Teen Gianna Dior Fucks Her Trainer To Get A Bigger Butt
(click to enlarge) Teen Gianna Dior Fucks Her Trainer To Get A Bigger Butt (2018)

Starring: Gianna Dior
Co-starring: Jay Crew

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(8.50 / 10)

Where to get it
43 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: Here is a scene from the guys at PERV CITY and Director extraordinaire, The Maestro, Claudio Bergamin, that is a little different than most of them, as it has somewhat of a storyline to go along with the sex. In this scene, the young and sexy indeed, Gianna Dior is working out during a seemingly quiet afternoon, with one goal in mind to achieve - she wants a bigger ass! Things soon cut to the chase when her live-in Personal Trainer, Jay Crew intervenes with a more strenuous workout routine in mind for her. One which includes dick! When it comes to the sex of the scene, things begin slow - but that's a good thing, as Claudio's excellent, curve-worshiping photography allows a curious viewer to fully soak things in. Personally, I was digging Gianna's tight, toned body all the way. But after this, things do pick up even further, as the scene features some great POV shooting as well as equally great deep, and hard pounding. Gianna herself asks for it hard, and Jay surely delivers. Solid....solid work from the veteran performer, Crew. Coupled with Gianna's controlling dirty talk, the two keep the sexual chemistry fire lit. Important "parts" of me loved this action, if you know what I mean! Summing things up here, this is another satisfying scene from The Maestro. As always, the camerawork is key. Claudio has talent when it comes to getting "juicy" shots, that a lot of other pornographers, just can't grasp. In his scenes, he is definitely the viewer's eyes, and boy, do we get an eyeful! The performers also, as I mentioned, are primed for the action. Gianna Dior, a performer whom, from all I know is relatively new, but man is she hot! She's really sexy, and I loved how she was in control with her wants from Jay Crew. And speaking of Jay Crew. He may be an elder statesmen of the industry - but that doesn't mean shit. He brings it with his performances.
Cast: Gianna Dior (with Jay Crew)
Rating: 8.50/10
Positions: Missionary, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Spoon
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The scene opens with Gianna Dior working out, outdoors. Here, we see her use a hula hoop, bounce on an exercise ball, as well as stretch on a yoga mat. Her goal, as she tells her Personal Trainer, Jay Crew is to get a bigger ass. But Jay has news for her - he says that she will not achieve this goal, without a proper workout routine. They then go inside, where Jay puts Gianna to work on a leg lift machine. Gianna of course wants to cut corners, but soon, Jay has her do 100 reps. Gianna of course thinks this workout is hard - Jay says that anything good for you is hard, this as he squeezes Gianna's firm ass, while commenting that it's "already getting bigger". Of course, what Jay seems to be really referring to is his cock. Gianna is next off to sucking, as sex between trainer and client soon begins. Gianna first playfully licks the shaft of Jay's cock before sucking him off right for a time. Jay follows it up by going behind Gianna, as she is on all fours. From here, Jay spreads Gianna's pussy and ass as he lick it up and down. The blowjob play, then so continues as Gianna is on her back on the weight machine. As Jay is in and out of Gianna's mouth, he remarks how he too is working out his legs, They then continue the sex in Gianna's room. There, Gianna lies back with her legs spread, as Jay issues another tonguing to Gianna's pussy and ass. Next however, Jay doesn't hesitate to put his cock into Gianna's young, tight love hole to fuck it. Jay initially pounds nice and steady, but when Gianna begs for him to go deep, he increases his pace, going deep and hard. We then see, this time, slobbery sucking as The Maestro employs excellent POV shots - both from underneath, and the side. It's then that Jay recommends that Gianna work on her "squats" as things take to the bed for cowgirl. Here, nice camera work displays Gianna's ass as it is slammed on the cock. It's again steady, but Gianna tells Jay to pound her and that he does, as the camera focuses on the ass, and then a moment of Gianna's natural bouncing tits. More hard pounding is then seen from reverse cowgirl following Gianna deep throating the cock. After she sucks the cock once more prior to the workout going into spoon. Here, Jay steadily pounds again, as Gianna rubs her clit from the position. Following this, Jay does a little foot worshiping, while taking things into missionary, as Gianna encourages him to go harder. This lasting until Jay pulls out to drain his love juice all over Gianna's face, mouth, as well as her tongue, just as she asked, to end the scene.