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(click to enlarge) Struggling Siblings (2019)

Reviewed by PL

(7.00 / 10)

Where to get it
17 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: This was the first time I've checked out anything from What drew me into the scene was Michele, but when I saw Addison, it was a no-brainer. She's a cutie and certainly has that "innocents" about her, which played well right from the beginning. Michele, well was Michele. She looked amazing as always and I was happy to see that she didn't outperform Addison, in fact, they complimented each other very well from a performance standpoint. The girls looked to have a lot of fun in the scene and played off one another well, again leading to that fun feeling. Addison looked like she may have even came! The scene was solely shot in POV, which was serviceable, but there was certainly some room to improve. I'll admit, my bar for this is somewhat high as I think back to some of the greats to do it, the likes of Mike John (the king of POV, in my eyes), Tim Von Swine and Vince Voyer. I did have some other complaints though. First, the scene was too short, these two hotties needed more screen time! Second, the cream pie was really suspect - in fact, I'd bet on the fact it was faked, which something I just don't like... My view is this, do the cream pie, and whatever comes out, comes out. If it's nothing, so be it, otherwise, pull out and cum on her pussy - that's almost as hot. Still, all in all, I'd say check this out. These two ladies are just too hot to miss out on. One thing is for sure, I'm gonna be hunting down some of Addison's scenes now too! (I already keep an eye out for Michele's stuff!)
Cast: Addison Lee,Michele James
Rating: 7.00/10
Positions: Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Doggy, Missionary
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Jumping right in, Addison was hesitant to start sucking the cock in fear of someone being around, but with a little persuasion, she smiled and began sucking the cock. Just a few moments in... Michele walked in. Stunned, she started rattling off questions, ultimately finding out he's been fucking her too! They lightly argued over who sucked dick better, then "the dream" happened - they did a suck-off challenge! While there was no clear winner, Michele certainly got points for going the extra mile, losing her panties and hopping up on the dick cowgirl! At this point, they realized this was way too good to really try to out-do one another. Addison then took her turn while Michele kissed her and the took the cock back, riding in reverse. Hoping off, Addison was quick to taste Michele's pussy juice off the cock before the two went back to sucking the cock a bit more before Addison took her turn in reverse. Apparently, she was really wet, the cock kept slipping out! They laid on their bellies to suck the cock some more, which was pretty hot, then Michele got on all fours to receive some more dick while Addison did the PTM honors. Addison then went on to mish as Michele kissed her, along with sucking on her tits and doing PTM duties as well. "Are you going to give that load inside of her?", Michele asked, then he loaded Addison's little pussy up with the batter. It was hot watching Addison push it out while Michelle held her pussy open! However, I think the cum was fake. They agreed it was fun, but no one could know!