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Dreamland U.S.A.
My Place
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My Place (2000)

Co-starring: Billy Banks, Chris Cannon, Mickey G., Steve Austin

Directed by Roy Karch

Reviewed by PL

(4.00 / 10)

Where to get it
76 Min ( 1 hr 16 min )
Condoms: None
Overview: I'll give this one a 4. The reason for the 5 is # 1 the lack of GOOD SEX! Only scene really worth a watch, is scene 5 and it’s not the best work I have seen Gwen do. I don't really count the solo scene as a sex scene because this is a FEATURE movie, not a solo-movie, therefore the scene felt and was out of place. So, don't watch this one unless you have an obsession with either of the two female stars......
Scene 1: Olivia (with Billy Banks)
Olivia and Billy. This scene was almost a BAD one, but it stayed in the lower OK range. Olivia is just NOT my type, over-inflated tits, a bad C-section scar, and what I deem an unattractive face. The tongue and clit ring do help draw attention from the face though Anyhow, the sex was short (WOOHOO), uneventful, and uninspired.........the scene ended in a OK open mouth facial.
Scene 2: Julie Meadows (with Steve Austin)
Julie and Steve. GODDAMN I love this chicks ass and hair... can't get enough of her. Too bad this is where probably the worst overall audio is, with ALOT of VCR sound static, and lots of background noise from the movie itself. Both people seemed really into the scene, so that just made it better for me. A GOOD scene that ends with a weak pop on the left tit.
Scene 3: Gwen Summers
Gwen is in a solo scene. Since I dig Gwen, I liked this scene...she seemed into herself, and not so much JUST for the camera. With some good fingering action, this was a good scene, although I laughed when she hit the piano.... LOL
Scene 4: Angelina Di Carlo (with Chris Cannon)
Angelina and Chris. The loud popping noise in the background was very annoying, and the music in this scene was too predominant. The oral sex between the two (her suck and his eat) was GOOD, the sex wasn't so was more around average. The scene ended with a OK open mouth facial.
Scene 5: Gwen Summers (with Mickey G.)
Gwen and Mickey. I liked this scene ALOT, there seemed to be REAL good chemistry between Mickey and Gwen. The sex was good and enthusiastic, especially when Gwen sucks Mickey's cock. With some decent camera angels this by far the best scene of the movie, even more so if you like screamers and/or Gwen Summers . This is my favorite scene and it ends in a open mouth facial.