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Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(6.00 / 10)

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36 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: In this scene from MOFOS, titled, "GTL: Gym, Tits and Licking", we take a little trip to the gym with Mackenzie Moss her best friend Milana May, as the two workout together in an empty gym, belonging to Mackenzie's brother. We are able to take such trip because Milana has just so happened to bring along her video camera to record the workout experience, in this scene based on reality. The scene itself is pretty much a freestyle effort as there is no script, or anything of such here. We just have just the two girls Mackenzie Moss and Milana May, and a camera, as they have a pseudo-"girls day out", at the gym. They are both giggly and playful, and before we know it, things get a little hands-on between the two best friends, as they cannot keep their mutual attraction at bay, as they attempt to work out. In fact, sex between the two of them becomes more of the subject than the actual workout itself. This as the two of them pleasure each other, even making one another squirt.

As you know when it comes to these reviews, I am honest, as honest can be. So, I will say that as much as I was looking forward to this scene, as it costars one of my new favorites, Mackenzie Moss, I have to tell the truth, and say that at the beginning of the scene, I was not really feeling this one that much. However, with that said, although I wasn't too interested in the scene initially, luckily it does have its moments, during which things pick up. This including a rather fast paced finish, which I enjoyed a lot. For the first part of the scene, a lot of the time is chewed up, due to the girls doing a little working out and messing around with the gym equipment. However, after about 10 minutes in, things truly get underway. This starting with one of the scenes key moments. It is of course, the moment during which Mackenzie Moss goes down on Milana May, too both tongue and suck at her clit, which soon causes her to her squirt, hitting Mackenzie right in the face. After which a smile does not leave Mackenzie's face, as this is a shower that she is happy to take. Things then continue with Milana then returning the favor, as she bend Mackenzie over to finger and lick her pussy to her own climax, which in turn causes her too, to also squirt. And then when it comes to great moments, a little later in the scene, near the end, comes the scene's best moment, in my opinion. It is a moment of scissoring in which Milana goes on to mount Mackenzie and eventually ride her hard and fast. So, yes as much as I did not enjoy the scene when it began luckily it is a scene that got better as it progressed, again a scene with a very nice finish. Yes this scene could have been better. It could have featured more content, and as a result, could have had more energy between these two. However, for the moments that it does present, that are interesting, the energy is fortunately high, as both of the girls show nice enthusiasm for the sex. This was my first time seeing Milana May, and actually my fourth time seeing Mackenzie. Here Milana brings out nice energy in Mackenzie, and likewise Mackenzie for she as well. Mackenzie, as I have said in my previous reviews, is in my opinion a rising star in this industry. So it's nice to see her cover more than one base, in terms of doing girl/girl as I know it is something that she genuinely enjoys. As for her, I hope to see her in a variety of scenes to come. So to close, as I said, While this may not be the greatest scene, in my opinion, it is one that luckily sort of redeems itself along the way with some interesting moments in between, as well as, a nice high-energy finish. Check it out, especially if you're a fan of Mackenzie Moss.
Cast: Mackenzie Moss,Milana May
Rating: 6.00/10
Positions: Tribbing
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In this scene, Milana May has brought a video camera along with her as she and Mackenzie Moss have a workout session at Mackenzie's brother's gym. The giggly girls, begin things with Mackenzie sitting down to lift some dumbbells, as Milana record it. Initially, Mackenzie finds herself distracted, as Milana takes note of her hard nipples from under her tank top. However she does manage to get through 10 repetitions. The girls then go on to horse around further. This time with the punching bags, as Mackenzie proves to be terrible at it. We then see Milana go on to work her ass with some bends. However, during this, Mackenzie just can't keep her hands off Milana, as we see her, pull down Milana's shorts twice, exposing both pussy and ass. Milana than goes on to do some leg stretches, as Mackenzie convinces she to remove her top during. The sexual tension further escalates next however, as Milana strips Mackenzie of her workout clothes, a moment which includes she burying her face briefly into Mackenzie's ass. Next up, however, with the camera on the tripos, the girls do 15 nude squats in front of the camera. Milana next has the camera again, as Mackenzie lie back to stretch her legs. This, as the Lesbian, Milana can't resist touching Mackenzie's pussy, and playing with her bush. She also additionally goes on to tongue, and suck at Mackenzie's fat pussy with skill for a time. However, Mackenzie then returns the favor, as Milana sits on the apron of the boxing ring, with her legs spread. Mackenzie goes down on Milana, tonguing, and sucking on her clit, and it is soon that the sucking causes Milana to squirt, erupting in Mackenzie's face. Next up, Milana wants to do the same, to Mackenzie. This, as she has Mackenzie bend over. Milana from her fingers her deep, soon switching to burying her thumb into the pussy, which causes Mackenzie to also squirt. After which, Mackenzie licks up the squirt from Milana's legs. Following this, they sit the camera down, as the go over to a workbench. It is here that Mackenzie lie back on the workbench, as Milana go on to suck and finger her pussy. Next up however, Milana goes on to straddle Mackenzie, as the two go on to trib. It is here that, like the fingering before, Milana's pacing becomes faster and harder over time, as the two girls rub their pussies against one another. The scene comes to a close with Milana being on all fours, as Mackenzie go on to lick, and rub her pussy from there, eventually taking her to orgasm. This is followed by the two exchanging kisses for the camera as the scene comes to an end.