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Melisa Wide (OnlyFans)
Melissa Wide (OnlyFans)
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Melissa Wide (OnlyFans)

Starring: Melisa Wide

Reviewed by PL

(7.00 / 10)

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Condoms: None
Overview: When Melissa approached me to check out some of her videos, I got excited. I've been following her on Twitter for a little while and I really loved the snippets of actions and pictures she would post. Her ability to gape is second to none, really there are very few girls I've ever seen that can gape as she can. It's amazing, really. The videos (and pictures) were hosted on, which I outline in the review, and it may have played a role in the quality of the videos, although some were better than others. Personally, I'd love to see her charge more, get a few accessories to help get more angles/views, along with getting a full-fledged site going. Anyway, if you are a fan of gaping or asshole tricks, like prolapsing, Melissa will be what you are looking for! Her membership for access is very reasonable at $7.99 a month, so I'd recommend checking it out!
Cast: Melisa Wide
Rating: 7.00/10
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When I was given access to Melissa's videos, they were hosted on, and I didn't really want to focus on the interface or usability since that's not in Melissa's control. The scenes appeared to be captured on a cell phone or something similar, which was fine and it certainly gave the camgirl feel to therything. However, I was a little surprised the scenes weren't in a higher resolution. I'll admit, I'm very use to seeing high-def porno, so maybe it's just me. I was left wondering if maybe OnlyFans had compressed the videos, since I have no real good reference, his was the first exposure I had to the site. Anyway, the videos varied in length, most of the ones I checked out were under 10 minutes. There were ones that made it up to 20 minutes, even 40 minutes, but then there were some hovering around the minute mark.

Content-wise, it was focused on Melissa's wonderfully stretchy asshole. Well, mostly that... There were a few videos of her sucking dick - or couple dicks With that said, one of the things I was really feeling throughout looking over the videos was the fact I really wanted to see Melissa's pretty face! She had a few pictures on the site and she's really a very attractive girl, but the scenes were mostly shot with the focus on her amazing ass. It makes sense though, that's her "thing", and it's a pretty amazing thing too She's got an amazing ability to fit fists and large toys in her ass, and her gaping ability was my favorite!