likes to be fucked really good, and says that, that entails in James taking charge. James, guides Haley back on the bed shortly before flipping her on to her stomach, removing both her jeans and panties in one fell swoop. He then buries his face into her ass, to briefly tongue her pussy. This followed by he fingering her pussy from there, as well as while Haley is on her back. This however is followed by James going down on her to fill his mouth with Haley's pussy as he suck on it prior to things going to missionary, as James proceeds to fuck the pussy at a quick pace. This goes briefly to side fuck, and then back to missionary, before Haley takes to her knees on the floor as she tastes her self on James' cock. Here, we see her work the dick, slurping, and also sucking on the balls. James then shoves Haley down on the bed, and as she is sprawled, takes to fucking her from behind. This quickly goes to spoon, and then it's back to missionary. From there, James continues to hit the pussy, before we see Haley spread her pussy lips, as James toys with it, pulling his cock in and out. This is then followed by reverse cowgirl. It's here that James continues at a steady pace, prior to Haley saying that she wants more in her pussy. This is for James goes on to eventually cram fingers from both hands, as he continues to fuck her. Following this, we see Haley again suck cock, prior to going on to tongue punch James' asshole. Thanks from here then transitions to upright doggy, and then traditional doggy, as James soon straddles Haley's ass in order to pound it deep into her pussy. This would then so continue as Haley is again sprawled on the bed, with James position behind. Doggy continues with Haley then bent over the bed, however, it isn't long before she is on her back, and pounded in missionary, which in this position, he makes her squirt. This continuing as James pins her legs down and drives his cock in, and after rubs her clit vigorously, making her squirt. We then she Haley again throat the cock prior to the two of them returning to the bed for cowgirl. From here we see James again fuck hard, before allowing Haley to grind on the cock fast and hard. Following this she hops up and squats on his face for a time, as John eat her pussy. This would continue as Haley is next on her back. Next up James tells Haley to go over to the tub, over which she bends her over, and proceeds to fuck her from behind, as one instance she dip her head in the bubble bath which is in the tub. After some time there, Haley goes on to suck cock, as the camera takes a really nice side position to capture the action. Following this up the action then goes to reverse cowgirl once again, as the camera gives us a view that is from the ground up. It is here that James continues to pound Haley's pussy, stopping several times to rub her clit hard, resulting in a squirting orgasm. And, what is a unique finish to the scene, James instructs Haley to get on all fours in the tub. This, as he go on the other side of the glass wall, and jerk off until his load splatters against the wall. Following this, Haley comes around the wall to slurp and lick the glass wall clean. This being what brings our scene to a close.