Luna Rival's Teen Ass Gets Creampied by Isiah's BBC
(click to enlarge) Luna Rival's Teen Ass Gets Creampied by Isiah's BBC (2018)

Starring: Luna Rival
Co-starring: Isiah Maxwell

Directed by Maestro Claudio

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(9.75 / 10)

Where to get it
46 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: Going into this scene from PERV CITY, I could not recall the last time that I anticipated a scene, as much as I anticipated this one. Yes, thank the universe, because international superstar starlet, Luna Rival is now doing scenes stateside! Here, Miss Rival goes head to head with male talent, Isiah Maxwell, and it is all that one can hope for. The scene begins in a unique way when it comes to PERV CITY as it begins outdoors. It is during this time that we get a good look at Luna's plump backside, and get a chance to notice just how she is sexually. We see exactly how. when the sex begins outside with Isaiah, but later, continues inside in the bedroom. Once inside. it is a scene with great deal of energy, and not only shows the incredible blow job skills of Luna, but also adding a footjob to the mix, as well. The camera of Maestro Claudio, also captures the action well, as the talented Isaiah Maxwell explores both of the petite Miss Rival's holes. The scene has very nice energy through out I really enjoyed that aspect of it. While Luna may have angelic exterior, when it comes to sexual activity, this innocent looking girl is an absolute beast. She can really ride a cock, and to be honest it is fun to watch. It is always a good thing when the enthusiasm of both performers transfer of to the viewer, and here, that it does indeed. I really enjoyed this scene front to back. Not only is it Luna, we also get bonuses in the form of a great footjob, along with a fantastic anal creampie finish, that I have to say I did not quite expect. To sum it up, this just might be my favorite scene that I have seen from PERV CITY thus far, and at this time. I myself have seen quite a few of them. I'll also admit that although this is only my second time reviewing her, Luna Rival is surely one of my absolute favorites. She's incredible, and that is undeniable. Definitely see this scene. Sign up at, or if you can wait, get the DVD. Either way, just see it!
Cast: Luna Rival (with Isiah Maxwell)
Rating: 9.75/10
Positions: Dggy(vag/anal), Footjob, Reverse Cowgirl(anal), Missionary(anal), Cowgirl(anal), Doggy, Missionary
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We begin as the camera follows behind Luna Rival, as she lifts her black, double white striped skirt, and she walks forward. She then has a seat, as Indiana Bones begins to talk to the French cutie. He has her show off her feet and toes, as she wiggle the latter. This as the audibly horny Luna is clearly ready to go. She's here for anal, and Indiana has her say that she is excited to get fucked in the ass in her native tongue - and it's sexy. This is actually shortly before she is joined by Isiah Maxwell, who comes from behind, and is quick to suck on Luna's tits. After this for a time we see Luna suck cock. However, following this, Luna is soon on all fours, as Isiah tongues Luna's pussy and ass. This before he proceeds to fuck the pussy in doggy - eventually propping his left leg up for leverage to drive the cock in. They then head inside to a bedroom, where there is more sucking, throating, and face fucking prior to an amazing footjob. Isiah lies on his back next, as a sloppy blowjob continues. This, as Isiah fingers Luna. Luna follows up the blow job by climbing on for reverse cowgirl. Here, she rides the dick hard and fast, until Isiah hoists her legs back to drill the asshole deep. Missionary is next, as Luna is at the edge of the bed, as Isiah continues to fuck the ass. At one time during this, both with Luna or Isiah's fingers were also in Luna's pussy simultaneously. Next, Luna's legs are held up and tight, and to the side, as Isiah alternates between holes, collecting Luna's juices on his cock. This prior to Luna sucking the dick clean. After this, we see Luna face down, as Isiah resumes in doggy. First it's the ass, before her begins to switch holes. He pauses briefly to reveal the gape, before getting back to the pounding. The scene finalizes in cowgirl, as it's a combination of Luna again riding hard and Isiah pounding the same. During the course of this, Luna declares that she wants Isiah to cum in her ass, and that is how things end, as the scene finishes with an anal creampie.