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A part of the Nubiles Cash network Pot of Gold
(click to enlarge) Pot of Gold (2019)

Starring: Kyler Quinn
Co-starring: Justin Hunt

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(6.50 / 10)

Where to get it
19 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: Here, from the NUBILES porn network, and their series titled "My Family Pies", comes this St. Patrick's Day themed specialty scene which is clearly all about the humor. In this scene titled "Pot of Gold", we have a family taboo scene. One with a slight hint of fantasy, if you will. The storyline here is simple, Kyler Quinn is an attractive girl, who just so happens to find herself stalked by what appears to be a little green man - yes of course, I am talking about a Leprechaun! Yes, as a silly as it may seem, it seems that everywhere that Kyler turns, she finds herself the subject of this Leprechaun's masturbatory sessions; whether she be talking on the phone, taking a shower, or just simply trying to sleep, it seems as though this Leprechaun, is right there just wanking his big willy. Once Kyler spots to Leprechaun on a number of of a occasions, she looks to her parents for help, but of course they are none. So in the end, what does she do? She gives it to the Leprechaun's desires, giving him some pussy, in hopes that he will then leave her alone for good.

Frankly put, this is a silly scene all around, from of course, the storyline itself, as well as the acting within. But it is what it is. It's a seasonal scene, so in my opinion it is exactly what it is supposed to be. It's supposed to be silly, and it is supposed to be fun. That is the outlook I had about it going into it. I knew what to expect - I knew exactly what I was getting into prior to reviewing this scene. I had read a few comments in the members section of the NUBILES site regarding this scene, and people were absolutely going off on it, saying just how stupid it was and further nitpicking about the stupidest things, such as a squeaky bed. I mean really? This is a St. Patrick's Day scene. What do you expect? It's going to be silly. I mean, some people just take these things too seriously, and refuse to allow themselves to loosen up. Well anyway, I went into the scene knowing exactly what it was, so I was prepared to have fun with it, and I have to say that is exactly what I had here. Not only did I enjoy the humor in the acting portrayals, especially when it comes to Kyler Quinn, I genuinely thought that the sex featured here was fairly solid, for how quick a scene that it is. A scene running at just under 20 minutes. Here we have Kyler Quinn, as well as Justin Hunt, as he is Kyler's brother in the scene, masquerading under the guise of a Leprechaun under a mask. Again, the sex here is fairly solid. I have become a huge fan of Kyler Quinn in recent times, as I personally feel that she is one of the most gorgeous young ladies that we have in our industry at the moment. She is just beautiful. Here in this scene, she endures a pretty good pounding from Justin hunt, who I have to say that I am impressed with, as he brings forth solid work, as he hammer his cock in on a consistently, going nice and hard. In addition to a decent round of sex here between these two, the icing on the cake(pun intended), is that the scene itself ends with a nice creampie. So with this said, no this is not some sort of groundbreaking scene, nor is it great. But it is one that is meant to be fun, and for what it is, the scene is just that. If you are looking for a fun scene that is both, silly and entertaining, then this St. Patrick's Day themed scene just might be enjoyable for you as well. Especially if you happen to be a fan of Kyler Quinn.
Cast: Kyler Quinn (with Justin Hunt)
Rating: 6.50/10
Positions: Spoon, Doggy, Missionary
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At the beginning of this scene, Kyler Quinn is simply chilling on the couch, while texting her boyfriend, when all of the sudden, she makes a bizarre discovery, when she turns around. She is startled when she spots a masturbating Leprechaun lurking behind the couch. Frightened by the sight, Kyler is quick to tell her parents about what she has just seen - but of course, they do no believe her. Some time then passes, and Kyler is coming fresh out of the shower, when she sees the treacherous and pervy Leprechaun once again. - And yet, her parents do not believe her - in fact her Father believes that she may be on drugs. However, Kyler is not delusional, as she soon sees the Leprechaun a third time, as merely lie in her bed. Kyler, then frustrated by these incidents, offers to just fuck the little bastard to get it over with - if it means that he will leave her alone.

Things begin as Kyler, move her panties aside, to allow the Leprechaun to slide his cock into her pussy, as things proceed in spoon. Kyler, initially has her legs wide open, as Justin continues fucking steady pace. However, his pace improves to a faster one, once Kyler's legs are held tightly together to endure his pounding. For the next position, Kyler is on all fours, as Justin peels away her panties from her ass, as he take her from behind in doggy. The action from here, begins with long strokes as Justin hits the pussy. But, it is once again that he increases his pace soon, going faster and harder over time. It's from here that the camera has both a side view, as well as one that is an overhead POV, as Justin pumps his cock into her. The next position is then missionary, as the camera again takes an overhead view of the action, one including a close up of the penetration. Eventually, Justin increases his pace going even harder at Kyler says that she wants to feel the Leprechaun's magic inside of her. This, as the sex soon concludes with a cream pie finish. The scene comes to an end when Kyler's parents, finally come into her room to question her about the Leprechaun. It is then that there is an unmasking, as the mother then goes on to pull the mask off of the Leprechaun to reveal, that the mystical creature is nothing more than Kyler's brother.