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(click to enlarge) Horny Teen Gia Derza Loves Anal Sex (2018)

Starring: Gia Derza
Co-starring: Ramon Nomar

Directed by Indiana Bones

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(9.50 / 10)

Where to get it
52 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: It has been some time since I last last reviewed for Perv City, but wow, what a way to start again! This scene between Gia Derza and Ramon Nomar, is just amazing! I mean, holy shit, this was truly intense, virtually from the beginning. Not only do we have Ramon eating Gia's pussy like it were a buffet - we have one of the best sloppy blowjobs that I have seen in some time, if not ever, and in addition to that, we have tremendous cock riding on display by Gia, as well as consistently hard pounding from Ramon throughout. I sat there mesmerized by the whole thing, really. Of course this great action was masterfully captured by Maestro Claudio himself, who gets right in the heat of the action, via his trademark style. This meaning that he caught all of Gia's unforgettable facial expressions as she is being fucked good by Nomar. It's slobbery, it's oily, it's orgasmic. This is all around good stuff. I will say it again. Gia Derza is a definite superstar in the making in this industry.
Cast: Gia Derza (with Ramon Nomar)
Rating: 9.50/10
Positions: Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Doggy, Missionary
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First, Indiana Bones is the man behind the camera as he catches up with Gia Derza, as she lies on the bed in the "Perv City bedroom". Indiana is stunned by her incredible body. He asks her if she enjoys anal. She says that she loves it, but she also enjoys vaginal sex just the same. A short time later the subject becomes Gia's feet, as Indiana's camera zooms in on them. Indiana continues the questions, as he asks Gia what's the kinkiest thing that she's ever done. She says that she had a foursome before, which included 3 girls, and a guy. Next, she slips off her tiny black skirt and then her silver top and bottoms. Indiana then has her assume the position in doggy as she crawls across the bed. She then spreads her ass for the camera and makes her butthole wink, while at the same time, so does her pussy. Gia is next on her back, and spread as we can hear her pussy queef. She replies that her pussy talks, which prompts Indiana to ask what it says The answer to that is that it wants dick. Thus, enter Ramon Nomar. First, Ramon comes from behind to feel up Gia's tits and pussy, before sucking on the former. He also then fingers, and tongue-punches Gia's butthole. Next, Gia is back on the bed, and spread, and Ramon goes down eating away at the juicy pussy. This, before we see Gia administer a footjob, and blowjob. The blowjob soon gets extra sloppy as Gia sucks, and Ramon fucks her face deep. Gia follows this up by tonging Ramon's ass, prior to mounting him for cowgirl. Here, we see, bouncing, hard fucking, Ramon switching holes, as well as double penetration involving a slim dildo. After more sucking, things go to reverse cowgirl, as Ramon slams the pussy hard, before DPing Gia, with both cock and dildo from this position. This is then followed be doggy as Ramon double stuffs Gia again fucking her ass. This, which becomes his only concern once the dildo is removed. After that, Gia is on her back with her legs pinned back and held high as Ramon goes on to consistently fucks the ass, until working himself up to cum. The scene then ends as Ramon jerks off to unload onto Gia's face.