MOFOS Homemade Anal Porn
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Starring: Kaylee Banks

Reviewed by PL

(7.00 / 10)

49 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: The premise of the scene has been done a thousand times over, but played out well. Kaylee and Tony played into it well, which was good, making the scene fun from the start. And although I liked Kaylee a lot, but she was a bit repetitive, saying "Oh God" over and over... The sex was solid, nothing great. She didn't seem to have much chemistry with Tony, but show "showed" well for the camera. Particularly in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, which showed off her nice body. Even with a weird red flashing towards the end of the movie, it was pretty decent reason to check out
Cast: Kaylee Banks
Rating: 7.00/10
Positions: Reverse Cowgirl, Cowgirl, Missionary (vag and anal), Doggy (vag and anal)
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Kaylee is an attractive girl with long brown hair and natural A cup tits. When Kaylee shows up at her friend's house, and she's at work, she decides to hang out with her friends boyfriend - the camera man, who happens to be learning his way around his new camera! Throwing caution to the wind, she strips down, ultimately working a butt plug she found into her ass and the guy's cock in her mouth. Finally they got to fucking, but things get interesting when she went to doggy, taking the plug in her ass while he fucked her pussy. Eventually ending up with his cock in her ass. When all said and done, Kaylee ended up getting a blast of man juice in her mouth. Maybe she swallowed some, most landed on her face or was pushed out.