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(click to enlarge) Pure Desire (2018)

Starring: Chloe Cherry
Co-starring: Bambino

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(5.50 / 10)

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13 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: This is a scene that would venture to call, a "flash scene". At just a little over 13 minutes in length, this scene featuring Chloe Cherry, coupled with Bambino is straight to the point. Yes, while there is a scenario, it is a brief one, as we are quickly brought to the real matter at hand, which is of course, the sex. As the title suggests, the sex featured within is both pure and raw. It is presented in an artistic manner, rather than a haste one, and I kinda liked it. Our subjects are passionate, and when it comes to the fucking - well, Bambino pounds the statuesque Chloe hard with his thick cock in the several positions through out the scene. People who know me, just know that I just LOVE Chloe Cherry - I'm quite smitten sometimes. She's just so beautiful. Any time that I get to see her is a welcome opportunity. She looks good here. And on another note, I'm so glad that the accompanying background music was silenced midway, so that we could hear the sounds of sex, especially Chloe's moans, as Bambino fucks her! And speaking of Bambino, he is someone who I have known about for awhile, but I had never seen him perform, until now. Though this particular scene is short, I will say that Bambino's performance is pretty impressive. Overall, this is a very nice artistic scene with some solid action in it. It's good, but in the end, you are likely to be thirsty for more.
Cast: Chloe Cherry (with Bambino)
Positions: Reverse Standing Side Fuck, Side Fuck, Doggy, Missionary
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This semi-vignette style scene from NUBILE FILMS, titled "Pure Desire", sees Chloe Cherry arrive home with a bag of groceries in hand, as her boyfriend, Bambino watches TV on the couch. While putting the items in the refrigerator, Bambino, seemingly catches a glimpse of Chloe's pussy, which she flashes, as she bend over, because soon, he emmerges from behind her, as they go into sex. First, the two of them kiss passionately, and Bambino sucks Chloe's tits. Chloe then crouches down to administer a good bloejob, as she sometimes utilizes both hands. This being until Bambino takes Chloe from behind in reverse standing side fuck, fucking her pussy at a steady, increasing pace. This soon however, resolves into doggy, where for a moment, Bambino pounds hard and fast. More kissing leads into this time front-facing standing side fuck, next, during which, Bambino continues to plug deep and hard. This is then followed up by they going off to another room, where Chloe briefly and again sucks off Bambino, before things take to the couch for doggy. Here, we see Bambino half-straddle Chloe to go deep inside of her, continuing is pace in an increasing manner. It continues next from missionary, as Bambino drills Chloe's pussy increasingly harder, until pulling out to allow Chloe to jerk him off to climax.