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A part of the network Pimp.XXX: All Christie Wants is a Big Black Cock to Fuck
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Pimp.XXX: All Christie Wants is a Big Black Cock to Fuck (2018)

Starring: Christie Stevens
Co-starring: Donny Sins

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(8.50 / 10)

Where to get it
25 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: For this review I review an interracial romp from the site, BLACK COCKS MATTER(BCM.XXX), from CHERRY PIMPS' sister network, PIMP.XXX. it is a vignette scene, which begins with a storyline, as narrated by scene star Christie Stevens, who confesses her love for big black cock to us. The scene which begins with teasing, and is accompanied by narration Things truly kick off as Christie, while masturbating, is miraculously joined in real life(or is it?) By black stud Donny Sins who fucks her good, right before her very eyes, and ours. This was my very first experience with the PIMP.XXX network of sites so I did not know what to expect going into it. All I knew is that I was told that they have more to do with storylines than that of the Cherry Pimps sites. Admittedly, some of the narration, although it sounds sexy coming from the very sexy Christie Stevens, is a bit humorous, to say the least, as it is a tad cliché. It is narration where we hear Christie obviously talk about how much bigger black cock is compared to others, even saying that how her cousin explained her boyfriend's dick made it sound like a "big splendid chocolate pole". However, aside from this, I have to say that the idea behind the setup is a lot of fun. I really enjoyed the fun in the idea, which sees Christie surprised by her black dream of a man, as she get off with a dildo. It's a fun little development, not to mention, that the man in question, Donny Sins comes in hot, going hard from the beginning. To talk about the scene itself, technically, it is one that is very sound, all around. Starting with the solo masturbatory dildo play by Christie, which the camera captures very nicely. This, featuring very close camerawork that captures every detail, while sound work, very much clues us in on just how wet Christie is getting. This solo action, soon dissolves into a one-on-one encounter between she and Donny. This particular portion of the scene features some very nice sex that I have to admit, came at me surprisingly. Honestly, I did not expect the action between these two to be as good as it is here. But it is actually really great. The chemistry between these two comes off very well on-screen, as the action throughout is pretty much from steady to deep and hard all the way. And again it is action that the camera nicely captures for us to see. Technically, when it comes to camerawork, 2 key moments for me came during the moment of the underneath penetration shot, as well as the beginning of the action from cowgirl, as Christie bounces on the cock. The underneath penetration angle in my opinion was beautifully shot, and is captured in a way that puts the viewer right there in the heat of the moment, and right there at the point of penetration as Christie's pussy swallows Donny's cock in great detail. It just looks great on screen, what can I say? Also looking good on screen, is Christie herself, as she rides in cowgirl. At the start of this position, she straddles Donnie as her right foot is pinned behind her. Not only does Christie's ass look great from behind in this position as it is pounded, the sight of her lone bare foot itself, looks elegantly sexy as well, if that makes sense. Performance-wise the action here is passionate from both of the performers. When it comes to the male talent Donny Sins, while I was aware of him prior to this scene, I had not seen him perform as as of yet, but I must say that I am really impressed with what I saw here. Again, the action surprised me. That being that, I did not expect Donny to go quite as hard, nor be as enthusiastic as he is here, but nonetheless he is on both counts. I loved the way that he performed energetically, at times pounding Christie deep and hard. I particularly loved the moments where he would pull out long and slow, only to go balls deep into the Christie. soon after Subsequently, her reaction to such, made things even better, as she let out a satisfactory yelp with each thrust given forth by Donny. And as for Christie Stevens, what can I say about her. She is absolutely gorgeous. To me she is just very sexy, her sex appeal translates well on screen in this scene. Christie is actually someone whom I caught up with that the night before, as I expressed a desire to want to review her more. And as it turns out, here I am today reviewing her, as this scene just so happened to be there when it came to choosing time. I'm really glad that I had the opportunity to see this scene. That's because, not only does Christie look super amazing, the content within the scene is very, very good and worthwhile. It is a scene that, if you are a fan of interracial, Christie Stevens or Donny Sins themselves, I feel that you will really enjoy. As I said, the setup is very fun, as it later leads to action that is also a very satisfying in the end. I highly recommend checking out this scene for sure!
Cast: Christie Stevens (with Donny Sins)
Rating: 8.50/10
Positions: Missionary, Cowgirl, Doggy, Reverse Cowgirl
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Christie Stevens is wearing a sexy set of purple lingerie, as our scene opens with a tease segment, during which she confesses that one thing that has always excited her, is the fantasy of having sex with black men. She says that she first learned of having sex with black men, on a family vacation from her cousin, whom said that her boyfriend was much bigger than all of the other boys that she had been with prior. Christie says that after the story, she spent all night in her sleeping bag, masturbating to the thought of having sex with a black man. She says that ever since then, she has turned into a big black cock craving slut, and that when she is not getting fucked by black cock, she is thinking about it. During this tease segment, the camera pans up and down at close range, as it surveys Christie's voluptuously petite figure both clothed, and undressed - along with several moments of posing shots, prior to us moving to the next segment, which features Christie masturbating on the couch with a big black dildo. Here, we watch as Christie sucks the black shaft of the dildo, and then as she runs it in between her tits, and down to her pussy, just prior to her inserting it into her love hole. She then proceeds to move the dildo in and out of her pussy, as she seemingly gets wetter and wetter, with each consecutive in and out movement. Her slow and even strokes eventually settle into a quicker pace. Christie then mentions via resuming narration that she wishes that her dildo was instead, a big black cock. Just as she says this, miraculously appears Donny Sins, who fucks her fast and steady in missionary, consistently plugging away at her pussy. Donny's nice evening pacing soon becomes faster and harder for a time. This including he taking a long strokes out and then pounding it to Christie's hole repeatedly. This all being as Christie begs for his big black cock. Missionary briefly turns to side fuck, before reverting back to missionary again. It's during this time that the camera takes an underneath view that is very close to the penetration, as our viewpoint is underneath Donnie's penetrating dick as it pounds Christie's opening. Following this, Christie goes on to clean Donny's cock as of her juices, as she throat it, during which she also sucks on his balls, as well. The next position is cowgirl. Christie climbs on top to ride. Here, we see Christie ride hard, as well as bounce on Donny's black cock. This, prior to Donnie taking over for a moment. During this action, we hear Donnie encourage Christie to cum on his cock. We then move to doggy, as Christie is on all fours, and Donnie takes her from behind. He continues again with his steady pacing, and also again including the long strokes out, and hard thrusts in, Donny goes deep. This particular position ends with Donnie going at it fast and hard. From doggy, comes reverse cowgirl, as Christie returns to bouncing on the cock. This is followed up by the action coming full circle as it very briefly returns to missionary, just prior to Donnie pulling out, and jerking off to splatter Christie's beautiful face with his jizz for the finish of the scene.