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Nympho.com: Creampie For Rosalyn (2019)

Starring: Rosalyn Sphinx
Co-starring: Logan Long

Directed by Mike Adriano

Reviewed by Mutantmo

(6.50 / 10)

Where to get it
53 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: It is exciting to see Rosalyn Sphinx as a rising star in this industry. The term 'tart' gets thrown around but with Sphinx's pristine little package she is more than just a decorative description. Sporting a vivacious vibe for this new studio called Nympho with jet black hair and a candy-colored motif. If anything these can be considered 'pussy only' scenes under the directorial umbrella of Adriano. Still this is again a more important scene then just another slice of gonzo. Rosalyn Sphinx's first foray for Nympho is sure to be a memorable scene that should make you a new Sphinx fan.

Going into this scene I expect to see a hungry young performer tearing through an hour-long scene with her co-star. It is in fact a boy-girl romp that will take around 53 minutes of your time. I noticed Rosalyn's loudly cute look speaking volumes for this website's vibe. The pre-scene interview is conducted by Indiana Bones to break open the ice with this new performer. The familiar avenues of introductory questions take place with Bones asking 'what is the kinkiest thing you've done off of camera?' They even visit Rosalyn Sphinx's 'horny scale'! She gives a stern 8.5. Her answer giving off the definite impression that she is turned on for this scene that is about to take place. Logan Long is the male talent and he finally steps into play to stimulate his partner starting the foreplay for this hot scene.
Cast: Rosalyn Sphinx (with Logan Long)
Rating: 6.50/10
Positions: Doggy Style, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Missionary
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Ladies first! This is because Logan log goes headlong right into Rosalyn's pussy at the top of the sexual encounter. Oral slurping action is happening as his mouth is deep between her pussy lips. After his solid slurps, it is Logan's turn to receive oral. This rewards the camera with a teary-eyed hard blowjob from Rosalyn Sphinx. The camera in her face as she swallows Logan's meat sword, it sneaks a peek of her butt cheeks while the cock sucking is in full spin. Rosalyn's tiny mouth versus Logan's large member in this sloppy oral segment at the beginning of the scene is when the first signs of this sexual explosion take place. Thankfully the sloppy blowjob is prolonged for this Nympho scene. With a camera shot taking a side angle of the spittle-fest that is this cock sucking. This soon turns to some incredible acts of rimming where you see Rosalyn licking Logan's taint like a little kitten. The journey in blowjob has Rosalyn really going at it, fools you into thinking it is a Swallowed.com scene. But shortly after the rimming, you'll see Rosalyn squat down on Logan's hard cock for cowgirl penetration.

This begins the scenes first actual vaginal pumps for the sexual scenery. This entails an in your face view of Rosalyn bouncing up and down on Logan's long wiener for the cowgirl riding. Some shiny sleaze sauce is slathered on Rosalyn's delicious butt for action's sake. The dynamic angle continues as Rosalyn raises the speed of dropping that proper petite butt down on Logan. You can expect to see Rosalyn get spun around to activate reverse cowgirl for more in your face angles of pussy fucking.

Rosalyn's ass is still shiny when they are in the throes of doggy style banging. Logan doing a great job of laying pipe for the close-up shots of vaginal piercing. She'll pop Logan's cock into her mouth after breaking out of doggy. The slobbering BJs of Sphinx filling up your screen once again. Back to the fucking, Rosalyn is now spread right open for missionary pounds from a penis. A camera angle stylized in POV jumps in for a moment as Rosalyn is poked further in this position. As the scene winds down it will send the sexual blasting back into doggy style. When it comes time for the creampie I was hoping for something stronger. You do see the insemination up close but very little actually pours out of Rosalyn's pussy. Overall I'd watch this scene to see Rosalyn get pounded not to see a creampie.