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Exquisite Multimedia
Pink Ink
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Pink Ink (2006)

Co-starring: Cheyne Collins, Lee Stone, Scott Nails, Van Damage

Reviewed by PL

(7.55 / 10)

Where to get it
136 Min ( 2 hr 16 min )
Condoms: None
Overview: It's pretty obvious what the target is here, and it happens to be something I like - oddly enough me nor my wife have any (tattoos). Anyway, The sex was pretty solid all around with Lexi being the cream of the crop. She just out shown the other girls, and impressively so at that. I did like the way Jordan opened the scenes having the girls point out and talk about their tattoos, every one is a different story, and I found them interesting. What I didn't like is the way Jordan shot this over all. I shouldn't say I didn't like it, but rather I felt the way it was captured was lazy. There was a lot of repetitive shots and the camera would just sit in one place at times for way to long. That coupled with the odd coloring; everything just seemed off color to me and also the audio wouldn't be synced up at times. Now on to my rant about Dana... Wow! has this girl done a complete 360? She used to be one of the hottest girls I seen in flicks... Now she's not so hot. This is the first time I have seen her back in action since she left in sometime 2004/2005 and I'm not sure what happened, but it don't look good. The ink don't bother me at all, but she lost way too much weight, making her look sickly. I'm just happy she kept her style of fucking.... Ok, wrapping this up I'll say this, if your are into tats check this out. It's a solid cast and some pretty solid sex, and if you are into the anal gig, well this delivers on that front too. However if you don't like your chicks inked up - avoid it like the plague. A rental is my suggestion.
Scene 1: Gianna Lynn (with Cheyne Collins)
Rating: 7.50/10
Gianna is a pretty girl with long brown hair and natural B cup tits. Starting off, Jordan has Gianna show off her tattoos and also has her talk about them. Soon Cheyne enters the scene and licks that big dragon tattoo she has before she sits down to he can eat her out. The roles then reverse as she sucks him off a bit. He does a bit of spitting in her mouth, which some of which she asked for, then as she's showing her deep throat skills, he pinches her nose shut. Anyway, moving on, Gianna takes a seat on the couch and he slips inside her, pounding her pussy good in missionary. As he pumps we get a quick glimpse of a nice pussy gape and then eventually she goes up into doggy. She pushes back a few times, you know fuckin him a little, then the action stops for some PTM/deep throat where Cheyne spits in her mouth some more. Moving along, cowgirl was next, and we got some nice shots there, then down to the floor for some spooning action as he chokes her. Finally the scene comes to a close as Cheyne jerks off into her open mouth and she pushes the cum out to end the scene. This was a solid scene, both seemed decently into the action and I thought Gianna was hot as hell! I could have done without all the spitting though.
Scene 2: Dana Vespoli (with Lee Stone)
Rating: 7.00/10
Dana has dropped off the boat here.... See my final thoughts for more info on Dana's "new" look... Anyway, she's an OK looking girl with short black hair and natural B cup tits. She talks about her tats a little and then Lee enters. He does his own inspection, using his tongue to check out her asshole, then he has her go down to her knees to suck him off. Much like Cheyne, he adds a bit of his own spit to her mouth, then on to missionary she goes. Not wasting any time Lee heads right for her ass, which she accommodates pretty well, then after some ATM she goes up to cowgirl to continue her anal as we get some nice shots of the action. As we get those shots, Dana reaches around and adds a couple of her own fingers to the action, then Lee decides to take her up to flying cowgirl anal! Putting her down on her knees, she does some ATM action and then he takes her back for more anal, but this time in reverse cowgirl. After a bit she stops to clean her as off his cock and then ends up in doggy for more anal action. The scene then wraps up with her in missionary, taking it in the pussy this time, before taking an open mouth facial that she pushes from her mouth. This was a solid scene. Dana still had those sexy mannerisms I recalled so fondly, ones like not being overly loud during sex but conveying she was digging it. Also, Dana seemed like she may have had a cold here, she sniffled a lot and sounded stuffed up.
Scene 3: Adrianna Nicole (with Scott Nails)
Rating: 6.50/10
Adrianna is an attractive girl with short blonde hair and nice, natural D cup tits. Adrianna starts off saying she has 5 tattoos, and then she goes about showing them off for us. Once she's done that's Scott's cue to enter. Dropping down, she takes his dick in her mouth, sucking it, then he stands her up and fucks her standing doggy. After a long bit the action somewhat changes as he slips in her asshole to get the anal started, which we get some nice shots of. Spinning around she does some ATM action and then move up to cowgirl, continuing to take anal. As she does we get some small gaping action and then once again she does ATM before heading to reverse cowgirl for more ass fucking. We get some nice shots of Scott's cock buried in Adrianna's ass, then she gets off to clean him off with her mouth before going into a modified doggy position for more anal and gapes. Finally the scene wraps up with Adrianna on her side, taking both anal and vag, and then taking an open mouth facial; she swallows the cum. This was an OK scene... I really liked Adrianna's looks, but she didn't really look into the fucking at all, she was always looking off to the sides and pied vey little attention to the fucking or even Scott for that matter.
Scene 4: Demi Marx (with Van Damage)
Rating: 7.50/10
Demi is a sexy looking girl with medium length black hair and natural B cup tits. They talk about her tats, and personally I really liked the sleeve she has, then she loses her skirt and panties just before Van enters. After getting aquatinted he begins fucking her in doggy for a bit and then she moves down onto her back. Stopping the action, Demi sits up for some PTM, staying there a bit to give him some head, then we cut to her back down in doggy, but this time she's takin' it up the ass! We get some nice shots, as well as some small gapes, but the gapes were hard to see because of shadows. Van then takes a seat and she moves up to ride him in reverse cowgirl anal for a little bit, then back to missionary, anal of course. Dropping down to the floor, she takes an open mouth facial, but Van misses her mouth and lands most of the cum on her sexy face. This was a solid scene, but my problem here was the shadows and the fact the scene felt repetitive; positions wise.
Scene 5: Lexi Bardot (with Lee Stone)
Rating: 8.00/10
Lexi is a pretty and sexy looking girl with medium length black hair and natural C cup tits. After talking about her tattoos, Lee enters and begins sucking her tits. That then leads to him going a bit more south, eating both her ass and pussy, then he takes a seat she begins sucking him off in a rather interesting manner. Since she's there, he picks her up for a standing 69, then he takes her to a cowgirl and fling cowgirl positions. Lying her down on the couch, kind of rolled up on her side, he pumps away and Lexi looked like she came. She takes a break to suck her cum off his cock and then goes on with some missionary type. After that it's on to standing doggy and regular doggy before moving on to some reverse cowgirl action. Wrapping up the scene, Lexi gets fucked in spoon and missionary, then takes a facial to cap it all off. This was a good scene. Lexi is really hot and she seemed to enjoy the fucking.
The extras here were pretty nice. There was 43 minutes of behind the scenes, but they were plagued with massive bouts of focusing issues - the camera lost focus a lot and badly too... In addition to the BTS, there was a photo gallery, trailers, internet access info and a cumshot recap. With all the problems, just a +.25 from me here.