Season 1 - Ep3: Daughter All-In
(click to enlarge) Season 1 - Ep3: Daughter All-In (2019)

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(8.50 / 10)

18 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: Here we have the third episode of PERVERSE FAMILY, and I have to say that personally, I think that it is the best episode yet. In terms of storyline it gets right to the point, yet at the same time it is very solid in delivering its message and feel that it wants to give to the viewer this episode hopes to be alarming the viewer and it is, as it creates a sense of to dread, as to say that what we are watching something that we should not be. In the story here, it seems to be an average day as three of Charlie's friends show up at the house for a poker game. It is something that we get the sense is a regular occurrence. There are cards, as well as football on TV. However, as we find not only that, there would be sex is well. First up, we have one of Charlie's friends who manhandles Suzan and gives her some anal sex in the bathroom. Things then continue later, as Charlie takes matters into his own hands shoving his wife on the table and then fucking her two ways in front of his friends. This including several pop shots by Charlie. And as if Susan pissing and serving it in a bottle to the table earlier in the scene, as well as the table sex, in which Charlie fucks his wife and allows his friends to do the same, wasn't enough. Charlie does the unthinkable as he offers up his own daughter to his three friends that have come over to do more than play cards apparently. Personally, I think this scene was great a great scene, as it puts the viewer right in the middle of the action. You feel as though you are there. It makes you feel really uneasy as you watch the character of "Anna" fucked by three men, as her father watch on with no concern. As I said, this episode also contains the act of pissing as well. The scene itself concludes with the best ending thus far, as Anna drags her father upstairs and then telling him that it is "his turn" to take her. It is just creepy stuff, and most importantly, it is deeply affective, as this scene makes a big impression on you, as you anticipate the next episode.
Cast: Anna de Ville,Brittany Bardot
Rating: 8.50/10
Positions: Doggy Missionary
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In the third episode titled "Daughter All-In", it's a lazy Sunday afternoon when Charlie and Suzan get a loud knock at the front door. It's two of Charlie's buddies who have come over for a poker game. The game gets underway as the guys watch football, as they also deal cards. Meanwhile in the kitchen, Suzan is busy making up a special lemonade for the boys. A lemonade that is not lemonade at all. It is instead made up of her fresh piss. This, as she rips her stockings in the front, and then proceeds to pee in a bowl, and then filling a bottle with its contents. After which, she goes and serves the concoction at the poker table, it is a short time later though, that one of Charlie's poker pals just so happens to catch horny Suzan in the bathroom. It is then that he takes her from behind, and fucks her in the ass. They both later return to the table as if nothing happened. That is when an obviously drunk Charlie comes on to his wife, and the to proceed to have sex right on the poker table, as Charlie spreads Suzan for missionary. It is a rather loud affair, as Charlie fucks both his wife's pussy and asshole in front of the guys, pulling out to cum several times, the action is loud enough her daughter and it here from the other side of the doorway. This as we see and masturbate herself, and the pee on the floor. Charlie then does the unthinkable, by passing around his wife to two of his buddies, who have a time with her, fucking both her pussy and ass, as well. After which Susan has finally had enough. However, Charlie has one more attraction for his friends. This is when he brings his daughter Anna into play, offering her young body up as a prize. This as all three of Charlie's friends have their way with Anna both anally and vaginally. This, while Charlie sits calmly watching it unfold, as well as watching football on TV. The three pals continue on with Anna until each of them blow heir load on various parts Anna's supple body, as she visibly enjoys herself. The episode ends with Charlie coming over to Anna asking her if she's had enough fun for the day. When she replies that she is not done, as she proceeds to lead her father upstairs to her bedroom. The episode ends with a creepy cliffhanger, as we hear Anna tell her father, that it is now his turn to have sex with her.