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A part of the Nubiles Cash network Jizzwold Family Vacation
(click to enlarge) Jizzwold Family Vacation (2018)

Co-starring: Dustin Daring, Will Pounder

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(9.00 / 10)

Where to get it
30 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: This multi-part episode from the series from NUBILES, MY FAMILY PIES. titled "Jizzwold Family Vacation", is technically, yes a remake of the 1983 seminal comedy classic NATIONAL LAMPOON'S VACATION - and it's freakin' great! This, the first half of the story has the framework of the original film, which has to do with a family on a road trip to see relatives....except this deliciously warped retelling has some good ol sex between family thrown in the mix. This initial section features 1 and a half sex scenes. First, an in car romp between siblings, as the cute and sexy Chloe Cherry(here still credited under her former moniker, Chloe Couture), and Dustin Daring, as they get it on in the back of the car. For me, I am honestly, not always a fan of sex in cars, other tight places, but in this case, the scene which goes fairly quickly, is for the most part, solid. Man, I love Chloe Cherry. No joke, she is like my favorite. Here, she brings enthusiasm and readiness, along with the cute little noises that she emits during sex. Oh, how I love it. On the other side, Dustin Daring, whom I have never seen perform before, performs well, fucking hard and fast. It's a good scene that plays well into the risk, and fun aspect of the story. The story then continues, and sees the Jizzwolds finally arriving at their destination, after their car breaks down, and they literally must push it there, From there, the story hilariously plays into the hints given by the original film that cousin Vicki was promiscuous, and that she and her father, had some questionable hobbies. The freedom of porno gives this version of the story the freedom to literally explore this notion, as we see the cousin seduce Mr. Jizzwold into bathroom sex, before they are interrupted. This episode was REALLY fun. I loved the clever adaptation of the original film, and how it played out. Everyone did an excellent job in this very funny retelling - and did I mention that the episode even features a [parody of the famous Lindsey Buckingham song, "Holiday Road", which is ingenuously titled "Holiday Load"? Yeah, see this! Part 2 will be released soon, and yes, I will also have a review for that as well.
Scene 1: Chloe Cherry (with Dustin Daring)
Positions: Missionary, Doggy, Reverse Cowgirl
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In this episode of NUBILES', MY FAMILY PIES, Chloe Cherry and Dustin Daring are siblings in the Jizzwold family, and the Jizzwolds are embarking on a long boring road trip. However things for the kids are about to get interesting. Instead of old fashioned sing-a-longs as her parents would prefer, Chloe spices things up when she proceeds to lick, and deep throat a banana in the presence of her brother. Understandably, this makes Dustin uncomfortable, so he takes to the storage space behind the backseat. However, Chloe soon follows, and it is there that her sexual goading continues, as she proceeds to rub her clit. This, of course leads Chloe to unzip Dustin, getting his cock out to both stroke and suck, followed by Chloe fucked by Dustin in missionary, and then in doggy. From here, we see Chloe bounce off the cock, and Dustin fuck hard and fast, both as Chloe is upright, and as she is angled, and face down. The sex the continues with Dustin again fucking hard, until Chloe goes on to jerk Dustin off to climax in her mouth. Following the sex, the Jizzwold family has some bad luck when their car breaks down, prompting Mrs. Jizzwold and the kids to get out and push, as Mr. Jizzwold navigates. Their effort gets them to the relatives house 5 hours later.
Scene 2: Hannah Hays (with Will Pounder)
Positions: Doggy
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A short time later sees Will fix the car, but soon be greeted by his promiscuous niece portrayed by Hannah Hays. who offers him some lemonade, as well as to help him clean up in the bathroom. It is there that a water fight between uncle and niece ensues, which results in Will's pants getting wet. Well, one thing leads to another as Hannah is soon on her knees, sucking her Uncle's cock. This also continues things with Hannah being bent over the sink, and taken from behind for doggy. Here, Hannah has a leg up on the sink, as Will pounds her pussy at an increasing pace. Unfortunately, their sex session is soon interupted by Mrs, Jizzwold and the kids arguing in the other room. As Mrs. Jizzwold and Dustin up and leave, both Will and Hannah hear to dress and report to the room, where they soon find Chloe, which is when things take another turn. Chloe questions what Will and Hannah have been doing, when Hannah shamelessly divulges the size of Mr. Jizzwold's genitals. Of course, father or not, this piques Chloe's interest, as both girls then go down on Will, just prior to we fading to black, and the screen reading "To Be Continued".