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Pimp.xxx: Petite Babes Are So Easy to Pick Up and Fuck (2019)

Starring: Lola Fae
Co-starring: Isiah Maxwell

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(7.50 / 10)

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19 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: In the spirit of all the PIMP.XXX sites, here we have another sex scene which humorous flare This time from the website PETITE.XXX. the storyline here is a simple one. Lola Fae is a college student looking for a place to stay while at college. The twist is, that although Isiah has a big house, he is all out of rooms. Lola Fae is desperate however, with no place to stay. Well, with that said she ends up in Isiah's pantry closet, living among his food products. And speaking of food products, as the college student has barely any money to pay for room and board, the same can be said about her food situation. This is when she comes to Isiah for a solution. Initially, Isiah is unwilling to budge on this, saying that he already provides her a place to stay, and will not provide her with any food. Well, of course in porn scene fashion of the classic kind, in the end, Lola offers up sex in exchange for rations.

Admittedly, this is a silly scenario, but I have to say that it is kind of fun. I mean it's so silly, that you just have to laugh at it it's meant for fun, which is exactly what I had here. I had fun with it. I also enjoyed the fact that the scene takes place in the kitchen belonging to Director Maestro Claudio. This because his house is often rented out for porn shoots. The house itself has become quite famous among porn fans, due to its iconic pink walls and otherwise unique architecture. However, enough about that, on to the sex. Which is the main course of this scene, which runs just under 20 minutes in length. Because it is such a short scene, it is rather breezy. For some fans this can be a good or bad thing, but I saw it at the good thing, as it moves the sex right along, going quickly from one position to another. Here, the face off between Lola Fae and Isiah Maxwell is an interesting one on account of Lola being so small, and well Isiah having such a big dick. This match up alone makes it s visual spectacle for the viewer. I mean, O love the way that Isiah, at one point is holding her up merely in the palms of his hands, as he eat her pussy. Things also look great when she is slammed down on the cock in positions such as cowgirl, and the standing variation of both. So. with this said, although it does not offer much in terms of story, when it comes to the sex things here are quick, and straight to the point. It is, in my opinion that things, for what they are, are rather solid here. I really liked it as little Lola Fae is impaled by the big cock, and takes it like a champ. When it comes to recommendation of this scene. I do recommend it, if only for the visuals alone. However, with that said, both Lola Fae and Isiah Maxwell are always a joy to see. Check it out!
Cast: Lola Fae (with Isiah Maxwell)
Rating: 7.50/10
Positions: Missionary, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Spoon, Standing Cowgirl, Standing Reverse Cowgirl, Standing Side Fuck
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In this scene it's college season, and college student, Lola Fae has come to Isiah Maxwell looking for a place to stay. Unfortunately however Isiah notifies her that all of his rooms are rented out. That is when Lola tries to make a case offering to stay in his garage. It is then that Isiah shoots down that idea down saying that his garage is filled with cars. Lola says that she will then stay in a closet. The scene then progresses to show that Lola has rented out Isiah's pantry closet. Isiah is having his morning coffee as well as reading a paper when Lola comes out of her dwelling to ask if she may have a Pop Tart, which are located in said pantry. Isiah then says that food is not free, and that she is already renting a room from him. Lola says that there must be some way to pay for food. This is when Isiah questions what Lola can be good at, noting her small stature. It is then that Lola wastes no time in getting down to show him what she is good at. This, as she gets big cock out, and gets to work on it. She slurps and sucks, Isiah's cock as well as his balls, also having her face fucked for a time. This is prior to Isiah returning the favor as he lifts Lola up in the palms of his hands, and proceeds to eat her pussy. It is here that we see Isiah tongue away at it, as he steadily holds her in the air. Following this, he sits Lola down on the kitchen island, with her legs spread. Isiah briefly continues to go down on her before inserting his cock into her pussy. From here he continues at a steady pace going, deep as things progress. This lasts for a time, as Lola cannot believe that she is taking such a big cock. Following this, Isiah manhandles her again, as he lies back at hand Lola mounts him for cowgirl. From this position we see Lola bounce on the cock steadily. The cock goes even deeper as she plants her feet to go down on it. This being before Isiah takes over to fuck the pussy hard, and fast. This is followed up by the position switching, as things go to reverse cowgirl after. It's here that Lola bounce steady on the cock, as she tells Isiah to fuck her repeatedly. Soon, Isiah leans her back, in order to hook her leg, and drive his cock deep. Following this is spoon for more of the steady in and out, prior to Isiah once again lifting Lola up in the air, this time taking her into standing cowgirl. Here, slamming her down hard on his cock as Lola's pussy takes every inch of him. After a time in this position, Lola tells Isiah to spin her around. This while things go to reverse standing cowgirl following. It is during which that Isiah continues his pacing, while continuing to go deep into Lola. The next position is standing side fuck, as Lola propped up against the kitchen island, with her leg up. From this position Lola's pussy likewise continues take the big cock of Isiah. Things then readjust, with Isiah propping Lola's leg up on his own. Things continue here until Isiah must let loose. This is when we see Isiah eventually jerk his cock to distribute a load into Lola's open mouth to of course bring the scene to a close.