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A part of the network The Nanny Challenge
(click to enlarge) The Nanny Challenge (2019)

Starring: Katie Kush
Co-starring: Bambino

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(7.50 / 10)

Where to get it
33 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: In this scene from NANNY SPY, a website, which specializes in the aspect of the spy cam, as it presents to us, stories centered around babysitters and their promiscuous ways. In this scene titled "The Nanny Challenge", Katie Kush is a babysitter, who is also a sister in a sorority. In the scene Katie and her sisters are having a contest. The contest which they have called the "bad girl challenge". It's a challenge that consist of three stages. Step one: Titty flash without getting caught. Step two: Masturbating, again, without getting caught. And Then, step three: have sex with a married man. Each step, of course must be recorded. In the story, Katie works for Bambino and his family, however, when the kids are away, she works to sneak these steps in for her spy camera. She does so with success when it comes to the first two, and then lastly, it is on to the third, and final step. This, as she does something that she has never done before, as she go on to seduce Bambino into a sexual encounter.

Now this was my first time reviewing for NANNY SPY, so going in, I didn't know exactly what I was getting into. Honestly I didn't know if it was all POV or what. However, as it turns out, I ended up really liking this scene - or perhaps I just might be a big fan of Katie Kush?? When it comes to the whole POV thing, it isn't quite POV, aside from the blowjob stint. Most of the time the action is seen through the lens of the "spy cam", which is positioned at a distance from the action. Now, some of you may not like this, as it isn't your typical camera setup that you see in the majority of content. However, I have to say, that it was kinda nice to have something different here. I simply enjoyed this camera view, because it allows us to see everything, as it is pulled back well enough away from the action. For instance, when we see Katie sucking cock, we not only so we see that, we also see the curve of her back, as well as her nice ass. Another example, is when Katie is riding in cowgirl and bouncing on the cock. Her legs are bent back, so from the long view, we get a full scope of both her legs and feet. However with this said, it's not always about this spy cam, as sooner or later, the camera takes a much closer view of the action, including an overhead POV approach. As for the action itself, it truly begins as Katie sits on the couch and get herself off with a glass dildo. Personally I found this to be a really hot. Here, Katie really works the thing into her pussy, twisting and turning it, all while we can hear just how wet she is. After this masturbatory session, it is then onto the action with Bambino. It is here that Bambino delivers an impressive performance. The action between he and Katie is consistent, as things are seamless as they transition from one position to the next. I love the way that Katie bounce on the cock in cowgirl. Also this, coupled with the consistent pace as Bambino fucks her pussy deep, and hard, At times, really pounding it in. Collectively, this makes the scene a really enjoyable outing from both performers. They bring to the scene some very nice action. That is how I would sum it up. So with this in mind, this is a scene that I would most definitely recommend. Especially if you're a fan of Katie Kush, who is undeniably a fast rising starlet in the industry.
Cast: Katie Kush (with Bambino)
Rating: 7.50/10
Positions: Cowgirl, Missionary, Sidefuck Doggy, Reverse Cowgirl
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In this scene, Katie Kush is a sister in the Delta Beta Phi sorority, who are currently having a "bad girl challenge". The rules of said challenges are this. Armed with a camera, each sister must record themselves doing several acts. For example; a titty flash without getting caught, for five points, masturbating without getting caught, for 10 points. And lastly, the most challenging challenge of them all, to have sex with a married man.

The scene begins with Katie in front of her camera, as she explains the contest rules to her fellow sisters. Of course, she feels that the first two challenges will come relatively easy for her. However, when it comes to the final challenge - it is just something that she has never done before. Following this, it is on to the challenge for Katie, as she is in the kitchen where a spy camera is set up. Katie is making coffee when she is approached by Bambino the father of the children which Katie babysits. It's then that the two engage in conversation including the fact that Bambino plans to take his children to a water park. It is unbeknown to him however, that behind his back, Katie relishes in the excitement of the flash. This including flashing both of her tits and ass for the camera. It's here that she is successful in completing the first act of the challenge multiple times. Next up, Katie relocates the camera to the living room, as she takes to the couch to spread her legs and masturbate. Katie moves her panties aside, and begins to fuck her pussy with a glass dildo. However it is a short time later that Bambino comes into the kitchen, which is directly behind the couch, where Katie now sit sprawled. Fortunately for Katie, she is not caught. This as the two discuss Bambino getting ice cream for the kids, as there are no snacks in the house. After this, Bambino leaves, thus leaving Katie alone to masturbate. The spy camera, then comes in closer, as we witness the act as it occurs. With each in and out of the dildo, we can audibly hear the squishy wetness of Katie's young hole. It's from here, that she increases her pace, as she fuck her pussy, also turning the dildo as it goes in.

With the second step in the challenge successfully completed, it is on to the third, and final step for Katie. It's when Bambino comes into the kitchen. Katie concocts a story about she having some tightness in her shoulder. For this, she asks Bambino for his help, as he comes over to rub her shoulders. But of course, it is during this that Katie comes on to him, as she first go to suck on his finger. Bambino is at first hesitant However, Katie is just too much for him to resist, as he soon gives in. They first kiss passionately, before Bambino's hands go from her tits, down in between her legs, as both Katie's shorts and panties are pulled aside allowing him to finger. However it is next up, that things move quickly, as Katie strips down out of her panties, prior to being on her knees to suck cock. It is then that the camera first take a side angle, before going to POV. This, while the camera soon abandons the spy cam view gimmick for the rest of the action. It is here that we witness Katie suck cock with great skill, nice and slow, prior to also sucking on Bambino's balls. Following this position is cowgirl, as Katie climbs on. It's from here that Katie initially bounce herself on the cock, but it is then that Bambino takes over to slam her down, as her pussy takes every inch. It's then that the action takes to missionary/side fuck. From this position, Bambino continues his consistent pounding of the pussy, again including an increasing pace over time. The camera then turns to an overhead POV position as missionary next continue from there. Following this, things go to doggy however as the camera takes a close view of the action from behind. From doggy, Bambino continues to plug the hole at a consistent rate, one which sees the fucking become faster and harder. We then go to reverse cowgirl for a time, before it's a return to standard cowgirl, next. It's here, that we see Katie steadily bounce on the cock, before she leans forward for the remainder. This as Bambino fucks the pussy until we arrive at the finish, which sees Bambino jerking off to lose his load, shooting a big one onto Katie's cute face. To end the storyline - Bambino is not too thrilled when he discovers the spy cam, and the fact that he, the married man has been recorded.