Simon Wolf
Love At First Byte
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Love At First Byte (2002)

Co-starring: Chris Cannon, Evan Stone, Joel Lawrence, Randy Spears, Steven St. Croix

Directed by Bud Lee

Reviewed by PL

(8.00 / 10)

Where to get it
110 Min ( 1 hr 50 min )
Condoms: None
Overview: I'll give this one an 8. This is a pretty good couples movie, which should also appeal to most fans of porn. The story line wasn't too bad, but kind of funny and quirky. I will say they did a nice job of attempting decent effects, not the greatest, but nice for a porno. Unfortunately I was not impressed with Aurora's nor Asia's performances, since they usually turns in nice and hot performances. Over all this is a solid couples title and people who really like Mia Smiles, you may want to check this title out, she turns in the first and hottest scene.
Scene 1: Mia Smiles (with Chris Cannon)
To get the movie rolling we have Mia and Chris. Mia is a very cute girl with long brown hair and fake C cup tits. Aurora is watching T.V and these two are on it, well they start the action and we then warp into the tube to be with them. Chris rolls over the couch and heads right for Mia's crotch. He starts munching away, then starts finger her and she gets VERY into it! Mia then returns the favor before She lays back in missionary and Chris slides in and starts pumping. Mia then moves to a spooning position, then to doggy. He continues to pump away at her before she hits her knees and takes the open mouth facial, which any cum that landed in her mouth was pushed out. This was a hot scene, but cooled down just a little toward the end and the chemistry here was really nice; a pleasure to watch this scene.
Scene 2: Keri Windsor (with Joel Lawrence)
Next up we have Keri and Joel. Kerry is an attractive girl with medium length blonde hair and fake C cup tits. Joel had a baseball game to attend to but it gets rained out, he stops by the house and Keri has other things planned for the evening to replace "Americas past-time". The make it into the bedroom and things get started quite quickly as Joel has her over his lap, spanking her a bit before Joel makes his way down to her pussy. Keri returns the favor, quite enthusiastically, then moves to a spooning position. She flips over, into doggy for a bit, then goes to missionary. Joel pumps away until he's ready to cum and does so all over Keri's pubic area. This was a solid scene with good chemistry and Keri did look to possibly cum a time or two.
Scene 3: Asia Carrera (with Evan Stone)
For this scene we have Asia and Evan. Asia is a very beautiful woman with medium length brown hair and fake D cup tits. Asia and Aurora are playing around with making a cyber man when they decide to bail. As they begin to leave a lightning hits the transformer outside, sending a current surge into the house, into the computer, and the man they girls were working on came alive. Since Asia helped create him, she gets first dibs and they head off into a room. Asia orders him to undress her and her does, she then promptly drops to her and starts blowing him. Being the great "cyber-guy" Evan is he returns the favor, by eating her out and fingering her before Asia lays back and Evan gets to work in missionary. Asia then flips over, into doggy, for a bit before laying a thick load on her backside. This was a good scene, it just kind of had the head die down toward the end, but the heat was nice to begin with.
Scene 4: April Flowers (with Randy Spears)
Here we have April and Randy. April is a hot looking woman with medium length brown hair, here, and natural A cup tits ( and a pierced clit!). April shows up at the house and tells the girls she's going to start cleaning (their maid I presume), anyway, Randy shows up saying he's there for the striper audition. April decides to bring him in to show his stuff, and he does, but it doesn't take April long to get hot and bothered. Randy fumbles around a little, struggling to get her pants off and eventually does, then heads south on her. April then lays back and Randy eases in, missionary style. She moves to a doggy position for a short while then climbs up on Randy's dick and starts riding reverse cowgirl. We then cut to a nice shot of April's ass, she's sucking on Randy and does so until he ready to cum then strokes him off until he erupts all over her hand. This was a good scene, some nice bit of chemistry too, unfortunately it didn't even end with a pop that I like; that's how it goes sometimes.
Scene 5: Holly Hollywood,Nikita Denise (with Steven St. Croix)
Next up we have Holly, Nikita and Steven. Nikita is a very beautiful, exotic looking, woman with medium length dark brown hair and natural C cup tits. Holly is a cute girl with medium length dark red hair and natural B cup tits (and long nipples). Well Steven is getting in on the virtual sex thing deal as well and turns two blow-up love dolls into two real women. Once he does, they immediately start kissing and touching one another and Nikita promptly drops down and starts eating Holly and then begins to finger her too, eventually shoving three fingers up there. Holly looks to cum and we then cut to her returning the favor to Nikita. Holly eventually fits four fingers in Nikita and they do a bit of pussy-to-pussy rubbing before Steven interjects. Nikita back him into a chair and gets started sucking on him right away as Holly plays with/fingers herself. Nikita eventually makes her way up to reverse cowgirl for a bit of a ride before moving to missionary and Steven slinging his dick into her ass as Holy continues to masturbate. She flips over and takes some more anal doggy before dropping down, blowing him some more, and attempting to take the open mouth facial, but Steven shoots up, not straight. This was yet another good scene, but the real heat was between the two ladies.
Scene 6: Aurora Snow (with Evan Stone)
And to round out the movie we have Aurora and Evan. Aurora is a very cute girl with medium length brown hair and natural B cu tits. Evan was basically fucked to death by Asia and they bring him to Steven who tries to revive him. Well someone from "the other side" tells him if he chooses to stay he can never go back, well he chooses to stay and Aurora is his pick. We then cut to the bedroom with them, him naked, her in lingerie. Evan does a bit of heavy petting then picks her up, lays her down then heads for her crotch. She promptly returns the favor doing an enthusiastic BJ and doing some nice deep thraoting. Aurora makes her way to doggy first then moving to a spooning position. The do an interesting position, not sure what its called exactly, but I'll let the screens shot do the talking here. They then do a little more spooning before Aurora takes some anal; missionary. Evan pumps away until hers ready to go then delivers the open mouth facial to Aurora. This was a solid scene, a little less chemistry here than in the other scene unfortunately, but still not a bad scene.