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A part of the network Joseline Will Do Anything to Get a Cock in Her Ass
(click to enlarge) Joseline Will Do Anything to Get a Cock in Her Ass (2019)

Starring: Joseline Kelly
Co-starring: Tommy Pistol

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(8.00 / 10)

Where to get it
23 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: Well, here we have a very interesting scenario for the PIMP.XXX site DRILLED.XXX, this scene titled, "Joseline Will Do Anything to Get a Cock in Her Ass", tells a story in which Joseline Kelly is a femme fatale, who is determined to get what she wants from a guy. And what she wants is to be drilled in her ass! The stage is set as Tommy Pistol, portrays a guy who has been unknowingly setup by Joseline after he meets her at the polling place in which he volunteers. She has brought him home and tied him up to her bed, and plans to force him into giving her what she asks for. Initially, he is understandably frightened. However, as the story unfolds, Tommy becomes more, and more cooperative towards Joseline's idea for hard-driving anal sex.

The setup is as simple as that. However, the the sex which follows the story presented is so much more. I really loved the idea having Joseline Kelly as this young female, out looking for a hard ass pounding, and subsequently doing anything to get it. She fits the mold quite well, because, in my opinion I think Joseline is really, really sexy. It has been some time since I last reviewed her, and boy, have I been missing her. She's really hot. There is just something about her. Maybe it is her beautiful full bush? Or maybe it's her equally attractive juicy, round ass? Who knows? But I do know, is that this young lady has undeniable sex appeal. So, moving on to the sexual content seen here. It is a scene that is tailored for anal, however, we begin things with a little bit of vaginal sex thrown in. This being before things take a focus on the ass. From there, things get quite dirty, and nasty between Joseline and Tommy. Not only do we see Tommy stretch, and bang her ass out via his fingers, he also see him tongue-punch Joseline's tight pink butthole, before going on to fuck it nice and hard, in a variety of positions which are well captured on screen via nice angles and crisp sights. The chemistry between the two performers, Joseline Kelly and Tommy Pistol, is very good. From the believable acting to begin things, to the energy-filled sexual romp that would follow - collectively it all works well to create a fantastic scene. One that I enjoyed As I eluded to already, the scene itself is somewhat sloppy, with lots of ass to mouth cocksucking, slobbering, and ass drilling. It's a quickly paced scene in which a lot is put on display, and in my opinion it is a butt-banging spectacle worthy of appreciation. I certainly do recommend this little doozy of a scene. Check this one out via the PIMP.XXX network, or alternatively via
Cast: Joseline Kelly (with Tommy Pistol)
Rating: 8.00/10
Positions: Cowgirl, Cowgirl(anal), Reverse 69, Spoon(anal), Reverse cowgirl(anal), Doggy(anal)
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The scene begins on Day 7 of Joseline Kelly's Video diary. She tells the camera that she met this guy who is a volunteer at a polling place - and she has specific intentions for him. She opens her bedroom door to reveal a semi-nude Tommy Pistol, who has been blindfolded, and tied to her bed. She says that she is going to use him to drill her. Joseline confronts a panicked Tommy, as she says that he promised the previous night to give her all the time she wanted. Though Tommy stresses that, that message was just pillow talk, Joseline intends to hold him to his word, however. This, as she strips out of her pink nylon shorts to reveal a rose bloom buttplug, currently inserted in her ass. She follows this up, by going on to suck on Tommy's cock, making it a blowjob, that is nice and slobbery. This being, as Tommy suggests that she take him all into her mouth, cock with balls included. She does this briefly , as we see Tommy also fuck her face. This, however being prior to Joseline straddling Tommy to sit on his cock, as things going to cowgirl. From here, Joseline has her pussy fucked, as she bounce, in addition to Tommy plugging her hole. Things are then quick to go to anal, as Joseline removes her pretty rose buttplug. Tommy stretches Joseline's asshole with his fingers, before replacing them with his hard cock. He fucks the ass good, yet briefly, as Joseline soon rewards him for a job well done. But there is one stipulation - he must fuck her. This to which Tommy readily agrees. And it is from there that things pick up. Next, Joseline is face down and ass up, as Tommy goes on to finger fuck her asshole, this as they are in reverse 69, while Joseline sucks off Tommy. This is followed up by spoon as Tommy goes on to fuck Joseline's ass nice and deep at a steady pace. This, as we see more ass to mouth, as Joseline again throats Tommy's cock. It is next that we see Tommy eat Joseline's ass while she straddles over his face. Meanwhile Tommy also fingers at her pussy. This prior, to she going on to sit on his cock once again, as the action takes to reverse cowgirl this time. It is here that we see Joseline slammed on the cock, as well as Tommy maintain a steady pace again, as he is in and out of the ass, while simultaneously finger-banging Joseline's pussy, slapping her tits, as well as choking her. After this we see more cocksucking, just prior to Tommy taking anal to doggy. Initially he straddles Joseline's ass to pound deep, this is prior to he taking a side mount to further explore Joseline's asshole. However, before it is all over, he returns to a straddling position as he goes on to drill it nice, and hard, just before things go to spoon to finish things out. It's from this position that Tommy once more maintains a steady pace, as he consistently continues to drive his cock into the ass. However, soon, things finish up with Tommy pulling out to jerk off to produce a nice load, which he deposits onto Joseline's bush.