MissaX.com: Through New Eyes
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MissaX.com: Through New Eyes (2019)

Starring: Katrina Jade
Co-starring: Zac Wild

Directed by MissaX

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(7.50 / 10)

41 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: With this review, I take a look at the work of Writer/Director MissaX, for the very first time. You may of course check out her body of work at not only missax.com, but also the all girl sister site, allherluv.com.

"Through New Eyes", is a scripted tale of transformation(in the double sense), discovery, and awakening all in one. In the story we have a post-college graduate who is set to be married to a rather successful and wealthy motivational speaker, only to come home to visit his college buddy, to be reacquainted with a familiar, and nearly forgotten past. Yes in this scene, Zac Wild, looks to reconnect with an old friend for a night out after some time of losing touch. He is instead left with his little sister when said friend is MIA. This is the story of 2 people who rekindle feelings sort of only flirted upon in the past. However, it is the personal growth which they have done apart from each other, which ultimately bring them together in the end . Yes, when Zac's friend Mike forgets about his visit, he is greeted by his sister Katrina, who, shall we say, "grew up hot". Not only that, likewise on the other side, Katrina likes what she sees in Zac as well, as he is no longer the bony geek that he was back then. When they are reacquainted at the door, they are instantly attracted to their respective "new selves". However it is only an attraction that grows stronger overnight when Katrina takes Mike's place attending the show. It of course all leads up to a hot and heavy sexual session, which comes unexpected to Zac, who before the night, had promised his virginity to his soon-to-be wife.

When I reached out to MissaX about reviewing her content, I had heard about it for a long time, and it looked interesting to me. However, I wasn't quite sure what to expect from it. However, coming away from this film, I will say that I am really glad that I took the time to do that reaching out. "Through New Eyes", though running at only 40 minutes in length, is actually a multi-layered, and well-thought-out story. The two characters at the forefront here, are carefully approached, as is the way they present their individual stories not only to us, but to each other when they are catching up. In the limited time frame, both of these characters, are vastly detailed in their different, yet oddly similar later-in-life transformations. Aside from that, for the viewer, story itself is a progressive one. We get to know these characters, we see them enjoy each other, and then it is off to a sexual encounter, filled with a lot of tension and temptation. I really enjoyed how the latter sexual confrontation played out, throughout the scene yes Katrina is the seductress. However, she is not the "black widow" from the start. The story actually takes the time with Katrina to sort of transform yet again. At the beginning she is a more playful flirt, but as the film draws near it's conclusion, Katrina is a full blown bad girl, out to get what she wants. However it is also around that time that we discover that it is exactly what Zac wants and longed for as well. The sex scene is well played also. It is initially slow and progressive as the Zac character is more than a little hesitant to give into Katrina's wishes, as he is trying his hardest to be an obedient fiancé. I liked the way that this built up much raw tension between Zac and Katrina, which in turn in, made the sex all that more meaningful to the story itself. Thus making the conclusion of the sex on its own, have much more of an impact. The fact that the two of them discover that they are pretty much made for each other in the end, was a very worthwhile payoff for the viewer.

As for the acting itself, I have to give props to MissaX and crew first for the fact that they regard the performers as actors first and foremost. If you go on to their websites you'll see that the word performers is not used, however in is place is instead the word "actors". I really like and appreciate this fact. That's because in a story like this that is exactly what the performers are they are actors, acting out the roles which have been given to them. In this case both Katrina Jade and Zac Wild, both do an excellent job. The performances that they give us here, are as natural as possible. The story called for both of the characters to be believable, and real, nothing about them is exaggerated - and this is exactly how Katrina and Zac deliver their characters on-screen to us. As the female attraction, Katrina is of course at the center of this film. Going into this film I had never seen Katrina in an acting performance that I can remember, so I have to say that here she was very likable as a somewhat of a version of herself. We're used to seeing her perform in gonzo scenes as opposed to a dialogue driven film such as this one, but I am very impressed with her natural approach to its role. Of course, later on she is able to turn things on sexually, which of course, better mirrors the Katrina which we all know. However, the fact that she is able to pull off a double-sided role, and come across naturally, tells us that Katrina is much more than a pretty face and an insatiable sexual machine. As her counterpart is Zac Wild. Prior to this, I had only seen him in an episode of GIRLS UNDER ARREST, and even at that time, I admitted that, that was not enough to judge him on. This however, was and is. Here, Zac gives us a guy who seems to be a good guy, who lives to be respectful and do what's right, especially by his significant other. However, as with anyone, he is vulnerable. Zac does very well in conveying the natural conflict between lust and loyalty. We watch him struggle. But the very nice bookend to the tale is his awakening, when he like Katrina in college, finds himself looking out for his own long term happiness.

Overall, "Through New Eyes" is a tale that is well written, and well told for the viewer who watches on. Visually, it is well shot and well presented, via nice editing and camerawork, this including POV, overhead and very crisp close-ups, collectively making for a very cinematic viewing experience. With this being my first outing for MiSSAX, the work here has left a very nice impression on me, and additionally, it has me looking forward to covering other films for the studio, which I surely will be doing. For now this is definitely a film that I do recommend. Especially if he would like to see Katrina Jade expand upon what is normally expected from her.
Cast: Katrina Jade (with Zac Wild)
Positions: Cowgirl, Doggy, Missionary
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In the story "Through New Eyes", Zac Wild has come up to his college buddy friend Mike's house, as the two are to reconnect, and attend a stage show called "Ominous Night" together, on the night which it opens. When Zac arrives, he gets a surprise when he knocks at the door. That's because answering the door, is Mike's little sister Katrina Jade. However she is no longer the blonde haired, braces wearing teenager that he used to know. Instead, Katrina has blossomed into a beautiful and confident, but rebellious young woman. Zac is quite taken a back by Katrina's transformation. However likewise Katrina, notices the very same in Zac, as he is no longer the scrawny guy that she once knew before. There is an obvious instant attraction between the two of them. Noting the cold temperature outside, Katrina is quick welcome Zac into the house. Unfortunately though for Zac, this is when he learns that Mike has forgotten all about their planned engagement, and is instead, on Wolf Mountain taking ski lessons, from as Katrina says, a hot blonde. Zac is then a little disappointed in this revelation. It is then that Zac, hoping to not let his tickets go to waste, looks to his phone to call up his fiancée to see if she wants to reschedule her girls night, to instead attend the show with him. This is when Katrina quickly interjects, saying that she would absolutely love to go to the show. It does not take Katrina any time to plead her case, as Zac soon gives in and agrees to take Katrina along. This is when Katrina says that she must then go get ready. She takes Zac into a bedroom and sits him down on the bed. This, as she goes into her walk-in closet to change. This as they talk over what has changed over the years between the two of them. Katrina says that what sparked the change in her, is that during college she decided not to do what everyone else wanted her to do, but instead do what made herself happy. This is when she chose to study archeology. As she says that she loves things such as the history and romance of France. She also tells Zac that she was once in a Poly-Punk band called "The Suffragettes", who almost had a Top 50 hit, before breaking up, just prior to graduating college. Zac then goes on to explain his side of the transformation of himself. He admits that he once had acne and suffered from a terrible stutter, but he says that a habit of eating better, as well as a healthy diet, put him on the right track. He says that he earned this via the help of a motivational speaker by the name of Jody Sunshine. The mention of this particular motivational speaker prompts Katrina to let her disdain for her to be known. Unfortunately, it is soon that Zac reveals the fact that Miss Jody Sunshine, just so happens to be the very woman, who will be his wife in January. This of course sends a surprised, and apologetic Katrina backpedaling. After this, Katrina, whom is having trouble deciding just what to wear for the night out, changes from a pink shirt, to a leopard print dress, to finally all black attire, complete with leather jacket, However, in the midst of it all, skin is shown and seen, and so is a sign of Zac's arousal. Once Katrina is dressed, Zac notices the time, and says that they need to run. That is when they head out to the show. The story then advances to the point where Katrina and Zac are returning home after the show, after by all appearances, a good time seems to have been had. Zac returns to leave, however Katrina is able to convince Zac to stay over for a nightcap. We then find Zac is then on the couch, when he is soon approached by Katrina who has changed into a sexy set of black lingerie. She straddles his lap, and says that ever since he arrived she has wanted to kiss him. Zac then does his best to resist, but Katrina grinds herself on him, his hesitation continues as he mentions Mike, and then Jody, but soon Katrina gets him to agree too a kiss. But of course, there's to be more.

Things begin with Katrina shoving Zac on is back as she straddles him as the two kiss passionately. Soon, she agrees in character to just kiss is cock. However, she soon goes on to plant kisses up the shaft, before taking it into into her mouth to suck. Zac, obviously pleased, next agrees to allow Katrina to just rub her pussy on his cock, as she asks Zac if he wants to "feel the pedals of her pussy". Things then progress in the persuasion, as Katrina next has Zac agreeing to allow her to inset the tip in. However, before we know it, Katrina full-on rides the dick in cowgirl at a steady pace. Following this, Katina assumes the position on all fours for Zac to take her from behind, and that he does. Things from here continue, and settle into a steady pace, until Zac pulls out for a moment to spit on the pussy, He then continues at a much quicker pace, as he fucks Katrina hard. It's during this that Zac's phone rings - It's Jody. And to Zac's surprise, Katrina answers the call, telling Jody that Zac is asleep. With Jody then dismissed, Katrina turns to her back, and spreads her legs, as the action soon resumes in missionary. Things from here are at an increasing pace, and with Zac's hard thrusts, not only does Katrina climax, but so does Zac, as he shoots his load inside of Katrina, as the sex ends with a creampie finish.