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Patriot Dames
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Patriot Dames (2002)

Co-starring: Herschel Savage, Lee Bang, Marty Romano, Tony Martino

Directed by Shawn Ricks

Reviewed by PL

(6.50 / 10)

Where to get it
82 Min ( 1 hr 22 min )
Condoms: None
Overview: I'll start off with this movie COULD have been MUCH better, in saying that....I'll give this one a 6.5. If the music was either GONE or turned down ALOT it would have been ALOT better and a little hotter sex from Jenna and Sunrise would have been nice. The movie DID execute fun quite well with some funny ass accents, and the situations of the movie....However "Patriot Dames" don't quite fit the story of the movie. It was worth one watch.
Scene 1: Sunrise Adams (with Herschel Savage)
Sunrise and Herschel. The music was a little too predominant, but the sounds of the sex could be heard, just over whelmed. Sunrise looks as good as ever, too bad this scene was a little on the tame side for Sunrise. The camera work wasn't that great, but there was a POV shot that was nice. There was a point in the scene where Hershel didn't even look interested in Sunrise, he just laid there with his arm under his head as she rode his cock. The best part of this scene was the pop shot, Sunrise milked Herschel's cock right into her mouth and looked to swallow most of the jizz.
Scene 2: Belladonna,Monica Mayhem
Monica and Bella. Well I'll start by satin Monica Mayhem fucked up when get for the pump job on the tits, they were GREAT before, now they are OK... The scene is set up well and having Bella play the dominant role was a good choice. By this time I'm wondering if every scene has to have a vibe in it for each girl. The sex was pretty hot with Bella eating Monica like its going out of style, and some good rimming going on too. Its Monica's turn, and she returns the favor with a different style than Bella, but just as feverish. Foot play is even in this scene and at this point you can REALLY tell the girls are having fun with one another. With some nice close up work and the heat of the sex, this scene is one of the better lez scenes I have seen in a while. GOOD SCENE!!!!! This was my favorite scene.
Scene 3: Chandler (with Lee Bang)
Chandler and Lee. In this scene these two play a couple, and the feel of from beginning of these scene is that they ARE a couple (but I doubt it). Now I'm not sure WHY but there are parts where the action is VERY sped up (from the editing team obviously) then slowed way down, and this happens a few times.....odd. The sex was kind of hard to judge for me, but neither seemed to NOT want to be in the scene. Unfortunately most of the scene is Lee eating Chandler, but that wouldn't have been so bad if the camera would have gotten more into the action. I guess this scene was OK, it ended with a open mouth facial.
Scene 4: Olivia Saint (with Marty Romano)
Olivia and Marty. This scene defiantly starts off interesting but I kind of lost the effect, so I fast forwarded to the beginning of the sex. I must say for a guy I haven't seen in any other movies, Marty doesn't do a bad job pleasing Olivia with his hands and tongue. Olivia really seemed into the scene, especially sucking his cock. Good teasing going on, with decent camera angles. GOOD sex talk between the two. The sex was pretty good and they only did the slow-mo camera here, so it fit in properly. Only one part that bothered me and that was when the video editor went from a doggy style position to a almost instant facial. The scene did end in a pretty decent open mouth facial, that Olivia swallows.
Scene 5: Jenna Haze,Sunrise Adams (with Tony Martino)
Jenna, Sunrise and Chuck. Jenna plays "Blow Job Betty" here, I almost fell out of my seat laughing...LMAO!!! At the beginning the camera focused WAY too much on Sunrise masturbating than the BJ Chuck was getting. Jenna sucks a good cock, with some nice deep throats and GOOD eye contact. Decent camera work here, with again, GREAT sex talk. Again more focus on Sunrise's masturbation than the sex. Scene ends with Sunrise stroking off Chuck. This scene could and would have been DAMN HOT if Sunrise would have joined the sex, instead of just masturbating the whole scene.