Naughty America Watch your wife Michele James fuck another guy
(click to enlarge) Watch your wife Michele James fuck another guy (2019)

Starring: Michele James
Co-starring: Johnny The Kid

Reviewed by PL

(7.25 / 10)

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In series: Watch Your Wife
25 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: Let's face it... It's obvious I can't get enough of Michele and her fabulous tits, so when I was given access to Naughty America's site and I seen this one, I had to see it. I'll admit, I'm not really into the cuckold thing, at least not how most porn portrays it - by that I mean the demeaning and degrading of the husband/boyfriend as the girl fucks another guy. However, this was by definition a cuckold scene but done in a manner that was pretty fun. Michele did a nice job of keeping her eyes on us and not only focusing on her pleasure but making sure we were included as well. It fit rather well that the chemistry between Michele and Johnny seemed low, I mean, after all, she's "our wife"! She did give good energy though and as always she looked fantastic in every aspect. My only complaint was a technical one, the scene seemed to be a little bit washed out, you can see it in the screen shots below. Regardless, it's certainly a recommendation to see, but like I said before... It's obvious I like Michele quite a bit
Cast: Michele James (with Johnny The Kid)
Rating: 7.25/10
Positions: Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Spoon, Doggy
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Apparently last night we had a little talk last night (Michele was talking to us as if we were her husband, sporting a wedding ring too!), and Michele has decided to take us up on the offer we through out there. We watch as she would be with another man, and she's got the perfect person, someone she works with. Later that evening we came home to the two waiting on us, and quickly things got moving. With awe, Johnny watched as Michele slipped out of her clothes, down to some really hot lingerie, before she got his cock out and in her mouth. She did a good job sucking it, and he fucked her throat some, getting deep down in it! Michele pushed him back on the couch and then guided his meat stick inside her, riding cowgirl. The side angle here was great, watching Michele's boobs flop around... Glorious. Getting off, she used her feet on his cock, rather expertly too, while rubbing her little pussy, then went back up - reverse this time. Of course, big tits bouncing around while getting drilled was a fantastic view, but we also got some nice shots of the penetration. She had some really nice hip action too. Johnny rolled Michele to spoon as he continued railing her pussy, slowing down a little from time to time before having her move to doggy. "I want you to cum all over my fucking tits", Michele says, then we cut to Johnny jerking off, landing a big wad of white goo on her right tit.