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Naughty America Alex Coal Test Drives Her Stepdad's Big Black Cock Before her Boyfriend's
(click to enlarge) Alex Coal Test Drives Her Stepdad's Big Black Cock Before her Boyfriend's (2019)

Starring: Alex Coal
Co-starring: Jon Jon

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(9.00 / 10)

Where to get it
47 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: Today's review comes by way of NAUGHTY AMERICA, and their series "Sleazy Stepdad". Here, I review a scene featuring Alex Coal and Jon Jon as her stepdaughter and Stepdad respectively. This vignette style scene begins with a very fun story. One which sees stepdaughter Alex come to her stepfather for precious advice, while her mother is away on a trip. The two-part discussion first has to do with bullying at school. Body shaming to be exact. However, it is the second part of the discussion, which makes up the most interesting part of the scene. As it turns out, Alex has just begun dating a black guy named Jeremy. A guy that she has yet to have sex with. When it comes to this subject she is a bit timid, as there are rumors going around school about just how well endowed Jeremy is. Alex isn't so sure that she can take such a big cock in her pussy. This is when her black stepfather Jon Jon comes into play. Alex says that she has heard that he too has a big cock, and she would like to reference. First she asks to look at, however her curiosity is too much, as she end up touching it, and then lastly she has it in her mouth. However, it does not end there, as it seems that Jon Jon is more than a little curious about his stepdaughter as well. This, as the little conversation goes to full on sex.

The storyline here is really fun, and is a very nice way to kick off things between Alex and Jon Jon. The exploratory nature of the storyline. perfectly leads into the sexual encounter at hand, which of course is what the scene is all about. Going into this scene, I didn't know what quite to expect from the sex between these two. However, I have to say that I am really impressed with what I saw here. This is a really, really great scene. Once things get started, they really never seem to let up, as it is somewhat high-energy the whole way through. I was really impressed by Alex Coal's overall enthusiasm during the sex. Yes she remained in character, as the naive white girl taking black cock for the first time, which does lends itself to the scene. However, it is obvious that her reactions to taking such a thick cock like Jon Jon has is 100% real and genuine. As Jon Jon fucks her steady and deep, her eyes roll back in amazement. One can tell that she is having absolute delight with what is going on, which is what makes this scene standout in the way that it does. I was really impressed by Alex Coal. I recently spotted her on Twitter, and I liked what I saw, so I went on to tell her that I promised that I would be reviewing her soon, and with this scene I keep that promise, and I'm really glad that I did. That's because here, Alex has a phenomenal showing in front of the camera, and in front of me, as well. I personally loved the way that Alex was into everything the entire time, as her body language surely showed it. All while the cock was visually stretching her pussy. When it comes to Alex, if her sexual performance was not enough, we also have the dialogue that she exchanges during said sexual performance. Throughout the scene she repeatedly tells Jon Jon just how big he is, how he is stretching her, and how it is "so much cock". It is absolutely fucking hot, and just makes things that much more arousing. On the other side of things Jon Jon here does nice work as an stepfather in the scenario. He steadily fuck the pussy throughout, with no hesitation - and does it well. So, he too has a very nice showing from the male talent perspective. Overall. this is a very good scene and I'm highly impressed with each aspect. The storyline is fun and enjoyable. Technically, everything is nice looking and is well shot. The sexual performance by Alex Coal and Jon Jon is on point, and is consistent. I was really into not only the scene, but Alex herself as well. She is a definite hottie, and one to watch. I will be looking out for her scenes from now on. Until then, this is a scene that I definitely recommend checking out. It is one that is full of high-energy and that is well performed.
Cast: Alex Coal (with Jon Jon)
Rating: 9.00/10
Positions: Cowgirl, Spoon, Reverse Cowgirl, Missionary
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In this scene, with her mother out of town in Denver, Alex Coal, looks to her stepfather Jon Jon. Apparently, Alex is the only white girl on the volleyball team at school. She says that, as a result she is often made fun of in the shower, as the other girls say that her ass is too small or her nipples are small. They even go as far as to say that her white skin blinds them. After Jon Jon does the fatherly thing and assures Alex that she has nothing to worry about, that they are simply jealous because she looks good in the clothes that she chooses to wear, Alex comes at Jon Jon with another question. She says that she has been dating a black guy named Jeremy, whose nickname happens to be "meat", on account of the size of his cock. With this in mind, Alex seems to have reservations. Alex explains to her stepfather, that because of the size, she fears that she will not be able to take it. She says that her mom, has said that Jon Jon has a big dick. This of course prompts Alex to ask her stepfather if she can see it. Initially, Jon Jon is hesitant to do so, but as sexual tension has mounted since earlier in the day, he eventually agrees, as long as Alex agrees not to tell anyone. When Jon Jon shows what he is packing, Alex is of course impressed by the size. This, as she gets curious ever further, going on to ask him if she can touch it as well. However, now with Jon Jon now fully "awoke", it was obvious that things would not end there. This, as Alex goes on to put her mouth on it, and more, as the two of them eventually end up in a sexual encounter in Alex's bedroom. Things begin with Alex working the cock with both her mouth and hands. This occurs for some time, until Alex is back to chest as Jon Jon cradles her from behind, as she stroke him. Next up, Jon Jon has Alex strip of her shorts, as she is then on all fours, as he goes on to worship her ass, kissing and massaging it. However, next she is lying on her back with her legs spread. This is Jon Jon kisses her body, and sucks on her nipples before going down on her finally. Here for an extended period Jon Jon tongues at Alex's clit, eventually making her cum hard, as her eyes roll back in her head in sheer pleasure. Next up, we see Alex administer a footjob to Jon Jon, prior to she briefly going back to sucking cock. It's brief because next, we see Alex go on to ride the dick. Initially, Alex is upright as she bounces on the cock at a steady pace with her feet bent behind her. However soon, Jon Jon has her lean forward as he takes charge to fuck the pussy steadily. This, as Alex makes it known just how much the cock is stretching her out, as she makes note of how big he is. Following this, things go to the two of them sitting in an upright position as Jon Jon slams Alex down on his cock. After this, Jon Jon briefly rubs his cock on Alex's clit to tease, prior to things going into spoon, where Jon Jon maintains a steady pace of fucking. This being prior to Jon having Alex close her legs tightly, as things continue. During this, Jon Jon goes harder at Alex's request. After, Alex is once again sucks Jon Jon's cock, it's to reverse cowgirl, as Alex is back on the cock. From here, we see Alex bounce before Jon Jon again takes over to slam her down hard at a steady pace. This lasts for some time as it eventually drives Alex to another orgasm, as she screams out the pleasure. Next up however, it's to missionary as Jon Jon keeps things up steadily, hitting the pussy, until finally he must cum. The scene comes to an end with Jon Jon pulling out to jerk off. and as a result, shooting his load onto Alex's stomach. She then goes on to suck him dry, as she collect the rest of the cum on her finger as well.