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A part of the AdultForce network Flashing the Help
(click to enlarge) Flashing the Help (2018)

Starring: Michele James

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(5.50 / 10)

Where to get it
25 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: Here, we review a scene from MOFOS, a scene from their series titled, "I Know That Girl". This is my first experience with both MOFOS or this series. But from what I gather, "I Know That Girl, has to do with "fans" recognizing, and then subsequently fucking pornstars. Whether that is or isn't the premises, of the series, that is indeed what we have here for this scene. As mentioned above, Michele is bored on Saturday afternoon, when she accidentally spills something on her shirt. Well, when she goes upstairs to change it, she has an unexpected visitor in the form of a male window washer, who sees everything. Michele is surprised, yes, but not bothered, as she soon has the young stud in her mouth, and in her bedroom. This is an all POV scene, with most of the action being in first person with a momentary view from the side. To tell you the truth, POV porn is not necessarily my favorite thing to watch, more or less, review - but I am trying to like it more. In this case, the action here is pretty good, seeing as I am really into the female subject Michele James. I must admit that Michelle is absolutely incredible, both the personality and looks. I am new to her, but she is great. Her body is absolutely fantastic in every way. She has a great ass, as well, as excellent, excellent tits - complete with piercings. Her bush is even nicely trimmed, and her pussy is pink. Can't you tell that I adore this girl??. Anyway, the action here is decent enough. Michelle first starts things off with a really good blow job which displays nice skill. And then we see her ride the cock in both variations in cowgirl. Michelle rides the cock slowly, as her pussy takes every inch. She follows it up by also grinding. Everything that she does as she rides, looks great on camera - so thats a plus. The scene finishes out in doggy and then missionary. As a whole, this is an ok scene, and you do like what you've seen, as it concludes, but in the end, this is another scene which leaves one clammoring for more. In particular, more Michele James. For Michele alone, the scene recieves extra points! ( As you may have noticed: in this review I have failed to indentify the male talent. This is because I am having difficulty positively IDing him, as his face is only shown briefly. Should we find out who this is, we will correct it accordingly.)
Cast: Michele James
Rating: 5.50/10
Positions: Reverse Cowgirl, Cowgirl, Doggy, Missionary
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We open the scene on a lazy Saturday afternoon. Michelle James, an Internet blogger and pornstar, finds herself bored, so she takes selfies to post online. Subsequently Michelle finds herself thirsty this, as she goes into the kitchen and prepares herself a smoothie to quench her thirst on this rather hot day. Unfortunately though, for Michele, just as she begins to drink, she she accidently spills the drink on her new tank top. Disappointed Michele strips out of her shirt, and heads upstairs, to change into a sun dress. However at the same time, unbeknown to Michele looking on from the window is the window washer. Michele is surprised yet, at the same time she does not reject the attention of the young window washer. He recognizes her from her show. She also notices that the window washer apparently likes what he sees, as he is hard. It is then that Michelle wastes no time going down the man, from the window, and then inside, as Michele continue to administer the blow job further. Once inside, Michele works the cock, in and out of her mouth with skill. This being before she invites him onto her bed. It's from the bed that the man lies back, as Michele climb on for reverse cowgirl. From here, Michelle bounces on the cock, as well as grind for a time. After this, the position changes to standard cowgirl for more of the same, as Michelle rides the cock at a slow pace, giving us a nice view of both her pussy and asshole. Following cowgirl, the guy sits the camera down, as the action takes to doggy. The window washer maintains an increasing pace. This, as the view is first from the side, and then fom behind, as Michelle's pussy is pumped. Next up, Michelle is on her back for side fuck/missionary. Agai,n the guy maintains a steady pace as he is in and out of the pussy, increasing until he work himself up to cum. The scene ends in POV as the man jerk off to shoot his load, aimed at Michele's tits - he overshoots his target, also hitting Michele in the face.