Buxom Alexa Chandler Assfucked, Gaped, and Creampied
(click to enlarge) Buxom Alexa Chandler Assfucked, Gaped, and Creampied (2018)

Starring: Alexa Chandler
Co-starring: John Strong

Directed by Maestro Claudio

Reviewed by PL

(7.00 / 10)

Where to get it
50 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: Alexa isn't a girl I've heard of, honestly, but when I saw she was lined up for anal and a cream pie - I was on board! Right from the get-go with her interview with Indiana Bones, she seemed like a fun gal. I mean, after all, she's here for anal and a cream pie! I was hoping for a little more tease/toy play to show off Alexa's nice tits and pink slit. The sex itself was pretty by the numbers though, honestly. Alexa and John seemed to be "professional fuckers", if you will, seemingly not having much chemistry, but by no means would I consider the scene boring. I thought Alexa did a great job taking the cock up her ass and I liked how she was cool with John switching between fucking her ass and pussy - I know it's normally a no-no, but it's hot . The cream pie finish was a good topper to me though, as a cream pie fan While I wouldn't place this at the top of any list to see it, I wouldn't steer anyone away from it.
Cast: Alexa Chandler (with John Strong)
Rating: 7.00/10
Positions: Missionary (vag & anal), Spoon (vag & anal), Cowgirl (anal), Doggy (anal), Standing Doggy (anal), Reverse Cowgirl (anal)
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Sporting a big smile, a rather revealing bodysuit, and knee-high boots, Alexa sat with her legs spread as Indiana conducted the interview. When he asked if she was craving cock, she let it slip she was doing again - and it's been a while - the first time in a year! Pulling her legs back, Alexa showed the butt plug she had in, then lost her suit; showing off her great tits and giving us a better shot of that butt plug Enter John. Alexa went right to work, sucking the cock and a good bit of throat on it. When Claudio moved the camera behind John and through his legs, we got some great shots of Alexa's big ol titties as she continued to work the cock with her mouth. Of course, she used them to tit fuck the cock too, and soon after that, laying back so John can slip inside her pretty pink slit. Slowly John pulled the plug out, and used it as a pacifier for Alexa, as he slid his cock in her ass. Rather effortlessly John fucked each of her holes, and I have to say, for being "out of practice", Alexa handled the cock well. On her side, with her left up to give the camera a nice shot of her puffy pussy, John slipped back in her asshole again, fucking her with a steady pace. Alexa seemed a bit distracted, looking at Claudio or someone else for some direction. Alexa took a moment to do some pseudo-ATM (she wiped the cock off first), then took her nice, big, booty up to display for us in cowgirl to continue taking it in her back door. Finally we got some gaping. Alexa took another "taste" (pseudo-ATM) of her ass, and then John got back to working Alexa's ass in doggy and standing doggy. We got some better gapes too. Transitioning to reverse, Alexa had John's cock up her ass a little more, along with John showing off some gapes. Hopping off, Alexa finally got some real ATM going before going to mish for a little more ass fucking, where John filled her ass with jizz. And I really mean filled, he dumped a huge load in there. Several large globs fell out and Alexa had some nice cum farts! Alexa took a taste of the cum but just spit it back onto her hand, which she rubbed on her pussy as the scene faded out.