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(click to enlarge) Mercedes Carrera Surrenders Her Big Latina Ass To The PervCity Gods (2017)

Starring: Mercedes Carrera
Co-starring: Criss Strokes

Reviewed by PL

(9.00 / 10)

Where to get it
43 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: I'll be honest, the last couple scenes I've seen with Mercedes didn't exactly impress me (although she did do a creampie in one of the scenes!), but that changed with this one. Mercedes was VERY much on point. Her level of sexy was ratcheted up, she gave very good energy and seemed to click pretty well with Criss - all of which I felt were missing in some for previous to this. I was a little surprised to see Mercedes doing double anal, although I probably shouldn't have been based on how freaky Mercedes is Per the norm for Perv City, the camera work was on point, giving a good mix of close-ups and further shots, along with good lighting. I've been a fan of Mercedes via Twitter honestly (I'd also suggest everyone follow her too - she's amazing), and I'm glad to see a break out scene - from my view. Mercedes is a super smart woman, along with being super sexy, and with everything else, this is an easy scene to highly recommend checking out!
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Indiana (Bones) started the scene off with an interview, revealing this is Mercedes first scene for PervCity and just how much of an exhibitionist she is, quickly showing off her big boobs and juicy ass! As the interview continued, she talked about loving gangbangs (her max guys in one group was 6) and DPs - interestingly she's not done them on camera but loves them in her personal life - and gave us a wink with her asshole, telling Indiana her love of anal (the industry turned her on to it)! Finally, Criss was called in and the action got rolling. Impressively Mercedes got his long cock deep down her throat, which generated a good amount of spit so she could tit fuck him too! Criss bent Mercedes over, eating her ass for a moment before fucking her as she stood there bent over. Stopping for some PTM, Mercedes enthusiastically sucked all her sucks off the cock, giving his balls good attention and eve even giving Criss a rim job! Up in reverse cowgirl, Mercedes liberally applied lube, which allowed Criss to slip right in her ass. Around to cowgirl, Criss cycled between fuck her pussy and ass, then after a little sucking and foot fucking, Mercedes went to mish as Criss continued to fuck both her pussy and ass. Wanting to get some DP in, they got a toy and stuffed her pussy with a dong as Criss pistoned her ass. Earlier when Mercedes mentioned she liked the kinky stuff, she wasn't joking! With Criss in her ass, he stuffs the dong in too - double anal! She took it like a champ! Finally, in spoon, Mercedes got both her holed fucked and got DPed some more. In her sexy voice, she begged for his cum. When it came time, she got on her knees and took a big blast across her face and chest - Criss didn't aim it too well I was wishing he would have came in her though... She gave the cock one more deep throat and it was closed out.