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Jill Kelly Productions
Perfect Pink #10
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Perfect Pink #10 (2001)

Co-starring: Barrett Blade, Dale DaBone, Dillon Day

Directed by Jill Kelly

Reviewed by PL

(8.00 / 10)

Where to get it
In series: Perfect Pink
89 Min ( 1 hr 29 min )
Condoms: None
Overview: I'll give this an 8. I enjoyed this movie ALOT! The location was VERY NICE and beautiful, as was the cast of female stars. This is a movie with NO plot but is a good couples film. I recommend this one to EVERYONE, especially ANY ONE who likes Devon. But overall you could REALLY see the fireworks between Jill and Devon here, I hope see these gals pair up again.......
Scene 1: Haven (with Dillon Day)
Haven and Dillon. The setting is on (like most of the scenes here) some rocks in the ocean. This scene was not too hot but was enough for me to be happy with it. The sex was average and was nice to see Haven in a nice setting as such.
Scene 2: Phoenix Ray (with Dale DaBone)
Phoenix and Dale. Again this was set on rocks in the ocean, but this was the low point of the movie. The sex wasn't hot and they looked and felt more like robots than people having sex. As a Phoenix fan I was disappointed.
Scene 3: Devon,Jill Kelly
Devon and Jill. Again the setting was on rocks in water. This in my opinion was the BEST scene of them all, GREAT sex, nice location, and HOT SEX!!! This was a great scene, Devon and Jill really seem to click well here you can tell it right through the lens on the camera. WOW...SEE THIS SCENE!
Scene 4: Kianna (with Dale DaBone, Dillon Day)
Kianna, Dillon and Dale. Ahhh.....a change in scenery, this one is set in a beach house. This was a CLOSE second to my favorite scene. The sex was HOT here as well was the way Kianna handled the 2 guys. The only thing here I was disappointed in was the "pop" shots, they were relatively weak for 2 guys.
Scene 5: Devon (with Barrett Blade)
Devon and Barret. Another hot ass scene here, this is the best I have seen Devon work a movie over all. She has a GREAT scene in scene 3 and comes through once again here. This was set on of 2 rocks, but with a small stream running down between 2 rocks, which was a SWEET TOUCH! I didn't like Barrett but Devon seemed to though...which made it a nice pairing.