Season 1 - Ep1: Unexpected Breakfast
(click to enlarge) Season 1 - Ep1: Unexpected Breakfast (2019)

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(7.50 / 10)

15 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: With this review, I began my journey reviewing the Internet series PERVERSE FAMILY. This Czech series, tells the story of a strange family who seemingly live in the middle of nowhere, in a dirty and dingy, dilapidated house. However, no matter how filthy their surroundings may be they get along and function like any family albeit, a dysfunctional Perverse one. Going into this series I wasn't sure what to expect from it, however I found myself really excited about the discovery. What I found here is something that is both artistic and cinematic in many ways. If you ask me to describe the overall vibe of the show I would say that it is like a more fucked up, perverse, and more human version of "The Munsters" TV series.

Right from the beginning the mother in the series, "Suzan", who is portrayed by Brittany Bardot, mixes smoking cigarettes with piss. Speaking of piss, it is also what this family uses as a water substitute, as seen in a moment where the two daughters "Anna" and "Sarah" enjoy a perverted bath together. We are then introduced by the series'extended characters; a masturbating grandpa, named "Joseph", who seems to take pleasure in younger girls. As well as a son, who is kept in a cage for God knows what - at least we do not know yet. The episode then goes on to further display just how dysfunctional this family is, as they can't even manage to sit down and have breakfast together. The final portion of the episode sees the girls banished to their room, as they enjoy a little activity time, as they take turns sketching each other's most intimate parts.

This 15 minute introduction of both the series, as well as the family who is at the center it, is a rather breezy affair. What I mean by this is that it is a rather jumpy experience, as we go from one thing to the next. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love this concept, as well as the portrayals, the setting, and so on, but as someone who is getting introduced to something it is somewhat overwhelming. Just a little. It's just because all of these characters, and all of these happenings are coming at us fast and all at once. It's almost as if the episode played out in sections, rather than one continuous work. As I said, I loved it, however I have hope as the series continues on that this might improve. However for now, and based on this episode alone, I really like the look and feel of everything here It is at times creepy, and even unsettling. And yes, the main goal is to be perverse, and it indeed is. It is not for everyone. But I do think it is for me, because I enjoyed it. Again, the portrayals are great here. Although they are dirty, as the roles call for it. Both Anna de Ville and Lindsey Cruz are both gorgeous girls. This is actually my first time seeing Lindsey the outside of a few photos from her recent Perv City visit, and I have to say that she really attractive. Overall, the first episode has made a good impression, and has me looking forward to more, which is always a good sign for any series.
Cast: Anna de Ville,Brittany Bardot,Lindsey Cruz
Rating: 7.50/10
Positions: Doggy, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl
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Episode 1, titled, "Unexpected Breakfast", opens up on an early morning as we are formally introduced to the titular "Perverse Family". The oarents, Suzan and Charlie lie in bed. Suzan, who is smoking, is obviously horny. This, as she has a huge dildo in her hand. It's a dildo which she soon fucks herself with as Charlie watch. However, of course, he soon join in, as the two go on to fuck, as their children, Anna, and Sarah, lie sleeping in their respective beds. Suzan spits on Charlie's cock, and sucks it, however, we soon see him finger-bang her on the floor, which causes her to squirt, before they fuck in doggy, Suzan then rides Charlie in cowgirl, briefly prior to pissing on him, and then turning to reverse cowgirl. After this, Suzan gets up from the bed, and then retrieves a bucket, in which she squats over to piss. After this, she goes to wake up the girls, who, a short time later, are seen in the bath together, as we cut to that. There is no running water, so the girls make due with the next best thing - piss. Anna urinates and then kindly washes sister Sarah. However, this isn't good enough for Suzan, who barges in, and scolds the two for being unclean. She then has the two bend over the bath, as she smear shaving cream on their repective asses, and briefly shave them. This is followed by the mother sniffing the assholes of both daughters to insure their cleanliness. Following this, we are introduced to the grandfather of the family, as well as Damien, the son, who seemingly held in captivity in a wooden cage. Following this, things pick up in the kitchen, as the parents, Charlie and Susan prepare a breakfast for they and the children; Anna and Sarah. However, the peaceful breakfast, does not go as planned. There's too much dysfunction in the family. The children refuse to eat, which causes them to soon be expelled by their parents, as they are sent to their room which they share. We then find Anna and Sarah in the room, as they participate in a little "activity time". Sarah wants to draw, but it is at this time that Anna takes charge, saying that she wants Sarah to draw her boobs - as she lower the front of her dress. Sarah does just that, however soon the two siblings find themselves at odds as they fight over the swing, which is in their bedroom. Somehow the argument resolves in Anna going on to take over the pencil, as she draw her sister's pussy, as she spread her legs, positioned in front of her. However, during this the two are interrupted by their mother, whom is still quite upset with them. Not with their sexual explorations, but rather, because their room is a "mess" according to her. The episode comes to a close with Suzan leaving the room and warning her daughter's to cleanup.