A part of the network Lubed For St. Patty's Day
(click to enlarge) Lubed For St. Patty's Day (2019)

Starring: Katie Kush
Co-starring: Johnny Castle

Reviewed by PL

(6.75 / 10)

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31 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: Ever since I seen Rick's review of Katie in a TeamSkeet scene, I've been wanting to see her in action - when St. Patrick's Day rolled around this year, I was the one who got lucky! Katie is a cutie, and when she gets to the fucking, she's got a sexy "fuck me" face. Katie is new to the business, only 9 scenes at the time of this review, and she performed pretty well. She gave good energy throughout. There didn't seem to be a ton of chemistry between Katie and Johnny, but there seemed to be a little, which was nice. Katie had one trick I was rather fond of too. Getting her legs really wide. Id almost bet Katie is/was a gymnast or a cheerleader at some point, she was able to get her legs really far apart! It's super hot! Something I wasn't a fan of though was the lack of "butt shots". Starting with doggy, good position for showing off a nice ass, was shot in such a way that it didn't show her off properly. Sure, we got some nice shots of the cock sliding in and out of her slippery pussy, but we missed her butt! Additionally, there was a lack of cowgirl. Finally, I would have liked to have seen some more close-ups of her lubed up, pretty pussy, either taking cock or when she was fingering herself earlier. Regardless, she certainly looked fantastic all lubed up and shiny and this just makes me want to see more and more of Mrs. Kush!
Cast: Katie Kush (with Johnny Castle)
Rating: 6.75/10
Positions: Missionary, Standing Doggy, Side, Reverse Cowgirl
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"Happy St. Patty's Day!", Katie said as she started in with her tease. She was decked out in green, of course - a green top, skirt, panties and a big green bow in her hair. Kneeling on a table with a clover pattern cover on it, Katie dipped into her "pot of gold", which was filled with lube. She started off clothed, getting it all over her body, eventually ending up naked. Katie looked fantastic all oiled up and shiny! She let her fingers slide south of the border to find her clit, working it a little before slipping her fingers into her wet pussy. Grabbing a wand she had earlier, Katie used it as a make-shift dildo until Johnny joined. Katie spread her legs really wide for him. He focused rubbing on her pretty flowery pussy and sinking his fingers inside her. Over on her belly, Katie sucked Johnny's cock and also let him fuck her mouth. Impressively she got the cock balls deep. On to the sex, we cut to Katie sitting on the corner edge of the table, legs out wide, as Johnny pushed inside her. As he pumped glistening titties giggled nicely, and we got some nice POV shots too. Cutting away, Katie was then bent over the table, getting taken from behind. Johnny kept up a solid medium pace for a bit, then had her lay back on the table, on her side. He took a quick taste of her asshole then got back to giving her the meat while he lubed her up. Katie then went to reverse. This was my favorite, I think, we got to see her gleaming body while she looked right into the camera, bouncing on the cock, getting it balls deep. Although her leaning back and spreading her legs out as far as she could was pretty fuckin' hot as well! It certainly opened the action up nicely for the camera! Towards the end, Katie got a good pounding from Johnny for a few minutes until we cut to her on her knees. As Johnny jerked it, Katie focused on his balls, until he came, loading her mouth up with a big load of cum! She swallowed it down, then took one more suck of the cock before the scene faded out.