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(click to enlarge) Fucking the Boss Out of a Job (2019)

Co-starring: Tommy Gunn

Directed by Jakodema

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(6.00 / 10)

Where to get it
40 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: From Director Jakodema and the LETSDOEIT series "Scam Angels", a series which sees beautiful girls getting their way via blackmail, comes this scene starring the trio of Lacy Lennon, Bunny Colby, and male veteran, Tommy Gunn. For Lacy and Bunny, revenge is sweet in this scene, as they portray two hard working waitresses, whom in the end, use their sexuality to get back at their disrespectful boss, as part of a well thought scheme. It has been a while since I reviewed any work from Jakodema - in fact, he just so happens to have directed the very first scene that I reviewed when I joined World Class Adult Reviews. However, with that said his "Scam Angels" series for LETSDOEIT, is something that I have always wanted to check out, so I of course do that today was this review. On that note, I will say that I picked a somewhat interesting scene to start with. I say that because it is a particular scenario, that took a little bit for me to warm up to. Although the storyline is isn't my most favorite to have ever encountered, it did grow on me slightly, as I especially liked the conclusion. I really enjoyed the time in the story, which sees Lacy and Bunny finally break the news to Tommy that he has been blackmailed by the two of them. I thought that this moment was fun, and both humorous at the same time, in the the manner that the characters are portrayed. As for the sex featured in the scene, it too is ok. At times, I felt that this was one of those busy scenes, where a lot is going on, yet the action itself feels a little confined. When you have two girls in a scene like this, they are essentially competing to make an impression on the viewer. For instance, although it seems that Bunny gets more cock here from Tommy, it is at the same time that I felt that she does not get an opportunity to truly shine as an individual. While simultaneously on the other side of things, Lacy on the other hand, who I am seeing here for the very first time, is really impressive. Here, it seems that no matter what was going on, Lacy either has her mouth, or her hands and fingers doing something, just giving a true meaning to the term, fiery redhead. Maybe it's just me, but when it comes to the sex in this scene, I felt that there was an imbalance between all three talents. Again, maybe that is just my opinion. There are times that I felt that the action was kind of sluggish, and additionally, I felt that the idea of the girls mentioning Tommy's wife during the action, became a little bit repetitive in itself. I know that the idea here, was to get a confession on tape in terms of the storyline, however still, to me it just became a little bit redundant, so to speak. The scene itself was still somewhat entertaining to me despite this, as I really enjoyed seeing all three performers. This happens to be my second time seeing Bunny Colby in action, and I am still as impressed with her physically as I was the very first time around. She and her body are both amazing. And then speaking again about Lacy. As I said this was my first time seeing her, and I could not be impressed with her more. I do look forward to seeing her a lot more in the future. And as for Tommy Gunn, What can I say? Here, he is put in the dream situation for any man, in the middle of a threesome with two lovely ladies, and as such, I would say that he gives a decent performance. Honestly speaking, this was an ok scene in my opinion. It is fairly enjoyable for what it is, and it's a scene that has a strong finish, both in story and in it's sexual content. However, I just had anticipated to enjoy it a little bit more than I did. But with this in mind, I do plan to check out more scenes from the series, as I do dig the overall concept.
Cast: Bunny Colby,Lacy Lennon (with Tommy Gunn)
Rating: 6.00/10
Positions: Reverse Doggy, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Missionary, Side Fuck
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In thus scene, both Lacy Lennon and Bunny Colby, work hard to earn money waiting tables at a small restaurant, which is overseen by their demanding, and rather hands-on boss, Tommy Gunn. Both of the ladies agree that when they started the job, Tommy, was once a nice and cooperative person. However, in recent times, he has become more stern, an addition to his harassing them sexually, despite being a married man.The scene finds the two ladies on a day where they finally get fed up with their boss's behavior, and it is actually Lacy who comes up with a plan for payback. She proposes to Bunny, that they finally give in to Tommy's desires, however not for his pleasure, but instead for the purpose of blackmailing him, thus getting him in trouble with his wife, and everyone else. Lacy says that her brother has a couple of cameras which they can set up around the office of the restaurant. It's from there, that the plan would be to seduce Tommy, all while recording the incident, as it happen. We then fast forward to the next day. As the girls set up the cameras, their plan gets underway, as a lure the unsuspecting Tommy into the office.

The girls first drop Tommy's pants, and despite him being initially hesitant, it isn't long before Tommy goes along with the plan. It's from here, that both girls double-team on Tommy's cock, with one on the balls and the other on the shaft. This goes on as Tommy first stand, and then lie on his back on the desk. It's from there that the girls continue to work over his cock nice and good. Following this, Lacy asks Tommy if his wife ever lets him do doggy with her, which is exactly what Lacy is requesting from him next. It's from this position that Tommy takes Lacy from behind, as she prop a leg up on the desk. Tommy starts at an even, and steady pace, this as Lacy has her mouth working as she eat Bunny's pussy, as she spread her legs. Next up, it is however Bunny's turn, as she climbs on for cowgirl. It's from here that we see her both bounce, and grind on the cock, this as Lacy, at the same time sucks on Tommy's balls. In between, Lacy also puts in work sucking, slurping, and jerking Tommy's cock, as well. The action continues next is Bunny reverses her position, as things go to reverse cowgirl. It's from here, that Bunny lean back as she steadily bounce on the cock, as Lacy again is busy tonguing at Tommy's balls. Lacy then gets her shot in missionary. It's during this position that Bunny sits on Lacy's face in order for Lacy to tongue at her pussy. This, as Tommy is busy fucking her own pussy. This position continues until Tommy increases his pace going even harder. That is until Tommy changes his focus over to Bunny once again. This time Bunny is positioned on her side on the desk, as the action goes to side fuck. Initially, Lacy is seen licking and tonging, until she also take to the desk to finger herself. This continuing until Tommy must pull out to cum. The sex finally coming to a close with Tommy, jerking off to shoot his load, aimed at the mouths of both ladies. It is then that the story resumes with boss Tommy returning to his demanding ways, the only difference is that the girls have news for him - this as they ambush him with the details of just what they have done.