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A part of the network Pimp.XXX: Studying on that Nerdy Black Cock
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Pimp.XXX: Studying on that Nerdy Black Cock (2019)

Starring: Addison Lee
Co-starring: Eddie Jaye

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(7.50 / 10)

Where to get it
24 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: From the PIMP.XXX network website, Cocks Matter) comes this scene titled, "Studying on that Nerdy Black Cock". The scene features Addison Lee a horny little schoolgirl, who is looking for more than tutoring from nerdy Eddie Jaye. She does not want his smarts, but instead his black cock. Little does Eddie know that he is just merely another in Addison's big black cock conquest. Addison invites Eddie over, under the guise of studying for physics. However, it does not take her long to lure him into her sexual trap, as the two go into a sexual encounter, and completely forgo their school books. In my opinion, the overall scenario for this scene was a fun one. When it comes to PIMP.XXX, most all of their scenes have a comical edge to them, presenting a pinch of humor within the storylines. This scene in particular, is no different. In fact Eddie Jaye is this big black guy with tattoos, is dressed like, and takes on the character of a nerd the entire time. It is actually quite funny, as he takes on a nasally nerd voice for the scene. An example of how this scene itself stays in character - for instance, there is a pause where Addison mistakenly reveals that now that she's having sex with Eddie, that she has now bagged all of the big black cock in school. This is a revelation that's startles Eddie, who stops in his tracks, only until Addison assures him that he is the best that she has had so far. It is then that he continues with the fucking. It's great stuff in my opinion. I love how both performers remained with their characters during everything. As for the sex. For a scene that runs just over 24 minutes in length, it has action that is fairly solid. Additionally, some great camerawork helps the scene move along nicely. There is some very nice overhead camera shots here. As well as some great close up shots as well. All of this together making for an enjoyable scene overall. I must say that I really do like Addison Lee. This happens to be my second time reviewing her, and after this scene, I like her even more than before. She is an all-natural girl with a nice charisma, not to mention a great ass, too! As for Eddie Jaye, this was my first time seeing him. I have to say that he does a decent job. This is especially true when it comes to the acting side of things. Again, I really liked the fact that he had the mind to stay in character during the scene. So with that said this is one that I would recommend seeing from the PIMP.XXX network, it is lighthearted and fun when it comes to its story, and the sex as well, is also very enjoyable. Check it out!
Cast: Addison Lee (with Eddie Jaye)
Rating: 7.50/10
Positions: Doggy, Reverse Cowgirl, Cowgirl, Missionary
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This scene opens with a tease from Addison Lee, who is dressed as a sexy schoolgirl in pigtails. The tease begins as the camera pans up Addison's body, this as she feel herself. Eventually, she gets her tits out to show the camera. This being before her ample backside is the camera's focus. It's from there that Addison goes on to tease with her ass and pussy, prior to things going to scene.

We go into the scene as nerdy Eddie Jaye has come over to Addison's house with the purpose of tutoring her in physics. Addison does approach Eddie with a plate of cookies as she join him on the couch, but she has no intention in studying for physics class. In fact Addison, has a very special cookie that she would like to serve him. The one between her legs! Addison goes on to place Eddie's hand on her pussy, and Eddie is quick to notice just how wet she is down there. Eddie is then hesitant to move forward with Addison's proposition, however he soon gives in, has he asks her if he can put his mouth on it. And so it begins. Eddie goes down between Addison's legs to tongue and suck on Addison's clit briefly. He also briefly buries his face in her tits, prior to Addison getting on all fours. It is here, that Eddie again eats pussy, and also tongues at Addison's ass. Following this, we see Addison suck cock, and get her face fucked, prior to things going to doggy. From this position Eddie hits it steadily, before Addison begs him to fill her pussy. With this, he increases his pace to go faster and harder as the camera soon takes an overhead view as well as one underneath showing the penetration. Following doggy, we see Addison climb on for reverse cowgirl. She initially bounces on the cock, prior to having Eddie takes over, as he fuck at a fast pace. She is then slammed down prior to the position changing to standard cowgirl,l as she straddle Eddie. It's from here that we see her slammed down on the cock even further, as the camera take an overhead view for most of the time. However, following this, Eddie takes Addison down on her back, as things go into missionary, next. It's from this particular position that Eddie fucks at an increasing pace. This lasting until he builds himself up to cum. The scene comes to a close, as Eddie jerks off to splatter Addison's chest with his load.