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Please! Cum Inside Me #05
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Please! Cum Inside Me #05 (2001)

Co-starring: Erik Everhard, Lee Stone, Randy West, Vince Vouyer

Directed by Randy West

Reviewed by PL

(8.00 / 10)

Where to get it
133 Min ( 2 hr 13 min )
Condoms: None
Overview: I'll give this one a 8. I really liked this compilation, it was full of beautiful ladies and good sex. I seen Lea's performance in 'Cum Drippers #2' so that kind of made curious how she would perform here. Well, it wasn't a let down, she was great; probably turning out the best scene in the movie in my opinion.
Scene 1: Celine Deveaux (with Randy West, Vince Vouyer)
To start things off we have Celine, Randy and Vince. This particular scene was FROM Up And Cummers 77 (1995). As the scene begins Randy interviews Celine. He asks her to do a few things which leads to a nice 2 or 3 minute tease scene, where she shows off her beautiful body. Randy goes off and gets Vince and we now have a scene in the making. Right away they get working on Celine. There was some obvious chemistry between Vince and her, which made the scene that much more appealing. Celine's BJ was average at best and short. They lead INTO the sex and soon Vince is doing her doggy as she sucks on Rand's dick. After a few minute 'ol Randy gets his turn and doesn't waste too long getting to the pop (There was a great close up of the action when Celine rides Randy cowgirl style). The scene was pretty decent, nothing special, and ended in an OK cream pie. Unfortunately Celine didn't seem very INTO the sex and when the camera was catching the cream pie the camera lost focus quite a bit and kind of ruined it.
Scene 2: Jordan McKnight,Monique (with Randy West, Vince Vouyer)
Here we have Jordan, Monique, Randy and Vince. This scene is FROM Raw Sex #5 (1998)This scene wastes no time getting started, as it opened with Jordan and Monique going crazy over Randy’s cock. They seemed to really enjoy the double BJ. They frequently smiled at one another and did some nice kissing. After a short BJ the scene cuts to the two girls outside getting it on with Vince on the hood of a car. The sex here was pretty decent, but the action was very hard to see. Again we have a cut and the action movies inside to Monique riding the hell out of Vince. After a few minutes they switch; Randy is with Monique and Vince is with Jordan. Monique really gets INTO this scene, she does some good dirty talk and gets really animated! Meanwhile on the couch Vince pounds away on Jordan. Soon the scene cuts again and we have Jordan taking some good anal FROM Randy. We again have a cut and this time a different position for Randy and Jordan, but this time we get to see Monique suck off Vince. We have yet another cut scene and for to finishes off the scene we have Randy with Monique and Vince with Jordan. The scene ends with Randy jerkin' off onto Monique's ass and Vince doing a nice cream pie with Jordan. GOOD SCENE!
Scene 3: Lea de Mae (with Lee Stone, Randy West)
This time around we have Lea, Lee and Randy. This scene is FROM Up And Cummers #91 (2001). As we kick this scene off we have Lea standing a nice red pair of pants. Randy courses her pants down to SHOW perfectly round ass and soon after her top off too. There's a cut and we pick Lea up on a bed this time with Randy getting some great shots oh her spreading her pussy for the camera and some close ups of her feet; then another cut. No Lea is giving Lee a great BJ! Not too long INTO it Randy moves in behind Lea and starts pumpin' away. Lea must have really be INTO the sex too, you could see her cream all over Randy! We have a cut scene and she rides Lee for a bit; again she looks really INTO it! The camera catches some GREAT close ups of the action here also. She shifts positions a few times and then does some really good anal. After a few minutes we have another cut scene and Randy jumps in for some anal lovin' too while she sucks on Lee. We cut scenes again and Lee is pumping away, which leads to the end of the scene and a PERFECT cream pie finish!
Scene 4: Heidi Dalton (with Randy West)
Next up are Heidi and Randy. This scene is FROM Up and Cummers 76 (1999). As this one gets under way the first thing you notice is the sheer BEAUTY of this girl, WOW HOT!! A little bit of tease goes on and Randy shows her beautiful body off then moves to eating her out a bit. Soon she's masturbating, then she moves to suckin' off Randy. After a bit Randy finally gets his chance to fuck this beautiful young lady! They move around in a few positions and you can see Randy and Heidi really get INTO this scene. Other than the fact that we barely see her tits, this was a REALLY GOOD scene! As the scene comes to an end Randy pops inside her, but she doesn't squeeze any out, so we end up with just a internal pop and no cream pie.
Scene 5: Syren Smiles (with Erik Everhard, Randy West)
Now we have Syren, Randy and Erik. This scene is FROM Up and Cummers 84 (2000). Much like the other scenes Randy does some nice tease footage before he begins the action. Syren shows off hr nice body and shows off her beautiful tits as well. She also shows off her wet pussy and nice big and thick clit. Unfortunately she has a little ass acne, but its not too bad. We then cut to Syren suckin on Erik while Randy fucks her FROM behind. Syren also looks very INTO the scene, once again, as Syren creams all over Randy's dick. Unfortunately Syren is a little TOO INTO Randy's pounding; she can only hold Erik in her mouth, rather than suck on him. There’s a cut and now Erik gets his turn while she rims Randy! I give it to Syren, she sure sounds like one, and she was INTO the scene the whole time and appears to cum a few times too! We have a few more cut scenes and finally we end up with her riding and sucking Erik and Randy. There's another cut, but this time Syren does some OK anal. Through the anal, though, she looks to be in pain, but a good pain. In comes Randy again to finish the scene off with a great pop in Syren's pussy! GOOD SCENE!

P.S. I really liked the way Syren kept her pantyhose and garter belt on the whole time during the sex, WOW HOT!!!
Scene 6: Monica Mayhem (with Erik Everhard)
Here we have Erik work with Monica. This scene is FROM Up and Cummers 92 (2001). At the scene gets underway we get some, again, good tease footage but this time it's kind of short. Monica sucks on Erik's dick for a bit then gets down to business. Monica Seems really INTO the sex, as she too creamed all over Erik. Erik was INTO the sex quite a bit also, HAVING to take frequent breaks not to blow too early. They switch positions and keep going at it, buy this time even Randy comments on how Monica is really getting him (Erik) turned on. Finally they take a small break and we get a cut. As the next bit of scene starts Erik is pounding away with Monica on her side, but not before too long they switch to the doggy position. As the sex continued Erik messed up, he actually started to cum outside her, but quickly reinserted and finished the pop. Fortunately the cream pie ended up pretty good. Usually this is the end of a scene, not the case here. Erik and Monica get back INTO the action again! They fuck for a little longer, this time Monica asks him to cum inside her. He decides to do an open mouth facial, which was very weak at best, which was understandable, then the scene ends.
Scene 7: Monica Mayhem
Now to finally end the movie we have Monica getting a shower. There's nothing really special here, just some nice footage of a beautiful female figure getting a shower.