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A part of the AdultForce network Cheater Cheater Cock Eater
(click to enlarge) Cheater Cheater Cock Eater (2019)

Starring: Tiffany Watson
Co-starring: Tony Rubino

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(7.00 / 10)

Where to get it
33 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: Today I review a scene from MOFOS, titled "Cheater Cheater Cock Eater". It is a storyline vignette scene, starring Tiffany Watson as a sexy college student who has been caught cheating on her Biology Final Exam by her Professor, Tony Rubino. Yes, for Tiffany gets caught red-handed when her cheat notes are exposed to her teacher, as they fall out of her sexy red panties, from under equally sexy, low-cut skirt, from which they were stashed. In terms of storyline, this story is rather humorous, and overall well executed and performed by our performers, from and acting standpoint. I really enjoyed it. As it is a fun way to set the stage for what was to come. For what was to come, was a fairly solid round of sex between Tiffany and Tony. One that puts the classroom's desks to very good use, that's for sure. Of course, my main reason to see this scene, was Tiffany Watson herself. What can I say about her? She is both sexy and adorable, all in one package. I felt that the camera presented Tiffany very nicely here, including putting on display, what makes her body so sexy. From her tight abs and curves, to her amazing ass, tits and legs - all of this nicely seen, via some very good camerawork. The imagery here is nice and crisp, with lots of choice closeups. As far as action goes, another thing I liked is how Tiffany reacted to everything that was going on. From her moans and exclamations, which included dirty talk, such as "fuck my pussy!", And so on, it's all pretty hot, and it keeps the viewer's eyes peeled. Overall, while it is a good scene, one negative that I can think of is that, once the action gets started, it sort of settles into a continuous pace, never picking up beyond that. Now this isn't necessarily a bad thing. It just is what it is. So with that said, I would say that this in my opinion was a fun scene. It has a pretty memorable storyline - even if it is kind a typical. It's Tiffany who makes it what it is, in my opinion. She is just so sexy. So with all things considered, would I recommend this scene? Sure. While it may not be anything out of the ordinary, it is at least an enjoyable one for sure.
Cast: Tiffany Watson (with Tony Rubino)
Rating: 7.00/10
Positions: Doggy, Side Fuck, Reverse Cowgirl, 69, Cowgirl, Missionary
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For this scene we are taken into professor Tony Rubino's classroom, where Tiffany Watson is taking her Final Exam for Biology, alongside another fellow classmate. It is nearing the end of the test, as Tony gives the students 30 seconds to complete. It is 30 seconds that counts down, as Tiffany and her classmate subsequently then hand in their paper. Unfortunately though, for Tiffany, a mishap occurs as the cheat notes, which she had stuffed into her red panties come falling out. Tiffany is now, essentially caught red-handed by her professor. Not only has he collected notes, with which she used to cheat on the exam, he also has personal notes scribbled down by her. Ones which reveal her secret desire to sleep with him. Tiffany is quick to use this as a solution, to getting out of the trouble which she has made, as she comes on to her teacher by masturbating in front of him. It is an urge that Tony is initially able to fight. However soon enough, he of course gives in, as Tiffany's dreams come true.

The action here begins as Tony slides his hand down Tiffany's panties to finger her, and rub her clit. This would then graduate to he also tonging at her pussy, both as Tiffany props her leg up on the desk, and as she sit back on it, with her legs spread wide. After this, Tiffany crouches down to take on Tony's cock. She takes it into the mouth, as well as strokes it for a time. This also includes Tony fucking her face. Next up, things go to doggy as Tony takes Tiffany from behind. Initially the start is standard, before Tiffany props her leg up on the desk, and then on the Professor's desk as well. The action is brief and goes to standing side fuck, prior to reverting back to doggy. Next, Tiffany says that she wants to ride the cock. This, as Tony positions himself on his desk by lying on his back. Tiffany then proceeds to straddle him as things go to reverse cowgirl. It is here that we see her bounce on the cock as well as grind, and for a time Tony also fucks the pussy at a quick pace. Things briefly go to 69, and then back to reverse cowgirl. This, as Tiffany bounce, prior to she leaning back as Tony hammers her pussy hard. Next up, the action takes to standard cowgirl, as Tiffany squat on the cock to bounce her ass. After a time, Tiffany plants her feet for deeper penetration. This, as Tony also fucks her at a quick and steady pace. Following this, Tiffany is back on the desk, when things go to missionary next. It's from here, that Tony maintains a steady pace of in and out, as he also simultaneously rubs Tiffany's clit, much to her delight, and enjoyment. This lasts for some time until Tiffany goes on to give an upside blowjob. After this, things go back to doggy, as Tiffany finds herself with her legs propped on the desk once again. From this position, Tony maintains his pace, plowing the pussy, until he must pull out to cum. Our scene then comes to an end, as Tony jerks off to spray his load onto Tiffany's ass.