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Naughty America LA Slut Cadence Lux Helps Herself To Some Big Black Stranger Cock
(click to enlarge) LA Slut Cadence Lux Helps Herself To Some Big Black Stranger Cock (2019)

Starring: Cadence Lux
Co-starring: Isiah Maxwell

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(9.00 / 10)

Where to get it
In series: LA Sluts
38 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: For today's review I take a look at a scene from the NAUGHT AMERICA sister site LA SLUTS. It is a scene featuring Cadence Lux. The scene itself begins in a rather cinematic way, as it shows Cadence, briefly strolling the streets of Los Angeles, when she comes across Isiah Maxwell, someone who she is obviously attracted to. This as we see her take his phone, as she obviously saves her number into it, it is a short time later after that, that she follows up on this, as she goes on to send the man a series of personal selfies, even including some of them being while she is wearing a sexy black suit of lingerie. This leads to an encounter soon, when Isiah comes knocking at her door. It isn't long after Cadence allows him inside her apartment, that things between the two get rather heated, as we go into a sexual encounter, which begins with the use of some oil, as part of the foreplay.

Personally I have to say, that I really enjoyed the overall setup and execution of the beginning of this story. It looks really nice. And as I said, it is rather cinematic in a way. The scene begins with this however, little did I know exactly what type of sexual encounter that I was about to witness between Cadence and Isiah. I have to be really honest here when I say that this was, and it is a damn good sex scene. I mean, before we get into any of the hardcore action, our screen is filled with an abundance of stimulating imagery via the beginning foreplay itself. First, we have Cadence oiling down Isiah, and then he oiling down she in return. This along with a brief footjob, and a very thorough blowjob by Cadence. Man I me tell you, this girl can really suck a cock. Isiah has a huge cock. One that is especially long, but that does not stop Cadence from completely owning it, stroking it with two hands, throating it, and slobbering all over it, as she slurp it. This as the camera has a close view on the action, it just looks really nice onscreen. We then soon enough go into the actual action of the scene. Soon we see that the passion does not let up. These two are really into what they are doing, and it's obvious to us. This as Cadence goes on to ride the cock, in both cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, grinding and bouncing on it. I also really liked the moments during which Isiah is seen fucking the pussy with short, and fast strokes. This is seen from both reverse cowgirl and doggy soon after. It's the type of action that seemed to drive Cadence crazy each time. The sexual energy here, is is definitely through the roof, the action is on fire seemingly from beginning to end. And if that wasn't enough, we have the occasional dirty talk by Cadence that just adds fuel to everything, so to speak. My attention was had for the entire time, as I really enjoyed what I was seeing Two performers here coming together to create undeniable passion with each other which in turn, results in a very solid scene. One of the best that I've seen so far this year. And on that note, I will say that I definitely recommend checking out this scene. In this scene Cadence Lux is looking damn good and she brings it performance-wise as well. Likewise, on the other hand. is Isiah Maxwell, who is for sure one of the best male talents around. He too, is definitely on top of his game here. I really enjoyed the vibe here. From the setup which leads into sex, for me this scene sets the tone for the series, one that I'll be sure to revisit sometime soon.
Cast: Cadence Lux (with Isiah Maxwell)
Rating: 9.00/10
Positions: Cowgirl, Doggy, Spoon, Reverse Cowgirl, 69, Missionary
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The scene opens up with footage, as Cadence Lux walks in LA. This as she narrates the beginning of the scene briefly. It is during this footage that we see Cadence come upon Isiah Maxwell, as she snatches his phone, and enters her number into it. It is after this that Cadence returns to her apartment, and from there, she goes into the bathroom, and proceeds to snap a few selfies, including after changing into a set of black lingerie. A short time later, it is of course revealed that Cadence has been sending Isiah those very selfies, as he soon shows, knocking at her door. As she invites Isiah inside, he then asks her if she is always this straightforward. She says that she is if she finds someone attractive. This as the two begin to kiss passionately. It leads them to the bedroom, as Cadence retrieves some oil from the bathroom. Kissing leads Isiah stripping down, prior to Cadence lying him on his back, as she proceeds to oil him up and massage his body. After some time, Isiah does the same for Cadence. She soon strip from her lingerie. This is followed by Isiah going down on her for a time. Eventually following this, Cadence goes on to suck Isiah's cock after tonguing at his long shaft. The camera is close in, as she does this with much skill, slurping, sucking, and deep throating the cock, as she piles on much spit. When then, for a time, we see Isiah fuck Cadence's face. After doing this, Cadence asks Isiah, if he wants her pussy on it. This, as things next go to cowgirl. Initially, Cadence climbs on to bounce, before she takes up a half-straddle position, in order to allow Isiah to plow into her pussy deeply. After this, it is back to a full on mount for Cadence, as Isiah soon begins to fuck her with short, but fast strokes, which soon are enough drive her to orgasm. She follows this up by tasting herself on the cock, just before things next go into the doggy position. Here, Isiah plugs away at Cadence's pussy with long strokes, as she is face down and ass up. This would soon continue as Cadence's legs are held tightly together. It's next briefly to spoon, before the action takes up in reverse cowgirl. From here, we see Cadence grind on the cock, before bouncing on it. Isiah bounces her steadily on his cock, before fucking her again at a rabbit's pace. This briefly takes things to 69, as Cadence sucks cock, and Isiah, of course eats pussy. Missionary is the next position. Here, Isiah fucks steadily, as the camera eventually go in for a closeup. Isiah also sort of pins back Cadence's legs to plunge deeper. The action from here continues until both, Cadence and Isiah seem to reach climax at the same time. This as Isiah pulls out to spray Cadence's tits with his load. This finishes the scene, as an eager Cadence is happy to slurp up Isiah's cum.