Season 1 - Ep4: Sandra's Sexy Service
(click to enlarge) Season 1 - Ep4: Sandra's Sexy Service (2019)

Co-starring: George Uhl

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(6.00 / 10)

14 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: Here we go into the fourth episode, and much to our surprise it is it an episode that reveals that the "perverse family" has even more family members which we did not know about. As this episode tells us, Suzan actually has an identical twin sister named "Sandra"(Bardot in dual roles) who happens to live in the back of the house - thus creating an even more crowded situation. However not only that, it is also revealed that Sandra is a lady of many special services of the sexual kind, and she does so in the name of family, as she contributes her earnings the house. The episode also includes more material with the two daughters Anna and Sarah. I was happy to see in this episode more involvement by the youngest daughter Sarah, as I really like Lindsey Cruz, and wish to see more of her. Well, in this episode, she gets to show off her special skill. Her skill of female ejaculation - or squirting if you will. And of course, the manner in which she does so is perverse and also taboo. Here we see not only the character, Sarah squirt into her sister's mouth. but we also see of them squirting in their brother Damien's, as well, and additionally onto a pork chop, which he eats. After the hostile Suzan again punishes her daughters again for seemingly no reason, we then cut to the back room in which Sandra occupies, as she gets a male caller who comes to the door looking for her services. And of course like the other family members, she is a little bit off when it comes to her morals, and the things which she is willing to do in the name of perversion. She has a list of different services on or wall, from which the young man picks something called a "turbo" - which is basically a five minute fuck session we see this, however not before Sandra serves up a cocktail to both she and the young man. In other words, she pisses in a pair of wineglasses and is done with it.

Overall, this was a decent episode involving our perverse family. However, it was just okay in my opinion, compared to the other ones that I have seen previously. This is yet another episode which involves the introduction of another character, and so is rather transitional, as are getting to know another component of the series. So for that, I will not hold it against the episode, as it is meant to be the introduction of the character and nothing more. I expect things to further expand upon this going forward, so it's no big deal. However, with that said, I loved all of the squirting, and the pissing as well. Basically I love everything that this series does, which the others will not. that is why I enjoy it so much.
Cast: Anna de Ville,Brittany Bardot,Lindsey Cruz (with George Uhl)
Rating: 6.00/10
Positions: Cowgirl
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In this, the fourth episode of PERVERSE FAMILY, we're back at the house with the family, as things are up to their usual. The scene begins with the two daughters of the family; Anna(Anna de Ville) and Sarah(Lindsey Cruz) sitting next to each other in recliners with her legs spread, as they watch porno together and masturbate. It is during which that it is revealed that the youngest daughter, Sarah has learned a new trick from her older sister Anna. She has learned to squirt on orgasm. This, as we see her masturbate herself and squirt into Anna's mouth, whom is eager to receive it. In fact, Anna is quite excited that she has taught her sister this new trick. So much so, that she has Sarah doing in front of their mother, Suzan(Brittany Bardot), who soon comes into the room. Suzan actually impressed, as soon both of the daughters begin squirting, as she tries to catch it in her hands. They also go on to squirt into their brother Damien's mouth, who is being securely kept in his wooden holding cage. They even go as far as to squirt onto a pork chop, which Damien is eating. However, then the fun is over, mother Susan's attitude changes on a dime, as she suddenly gets upset at her daughters and sends them away. We then cut to a young gentleman knocking at the door. It is a knock which Sarah answers. The young man asks her for the service, and Sarah knows exactly what that is, as she guides him back into a room in the back of the house. In the room, the young man finds a list of services posted on the wall, along with their according prices. It is a short time later that he is introduced to one Sandra. Sandra(Brittany Bardot) who just so happens to be Suzan's twin sister. They look identical spare for Sandra's blonde hair. Sandra is a prostitute who offers her services. The services that are listed on the list on the wall. She asks the young man what he wants, and he picks the "turbo" - a five minute pussy fuck, costing a total of $10. Sandra wastes no time in getting into things, as she pushes the man onto a bed and has him wait. She goes over to prepare a drink for the both of them. However not just any drink. That's because she soon spreads her pussy, and pisses into two wine glasses - one for each of them. She then forces the man to drink the piss along with her, prior getting down to business. Things then get off to a quick start, as Sandra straddles the man's cock and rides it in cowgirl. From here she bounces steady on the cock until her five minute timer goes off. From then, the service ends without the man cumming. It is a problem that Sandra quickly rectifies, as she jerks the man off into the wineglass and then go on to drink his come soon after. It is after which that she quickly dismisses a man from the room. We then cut to a shot of Charlie and Suzan in the kitchen talking about Sandra when they call her into a room with them. It is revealed that Sandra is making money for the family with her services, and Charlie ( George Uhl) and Suzan are curious as as to how much money Sandra had made for the day. This as she hands them a box of cash and soon leaves the room as, as Charlie and Suzan say that she needs to earn more money. This as the episode comes to a close.