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Elegant Angel
Performers Of The Year
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Performers Of The Year (2008)

Co-starring: Anthony Rosano, James Deen, Mark Ashley, Mark Davis, Mick Blue, Mr. Pete

Reviewed by PL

(10.00 / 10)

Where to get it
258 Min ( 4 hr 18 min )
Condoms: None
Overview: Well with the addition of the extras, this one is put over a 10, but that's what it gets. A 10! Honestly, I didn't expect too much less here. I mean considering the director, the company and the talent... There was a high bar set and I think it was met very well. In addition to that, I agree with the title to the performers, all of these girls had big years and all are very good performers to begin with. Anyway, on to the movie. The technical aspects were spot on, like I said before, I didn't expect anything less. Performance wise, well I'm just getting redundant... Point is, this is a great collection of new scenes from 7 of the hottest girls to grace modern porno. Not many can rival this cast. Period. This is a must own for any rain coater like myself and defiantly a collectors piece for any fans of the girls. And speaking of, my favorite scene was Rebecca's, but only by a hair, Sasha turns in a fuckin' amazing scene as well. Excellent work to all involved on this one!
Scene 1: Brianna Love (with James Deen)
Rating: 8.50/10
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Disc 1 3hr 36min

Brianna is a sexy looking girl with long blonde hair and natural A cup tits. The scene kicks off with a rather nice interview from William H. Cutting away, we watch as she does some nice dancing/tease, which accents her figure well, then she meets up with James. The two engage in some deep and passionate kissing. They do a little mutual masturbation, then she slips down to her knees to take him in her mouth and down her throat. Standing Brianna up, James fucks her from behind. Pausing, James takes a taste of her sweet ass, then gets back to fucking her before the action moves over to a couch in the middle of the room. While watchin' him off camera, Brianna plays with her pussy, then he gets in there with him, railing her in spoon. Cutting away, Brianna's got her ass hiked up, ready for the cock. And James gives it to her. We get some really nice shots of the action, then it's down on her side for more anal that really showed off her ass well. After a gape, she takes it up the read in missionary before going to her knees again as James strokes off in her mouth; she pushes the cum out. Good scene here. Brianna looked great, but the scene didn't take off as I had expected it to. Like I said, still a good scene though.
Scene 2: Rebecca Linares (with Anthony Rosano)
Rating: 10.00/10
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Rebecca is a sexy looking girl with long black hair and natural B cup tits. The interview here by William was a bit more of what I expected from him; quirky. So with the interview over, we see Rebecca in a very sexy, but low lit, setting as she does some mirror tease. Tease, I found amazingly HOT! Cutting away, and in a more well lit room, she puts on some lipstick before meeting up with Anthony. They begin with some passionate kissing, then Anthony slips south to suck on her tits before ending up at her ass and pussy, and even incorporating her feet. She gives back, but Rebecca still wants to taste her, so she throws her hips over his face for a few moments, then guides him inside her up in cowgirl. Here, I got wowed by Rebecca holding Anthony's arms down while she rode him. Wow! Amazing stuff... Anyway, we get some great shots of the action too, then she tastes her pussy off the cock before spinning around to reverse cowgirl. Rolling down onto her side, Rebecca looks to cum nicely, then Anthony stops to taste her again before she gets up in doggy, where the cock makes it's way in her asshole. Stopping, Anthony lightly fucks her mouth, then back to fucking her, cycling between fucking her ass and pussy. Cutting away, Rebecca is on her back as she gets her pussy and then ass fucked before Anthony pulls out and cums in her mouth. She swallows it down, and then tops it with scoping all the cum that didn't land in her mouth and swallowing that too! Amazing scene... Rebecca was full of energy and there seemed to be some off the charts chemistry. These two fucked like they meant it!
Scene 3: Alexis Texas (with Mr. Pete)
Rating: 9.50/10
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Alexis is a sexy looking girl with long blonde hair and natural C cup tits. After her interview, which was pretty normal, we get plenty of tease; mainly of her ass though, and rightfully so! Cutting away, Alexis leads Pete into a kitchen, kissing him as they walk. He bends her over the counter and slips his finger in her pussy. And the man was so kind to show us just how wet she was... He literally pulled his finger out of her and you could see her pussy juice string out from her lips - this screenshot speaks 1000 words! Anyway, she spins around and sucks his cock, taking him down her throat nicely, then gets stood up and fucked in standing doggy. Again, Pete showed us how wet she was, although this time using his cock! Changing things up a little, Alexis faces Pete as he fucks her with her leg hiked up on the counter. Some realty great shots were had too, I loved how she worked his cock! It's then time for a little cowgirl action, a position meant for Alexis and her ass! Again Alexis works the cock very well, and we get some beautiful shots, then she spins around for reverse cowgirl. After some nice close-ups, we cut to Alexis in spoon where Pete pounds away until he's ready to cum, popping on her ass. She tastes it but to no great extent. Another very good scene with some very good chemistry. Christ did Alexis's ass look outstanding!
Scene 4: Eva Angelina (with Anthony Rosano)
Rating: 9.50/10
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Eva is a sexy looking girl with long black hair and fake D cup tits. After the interview, Eva goes into tease segment, then with her down in doggy, she shows us she's here for action! She pulls the plug out and tastes it, then probes both of her holes at the same time (tasting those too), then we cut to her with Anthony. He sucks on her tits to start, but she quickly digs out his cock and begins sucking, deep throating and tit fucking it. The two do some 69 action too, then she glides her pussy down on his cock in reverse cowgirl. Getting off, Anthony eats her ass and pussy, then fucks her in missionary, while giving her feet some attention too. He pounds away until Eva looks to cum, then she uses her feet on him before flipping over to doggy for some ass fuckin'! Once again Eva looked as if she came, then after tasting her ass off the dick, she heads back to reverse cowgirl (anal). Rolling her down, some spooning goes down with Eva moving his cock between her ass and pussy. Goddamn do I love that! Anyway, back up to riding, taking it up her ass in cowgirl. She really works the cock nicely, then gets off for some 69 action again. Getting up, they head off to a different room where Anthony fucks Eva's ass missionary until he cums inside her, leaving us with an OK cream pie. Very good scene here with some very nice energy!
Scene 5: Jada Fire (with Mark Ashley)
Rating: 9.00/10
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Jada is a sexy looking girl with long dark red hair and fake D cup tits. With no real interview, we jump into Jada's tease segment by a pool. It's then inside by a fire, she's with Mark as the two do a bit of deep kissing before he buries his face deep in her ass. Then replaces the face with his dick. Down into doggy, she gets her fill of cock, then Mark picks her up and takes her to a chair where he eats that wonderfully meaty pussy and ass. Back to her pussy. As he pounds missionary, she squirts like 4 times, then it's down on the floor so she can ride cowgirl. We get some nice close-ups too, then after some PTM/69 action, we cut to the two in spoon as Mark pushes in Jada's ass. It's then on to some cowgirl anal, which we got some POV shots of, and she cums/squirt again before its back down into doggy. As Mark does his thing, he tries to get her to gape, but it never really worked, but one thing did seem to work; her orgasm, which looked like a pretty intense one! Then just after that, Mark pulls out and just explodes all over Jada's ass, really covering it well! Much of the same up to this point, good energy and good chemistry.
Scene 6: Sasha Grey (with Mick Blue)
Rating: 10.00/10
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Sasha is a pretty and sexy looking girl with long black hair and natural B cup tits. After a rather good interviews, we get some even better tease! Wow, very good shit here. It's really sickening how hot this girl is... Once with Mick, intelligently he tastes her ass first, them she buries her face on his cock, doing a wonderfully sloppy job with it! Getting into doggy, Sasha says something I found really fuckin' sexy, she says, "Put it in my ass, I don't want it in my fucking pussy.". Just like that, all calm and shit. Nice! So Mick gives her what she wants and immediately starts showing off some gapes with some great sounds to accompany them! I really loved how Sasha orchestrated the action, very cool shit for me. Anyway, she then tastes her ass off the cock, taking the dick down her throat, and then heads up to cowgirl. Again she does some unbelievably sexy shit, licking Mick's arm pit as he rides while she held his hands over his head! Additionally the two do some mutual choking, then we cut to them in spoon anal. After another cut, Sasha's standing in doggy, taking anal until Mick's ready to cum, dumping his wad in her mouth. She pushes the cum out, but she did some very nice post-scene cock-sucking!
Scene 7: Jenna Haze (with Mark Davis)
Rating: 9.50/10
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Disc 2 42min

Janna is a very cute and sexy looking girl with long brown hair and natural B cup tits. After a pretty nice interview, we get some really amazing tease of Jenna first next to a window for a sunrise (I think) and then see her in a bathroom, next to a mirror with some candles. Really amazing tease footage here. Some of the best I have ever seen. Cutting away, she's with Mark, as he teases her with kisses. Jenna basically begs for him to eat her out, which he does, and also eats her ass out, then it's his turn for a nice no-hands BJ. Moving up to cowgirl, she rides for a good bit, and is then taken to missionary. Once again we cut, and this time Janna's bent over in standing doggy as he eats her ass some more, then she eases her tiny little ass down on him in reverse cowgirl. She spins off for side saddle, then we cut to her back in doggy and taking it in the butt. Janna tastes her ass off the cock, we cut to her getting her ass spoon fucked while Mark chokes her. After one more taste, she gets on her knees as Mark jerks off into her mouth. Janna plays with the cum a little, then swallows it down with out hesitation! I know it's the same shit over and over, but it's the truth! Great chemistry and a very good scene.
I was pretty sure there was going to be a plethora of extras considering this was a 2 disc set... So with that. here's what we got. An interview with William H. (14 min), which was funny as hell. 13 minutes of behind the scenes footage (really this was photo shoot footage). A "Retrospective 2007", basically the BTS from Big Wet Asses #10, Annette Schwarz is Slutwoman, Jada Fire is Squirtwoman, Black Booty Worship, Latin Booty Worship, Big Wet Tits #4, Massive Asses and Brianna Love Is Buttwoman; all in all, 29 minutes long. More extras came in the way of bloopers (6 minutes, more like real BTS to me) and some bonus scenes:
Celebusluts - Janna Haze
Cum Drentched Tits #2 - Eva Angelina
Jada Fire Is Squirtwoman - Jada Fire
Massive Asses - Brianna Love
So to add to that, there was also a photo gallery, web access info, some ads and trailers:
Annette Szwarz is Slutwoman
Big Wet Asses #11
Big Wet Asses #12
Brianna Love Is Buttwoman
Massive Asses #2

LOTS of extras here, but most is rehashing stuff on other discs, so I'm going to side just shy of a +1 and give a +.75.