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A part of the network Sweet Fruits
(click to enlarge) Sweet Fruits (2019)

Starring: Mackenzie Moss
Co-starring: Van Wylde

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(7.00 / 10)

Where to get it
30 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: This scene from PASSION HD titled "Sweet Fruits" features up-and-coming starlet Mackenzie Moss, paired with Van Wilde as they get a little playful and incorporate fruit into their day of sexual activity. For this scene there really is no set up, other than things quickly going into the action. As the website's name suggests, this scene is geared more towards couples passion, as we go into a sex scene that is presented in an artsy way. Things begin with strawberries and cream, as Van uses a strawberry to apply cream on Mackenzie body, which he soon lick up. This happens before he goes down between her legs, and munches on Mackenzie's naturally grown fruit. From there, Mackenzie goes on to display fantastic blow job skills as she handles Van's cock very nicely with both her mouth and hands. It's following this up that the scene goes into the actual sex. And it is sex that I will say is rather consistent for the most part. Van fucks Mackenzie steady and deep, as she beg for every last inch. It's very nice looking visually, and for the most part enjoyable. However, on the other hand, I have a complaint when it comes to the editing of the scene. As the name states the website is aimed at passionate material. What I noticed however, is before just about every instance where the action is about to get nice and hard, there is an edit/fade out, as it goes to another angle, or position. To me as a viewer, I saw this as a hindrance. Because doing this keeps the action sort of tame, never going past the realm of art porn. To further explain what I mean here, is that Mackenzie, as always, killed it with her dirty talk. I mean this scene in particular was only her third porn scene ever, yet she talks and reacts as if she has years under her belt already. What I'm saying is that McKenzie's attitude and reaction towards the action does not match the safeness called for in this scene. It's better when Mackenzie is seen being fucked hard, as she let loose and let it all fly. Let her out of the cage! However, with all this said,what we have here is still a very good scene. It is nicely presented, and the production values are slick. They do go hand-in-hand with Mackenzie's beauty. I also kinda liked the strawberry play a little, as it was very sensual, and set the stage for what was to come in the scene. The sex is all about Mackenzie's reaction here in my opinion. How she responds with dirty talk("taste my little pussy", You're deep into my little pussy". etc), and how she otherwise moans in pleasure, are all a driving force of making the scene interesting. This is my third time reviewing Mackenzie and the other two times have been geared more towards the gonzo realm of porn. Those scenes were a bit on the rougher side, just as Mackenzie prefers it. So, this of course is my first time seeing her in a more "tame" environment, if you will. I guess I will just have to get used to it. But I will say that she still brings the same energetic presence as she has in all of her scene released thus far. She is just a beautiful presence on screen and a joy to see. When it comes to this scene, it is one that I would recommend,as it features a top up-and-comer. However, please know that this is not Mackenzie Moss at her best. Not because of any fault of her own, but because here, she finds herself a little limited. All through the scene you get the sense that Mackenzie wants to let it all go, and perhaps she did. Unfortunately, it was left on the cutting room floor, so to speak.
Cast: Mackenzie Moss (with Van Wylde)
Rating: 7.00/10
Positions: Doggy, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Missionary
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This scene opens with the sexy Mackenzie Moss, who is wearing white lace lingerie, touching herself as she lie on the couch. However, she's soon joined by Van Wylde, who brings strawberries and cream into play. As Mackenzie strips of her bra, Van goes on to rub the cream from a strawberry on her nipples to suck it off. They then kiss passionately, Van trails cream down Mackenzie's body, as he goes on to lick it up, making his way down and then removing her panties. It's after which, he goes on to sensually lick her pussy. Also during this, he rubs the strawberry on her clit in a playful manner, prior to having Mackenzie lick the cream from the strawberry, This before he bite the fruit. Van then takes it to the top as he exchanges passionate kisses with Mackenzie. This eventually leads to Mackenzie, making her way to suck Van's cock, as she take to her knees. Mackenzie shows skill here as she run her mouth and tongue along Van's shaft. She then tease the head with her mouth before proceeding to work the cock with her hands and throat. After this, it's to doggy, where we see Van fuck the pussy steadily, as he takes long strokes with the in and out. The next position is cowgirl as Mackenzie mounts Van. It's from here that we see her slammed down on the cock at a nice pace. However as things progress she leans forward, in order to take a steady pounding from Van which soon drives her to orgasm. Cowgirl then reverses to reverse cowgirl, this as Van's cock is delivered deep inside of Mackenzie for a time. This being prior to things going to missionary/ side fuck. It's from this position that Van continues at a steady pace, one that increases over time. Going with a hard finish, Van eventually works himself up to cum as he jerks off to pop onto Mackenzie's face. This has the scene comes to a close.