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Zero Tolerance
Official Friday the 13th Parody
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Official Friday the 13th Parody (2011)

Co-starring: Carlo Carrera, Kris Slater, Mark Wood, Mr. Pete, Rocco Reed

Reviewed by PL

(7.00 / 10)

Where to get it
104 Min ( 1 hr 44 min )
Condoms: None
Overview: Growing up watching all the great 80's horror flicks, Friday The 13th was a staple (with a few others as well), so when I seen someone do it as a parody, it peaked my interest. Unfortunately I wasn't overly impressed with this release from ZT. Granted it's the first parody I have seen from them and they were taking on a big task in my book. This was a beloved movie for me as a kid. The movie basically took you down the road of showing you the crazy shit you thought was going on at the camp when Jason wasn't the center piece. With the action fell short, not registering a whole lot of heat, the movie relied on its actors and actresses ability to sell it. They were pretty decent in most cases, but Kris and Sarah really shined, both doing a wonderful job. But this is a porno and the sex sells it, so back to that. Courtney's scene was probably my favorite, but it didn't stand out as so much better it was an easy, clear-cut choice. Speaking to the technical aspects, I liked it a lot. Sure the lighting was a bit dark, but that's the movie... It needed that feeling to convey a mood, but I never felt it was too dark. Additionally, I really liked the setting of the scenes and the locations used. They didn't quite look as campy as I would have liked, but they did look damn good. The fact I seen this from the web, in 720p makes it close to what the Blu-ray would look like, resulting in a very good-looking movie in my opinion. So, my suggestion on this one is a rental, preferably in HD format, but especially if you were a fan of the original Friday The 13th.
Scene 1: Courtney Cummz (with Mr. Pete)
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When Sarah arrives in town, looking for a drink before she heads up to the Crystal Lake Nudist Camp, she gets a very "gripping" (funny) story from the locals. As Sarah then meets with the camp director, Courtney and Pete kick off some fun!

Courtney is a sexy looking girl with long brown hair and fake D cup tits. With both Courtney and Pete sporting interesting outfits, Pete starts off eating her pussy and ass, with Courtney doing a little face sitting and BJ work, then she heads up to ride in cowgirl. "Jason" looms outside, watching them having their fun. Courtney works it good, almost get Pete to cum too early, but he stops her and gets back at it in missionary. On her side, we get some nice close-ups as Pete works his thumb in her butt, then he works his cock in. Courtney rubs her clit and looks to cum, then gets up on her knees to take Pete's load in her mouth. She pushes it out and the scene closes out.
Scene 2: Asa Akira (with Rocco Reed)
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Basking in the after sex glow, "Jason" shows himself and "attacks" with his acidic sperm; blasting them both ! Meanwhile, Sarah pokes around the old camp and lake while Asa and Rocco head back to a cabin to have some fun!

Asa is a sexy girl with long blonde hair and fake D cup tits. Rocco kisses Asa and works her out of her cloths, then works on tasting her ass before she gets to suckin' on his cock. She gives a hell of a sexy BJ too! So with Rocco on the floor, Asa moves up and rides in cowgirl while "Jason" watches on again. We get some nice shot of her working her ass with a couple of fingers too, The two continue their fun, and Asa lies on her back for some missionary. After looking to cum from Rocco's cock, his cock gives her some cum for sure, right on her belly. She tastes some of it and then decides to get cleaned up in a more proper manner.
Scene 3: Kagney Linn Karter (with Carlo Carrera)
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As Asa goes off to take a bath, Rocco stays back to relax, but soon after she's gone, he's killed with an arrow through the throat. Having no idea, Asa gets into the tub with Jason stalking her... Soon to be a victim herself. While Sarah snoops around this creepy place, Kris shows up with a blow-up doll, for a fetish room, for those who like plastic... LOL Anyway, they get to talking, which leads to the old tale of the lake and the fact it's Friday the 13th today. Kris then goes on to tell a story that started the tale...

Kagney's at a party, and while checking out the place she finds Carlos. She tries to get him to go back to the party with her but he shy's away, he's different. Apparently after he has sex, his dick grows bigger, longer and harder! He's convinced it's a curse, but Kagney insists on her being the judge of that.

Kagney is a very attractive girl with long blonde hair and fake D cup tits. After stripping down, Kagney takes a seat and teases her pussy with the tie she's got on, then entices Carlo over. Once there, he licks on her pussy, using his fingers some too. Sitting up, she sucks on his cock some, then lies back as he gets insider her. After cleaning the cock off with her mouth, Kagney heads up to cowgirl. She did a very nice job riding it, teasing the tip of his cock with her pussy before letting him all the way in. Getting off, the two do a little 69 action, then it's back to riding cock; reverse cowgirl. Getting off one last time, Kagney sucks and strokes Carlo off into her mouth. Unfortunately it was a rather weak cum shot, and I wasn't able to decipher is she swallowed or not.
Scene 4: Brooke Lee Adams,Brooklyn Lee (with Mark Wood)
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Immediately after his orgasm, the "curse" shows itself, and by the screams, she agrees. Kris goes on, telling Sarah that Kagney's reaction sent Carlo off and running, and when he got to the lake, his dick was so heavy, he sank to the bottom. His body was never recovered... Just then there's a big THUD and after a funny exchange, Kris and Sarah head off to investigate as we jump over to a few other campers engaging in some "gratuitous sex"

Brooke is a sexy looking girl with long black hair and natural C cup tits. Brooklyn is an attractive girl with long brown hair and natural B cup tits. Both start working the cock is a rather sexy manner, then Brooke gets the cock first, riding reverse cowgirl. When it's Brooklyn's turn in cowgirl, and rides good, while we get some nice close-up shots. Back in Brooke, Mark fucks her in standing doggy while she snacks on Brooklyn's snatch. Soon afterwards, both girls are on their knees as Mark jerks out a load that serves both of them.
Scene 5: Sara Vandella (with Kris Slater)
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When all down, the three nod off for some sleep, only to be awakened by Jason and his acidic sperm! With Sarah and Kris left, Jason heads back to get them, but after a rather anticlimactic encounter and "disabling him", the two escape for some celebration sex.

Sarah is a very attractive girl with medium length blonde hair and fake D cup tits. Lying on a bed, both Kris and Sarah focus on those big boobies of hers before he moves south. The two swap positions and Sarah does a nice job of sucking Kris's cock, taking him all the way down her throat. On to the sex, she takes the cock in missionary first, and after some very nice close-ups, she moves up to cowgirl. Wrapping the scene up, Sarah takes the cock while on her side/back. When Kris is ready, he pulls out and cum on her chest and belly to wrap up the scene.

We then see "Jason" looming as the movie closes out, leaving it open for a sequel, like all horror movies do
I watched this one online, so I didn't get to see any extras, although sometimes ZT offers up extras on their online features. This one unfortunately didn't, so no points for or against.